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									                    Directorate of Wellbeing Services

                    Casual Coffee Culture Attendants

                               £12,312 pro rata

                             Job reference: CVP 38


1.   Letter from the Human Resources Manager

2.   The council’s vision and objectives

3.   Job description

4.   Person specification

5.   Conditions of service

6.   Pension contribution rates

7.   Information on exempted posts

8.   Equality and diversity sub groups
Dear Applicant

Post of Casual Coffee Culture Attendants

This post is exempt from the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
which means you must provide details of any convictions (including those
which are ‘spent’), in addition to any cautions and bindovers orders that you
have received in the last 12 months.

Thank you for your enquiry about the post at Knowsley Metropolitan Borough

Please find enclosed further details about the post and an application form for you to
complete and return by Friday 24 August 2012. You can find out more about
Knowsley Council from our website at

Interviews are likely to take place within four weeks of the closing date. If you have
not heard by then you should assume that your application has been unsuccessful. If
you would like receipt of your application to be acknowledged, please enclose a
stamped addressed envelope with your completed form.

The council places great importance on maintaining high levels of attendance at work
and all Directorates operate under well-established guidelines to monitor and control
absence. If you are successful at interview, the council will be seeking references
and your present or last employer will also be asked to give details of your sickness
and attendance record over the last three years.

If you require any assistance during the selection process due to a disability, please
contact us as soon as possible on telephone number 0151 443 3434. For example
you may need a sign language interpreter, require an accessible interview room, or
need help completing a written application (taped applications may be submitted by
prior agreement).

Please note that the Council will disqualify any applicant who directly or indirectly
seeks or canvasses the support of any Councillor for any appointment with the

The council is working jointly with the trade unions to implement a fair and
equitable pay and grading structure in line with the 1997 Single Status
Agreement. This will be achieved by reviewing every post within the council
through the job evaluation exercise which is currently being conducted. All
posts are subject to the review and therefore advertised grades are provisional
and will not be confirmed until the outcome of this exercise. You should note
that you are applying for posts with the council on this basis.
You should return your application to: Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council,
Human Resources and Development, Westmorland Road, Huyton, Knowsley, L36
9GL, or by email to:

I look forward to receiving your application and thank you for your interest in this

Yours sincerely

Jaci Dick
Jaci Dick
Human Resources Manager
                                 Job Description
JOB TITLE                 Coffee Culture Attendant

GRADE                     SCP 5 (Inclusive of all weekend, out of hours, and evening
                          working to suit the needs of the business)
DIRECTORATE               Directorate of Wellbeing Services (DWS)

SECTION/TEAM              Leisure and Cultural Services

ACCOUNTABLE TO            Duty Officer/Hospitality Officer

PLACE OF WORK             A base will be allocated however the post holder is
                          expected to work in any Council facility.

DATE REVIEWED             31st March 2011

Purpose of the job

1.    The effective day to day operational running of the Coffee Culture facility

2.    To prepare food for customers to a high quality standard

3.    To operate tills in accordance with financial procedure rules

Duties and responsibilities

1. To assist the Café to meet its performance targets/outcomes with a key focus on
   customer service.

2. Promote the desired performance driven culture around our Active leisure

3. To act in a manner that is credible, professional and promotes Knowsley Borough
   Council in a positive manner, adhering to its policies and culture.

4. To assist in the day to day running and supervision of the food and beverage

5. To assist in the daily operational management of the hospitality areas providing a
   quality product/service in a safe and friendly environment.

6. To ensure the satisfaction of customers at all times.
7. To maintain a high standard of dress and hygiene with supplied corporate uniform
   and name badge worn at all times.

8. To demonstrate positive communication with staff and customers through a
   variety of ways to ensure the service provided is kept to a high standard.

9. To ensure the cleanliness of the Coffee Culture/Atrium Area at all times

10. Security of the assets under your management.

11. To ensure compliance with Health and Safety policy and to carry out regular
    inspection of equipment to ensure this is maintained, accordingly, liaising with the
    Property service team as appropriate.


1. To undertake any other duties commensurate with the post and grade which
   contribute to the general purpose and objectives of the department.

Health and Safety

    1. To ensure compliance with all relevant Health and Safety regulations and
    2. Manage Health & Safety in relation to all Active Leisure guidelines
    3. Ensure that all catering equipment is cleaned and maintained in accordance
       with manufacturer’s guidelines and industry best practice.

Data Protection and Information Security

   Implement and act in accordance with the Information Security Acceptable Use
    policy and Data Protection Policy,
   Protect the council’s information assets from unauthorised access, disclosure,
    modification, destruction or interference,
   Report actual or potential security incidents.

Review Arrangements

The details contained in this job description reflect the content pf the job at the date it
was prepared. It should be remembered, however, that it is inevitable that over time,
the nature of individual roles will change, existing duties may no longer be required
and other duties may be gained without changing the general nature of the duties or
the level of responsibility entailed. Consequently, Knowsley Borough Council will
expect to revise this job description from time to time and will consult with the post
holder at the appropriate time
                                                  Person Specification
Post title          Coffee Culture Attendant                   Grade              SCP 5 (Inclusive of all weekend, out of hours,
                                                                                  evening working)
Directorate         DWS                                        Section/team       Active Leisure

Criteria                                                                                                            * M.O.A
              Essential requirements
Skills, knowledge, experience etc
1           Demonstrate experience, in a hospitality environment.                                                   A/I
2           A good understanding of cleanliness standards.                                                          A/I
3           Experience of cash handling                                                                             A/I
4           Demonstrate a good understanding in working with the public.                                            A/I
5.          Demonstrate a good understanding of Knowsley Council’s procedures.                                      A/I
6           Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Knowsley Vision and Values.                              A/I
7           Adequate written and oral communication skills                                                          A/I
8           A passion for customer service and ensuring the satisfaction of customers.                              A/I

9           Food Hygiene Certificate                                                                                A/C
Health and safety
10          Demonstrate a good understanding of the Department’s Health and Safety policies.                        A/I
Personal attributes and circumstances
11          Flexibility to work evening, weekends and Bank Holidays as required.                                    A/I
12          Flexibility to work in any Knowsley facility as and when the business requires.                         A/I
13          Knowledge of health and safety issues and procedures.                                                   A/I

*Method of assessment (*M.O.A)
A = Application form              C = Certificate                  E = Exercise           I = Interview
P = Presentation                  T = Test                         AC = Assessment centre

Date         Approved by authorised manager                             Designation
4/11/11      Sam Goodwin                                                Area Manager

Where the post involves working with children, in addition to a candidate’s ability to perform the duties of the post, the
interview will also explore issues relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, including:
     Motivation to work with children and young people
     Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with children and young people
     Emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours
     Attitudes to use of authority and maintaining discipline

          We have a positive attitude to the employment of disabled people and guarantee an interview to those who meet all the
          necessary criteria of the person specification.
                      Conditions of service
                Directorate of Wellbeing Services

Post                 Casual Coffee Culture Attendants

Employment status    Casual

Grade                SCP 5

General              The conditions in the National Joint Council for Local
                     Authority Services (Green Book) will apply.

Hours of work        Casual – as and when required.

Salary               £12,312 (pro-rata)

Medical              The successful applicant will be required to complete a
                     medical questionnaire and may also be required to undergo
                     a medical examination.

Training             The Council is a recognised ‘Investor in People’ and
                     encourages training and development for all employees.

Childcare vouchers   The Council is in partnership with a childcare voucher
                     provider which offers employees a salary sacrifice scheme.
                     Further details are available from Human Resources

Car status           Not applicable

Disclosure           The post is subject to a Criminal Records Bureau check.
                     You must ensure that you complete Section 8 of the
                     application form. If you fail to do so your application will not
                     be considered. Having a criminal record will not necessarily
                     prevent you from being appointed to the post.
                       Pension contribution rates

The table below sets out the contribution bands which will be effective from 1 April
2012. These are based on the pay bands for 2011/12 as increased by the September
2011 CPI figure of 5.2%, with the result rounded down to the nearest £100.

Pay Bands from
 1 April 2012
    Earnings Band Range
1     £0      to £13,500        5.5%
2   £13,501 to £15,800          5.8%
3   £15,801 to £20,400          5.9%
4   £20,401 to £34,000          6.5%
5   £34,001 to £45,500          6.8%
6   £45,501 to £85,300          7.2%
7     More than £85,300         7.5%

The pay ranges in the Contribution rate column of the table is increased on the 1st
of April each year by applying the rate of pension increase applied to public sector
pensions on the 1st of April that year and rounded down to the nearest £100.

If an active member has a permanent material change to his or her terms and
conditions of employment which affects his or her pensionable pay, the employer
may determine a different contribution rate to reflect that new annual pensionable
pay. This can be either an increase or a decrease.
Exempted posts – Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council aims to promote equality of opportunity for
all with the right mix of talent, skills and potential. We welcome applications from
diverse candidates.

Certain posts are subject to a Criminal Records Bureau check due to the nature of
the work being undertaken. All candidates who are successful at interview for one of
these posts will be asked to complete an application form for a ‘disclosure’ check by
the Criminal Records Bureau before the appointment is confirmed.

Whilst the council supports the rehabilitation of ex-offenders, it is obliged in the
recruitment of all employees to use an Exemption Order of the Rehabilitation of
Offenders Act 1974 in order to ensure safe recruitment to posts where working with
children, vulnerable adults or other positions of trust are involved. If you apply for a
post that is subject to a disclosure, you will be advised in the recruitment job pack.

Having a conviction or a record of some type of unacceptable behaviour would not
necessarily bar you from being appointed to the post as any decision to employ will
be considered on the individual circumstances of each case.

If you are in doubt about what you should declare, you can ask advice from a
member of the Human Resources Division 0151 443 3434.

Further information about the Criminal Records Bureau, including how information is
assessed in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 can be found on their

Where the post involves working with children, in addition to a candidate’s ability to
perform the duties of the post, the interview will also explore issues relating to
safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, including:
      Motivation to work with children and young people
      Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries
       with children and young people
      Emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours
      Attitudes to use of authority and maintaining discipline
                        Equality and Diversity sub groups

Knowsley Council has four established sub groups to support the equality and
diversity agenda, details below.

The groups are supported by the Corporate Equality and Diversity Manager, Paul
Peng who can be contacted on 443 3073.

Knowsley Black and Minority Workers’ Group (KBMWG)
The group's vision is to 'promote respect and value diverse cultures within Knowsley',
and they are committed to challenging all forms of discrimination, racial harassment
and bullying to promote race equality in employment and in the delivery of services.
Through development days, members of the KBMWG have established and
discussed terms of reference and decided on ways to be involved with the council

Knowsley Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Forum
The group aims to promote the council positively as an employer which is supportive
of the LGBT workforce, as well as promoting LGBT within the larger community.

It acts as a consultation forum on new and exiting policies and strategies and
participates within equality impact assessment processes with the view to improving
and influencing change. Through the group there is a robust and systematic process
for exchanging ideas, problem solving and information sharing, this then raises
awareness and reduces discrimination within the workplace.

Disability workers' group
This group meet to discuss issues surrounding disability within Knowsley. The
council recognises that people are disabled by society and not their impairment.

The group advises on all policy and procedure, whether related to employment or
service delivery for the council and the Primary Care Trust. They also provide a
networking opportunity across the groups to discuss common issues and link with
similar employee forums in other local authorities.

Women's operational workers’ group
The group's primary focus is the consideration of gender equality issues relative to
every aspect of employment and service delivery. As with the other groups, there will
be representation at the Directorate Implementation Group which then feeds into the
Corporate Equality and Diversity Strategy Group meetings. The advice and guidance
which this forum is anticipated to contribute will be a valuable asset to the Equality
and Diversity agenda of Knowsley Council, particularly as women make up 63.9% of
the total workforce.

Equality and diversity information is available to view on

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