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									                               Imagine Heathside:
                 Creating An Exemplary Place to Learn and Work
                      Interview Guide for Students and Staff


"Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed as part of the Imagine Heathside
project. This effort will involve everyone in the school in helping create the
Heathside of the Future.

We will be doing "appreciative interviews", asking people to tell stories about
times when they saw things working at their BEST.

Usually we ask about things that are broken - the problems - so that we can fix
them. In this case, we’re trying to look at things at their best -- the successes --
so that we can find out what works and do more of it.

This should take about 45 minutes.
Before we start, do you have any questions?”
Tips for successful interviews
 Please read the questions as they are written.
   Help the other person tell his/her story; help them remember the details.
   Be genuinely curious about their experiences, thoughts, and feelings.
   Here are some questions to use if the person needs help sharing the story:
          Tell me more.
          What was going on that caused you to feel that way?
          What makes that important to you?
          How did that affect you?
          What was your contribution?
          What was the school doing that helped you do this?
          What were other people doing that helped?
          What do you think was really making it work?
   If someone doesn’t want to, or can’t answer any of the interview questions, that’s okay; let it go
    and go on to the next question and try and come back to the question you missed before the end
    of the interview.
   Taking notes - Make sure you write down the person’s words, phrases of quotes that excited you.

When you are finished with your interview, please immediately and neatly fill out the
Interview Summary Sheet. Then take your interview notes and the summary sheet to the
school office and put them into the proper boxes.

Summary Sheet in box 1
Answers to questions 1-6 in box 2
Answers to Questions 7-8 in box 3
Thanks from the Core Team
                       Imagine Heathside
            Interview Guide for Students and Staff

Who is being interviewed? _________________________________

This person is a:   Student (year____)   Teacher      Staff

How long has this person been at Heathside?________________

Who is doing the interview? _______________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________

Note: If interviewing a student or teacher, start with
question 1. If not, please start with question 2.

1. Student: Think about the best teacher you have had at
     Heathside. Tell me about a time you were having a
     brilliant experience in his or her classroom.
   Teacher: Will you please tell me a story about the class you
     most enjoyed teaching?

2. Will you please tell me a story about a time when you felt
   most excited and enthusiastic here at Heathside? It may have
   been in the classroom or not. (If necessary, ask What was
   happening? Who was involved? What were you doing?)
                                       Interviewee Name________________________ p. 2

3. Can you please share a time here at Heathside when you knew
   that you mattered and it helped build your confidence.

4. Can you think of a story that demonstrates the caring
   atmosphere at Heathside?

5. We believe people do their best when challenged to excel and
   are given the encouragement and support to do so. Will you
   tell me about a time here when you felt you were pushed to
   be your very best and knew you had support behind you?

6. What do you think gives life to Heathside? What is at the
   center of this school, which if it did not exist, would make
   Heathside totally different than it is today?
                                       Interviewee Name ________________________p. 3

7. If you had three wishes for Heathside which would make it an
   even better place to learn and work, what would they be?




8. If you came to school tomorrow and one small thing had
   changed making the school better, what would it be?
                        Imagine Heathside
         Interview Summary Sheet for Students and Staff

Who was interviewed? _________________________________________
This person is a: Student (year____)   Teacher   Staff
How long has this person been at Heathside? __________________
Who did the interview? _______________________________________
Date: ________________________________________________________

1. What was the most exciting story or stories you heard during
   the interview?

2. What were the best quotes that came out of the interview and
   which question does each come from?

3. Other interesting things you heard in this interview?

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