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									Common Core State Standards - Shaping Your Next Steps (Howard County)

1. What surprises you?

      The number of standards per grade level (max. 41 in grade 4)

2. What concerns you?

      Getting the teachers to understand their responsibility in prior grades is still a little vague
       (a PD issue)
      The language (jargon) could be a struggle for some teachers
      Recognition and acceptance of efficient algorithms (besides the Standard “American”
      Linking the (NCTM) process standards to the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP)
      Communication with parents – need a plan
      What to focus on with schools who do not make AYP (SC v. CC)

3. What do you see as YOUR own personal challenge with the common core…?

      See above
      Interpreting the meaning behind the standards for HCPSS teachers
      Helping teachers understand how to go deeper; what to emphasize
      Access to teachers for PD will be a challenge (A three-year plan will need to be
      Learning trajectories and the vehicle(s) in which teachers will use to teach content
       (horizontal alignment) is critical

4. What do you see as YOUR major challenge(s) in presenting the Common Core to your staff?
   First steps?

      See above
      Implications for pre-K…
      Phase in K-2 first
      Helping ease concerns about the transition from the “old” SC to the “CC” SC
      Using coaching processes to help teachers deepen understanding
      Helping staff understanding that “fewer” does not mean “less” or easier
      Interventions and student support
      Addressing challenges associated with (at least) a year of “missing” exposure to content
       (e.g., GT math students) during the transition year(s)
      Impact of reporting “instructional levels” on the report card…
      Logistical issues re: allocation of materials
      Resources to support implementation of the Common Core
5. What do you see as the major changes regarding the content focus? (And we don't mean the
   number of outcomes.)

      How will districts handle the 15% (exercise this option during the transitional year[s]?)?

6. Standards of Mathematical Practice and the NCTM Processes?

7. What do you wonder about?

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