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									                      Job Description

Position:          Director of Operations

Hotel:             Mount Juliet

Reports To:        Resort General Manager

Responsible For:   In conjunction with Resort General Manager,
                   formulate, implement and the drive business
                   operation of Hotel, through the four core values of:

                   Customer, Quality, People and Profit.
Key Result Areas

Operations Managers are accountable for managing seven Key Result Areas of the business:

Customer Service                Actively seeking verbal feedback from customers on a regular
Driving a service culture,       basis
which delivers outstanding      Agreeing and implementing actions to make improvements to
customer service through         customer service
all aspects of the business.    Positively dealing with and learning from customer complaints
Creating an environment          and comments
where everyone in the           Making sure all customer requests and queries are responded to
hotel is focused on              promptly and effectively
“walking the extra mile” to     Creating and maintaining relationships with key revenue-
deliver outstanding              producing customers
customer service                Regularly monitoring levels of customer service in all areas
                                 against Brand Standards
                                Achieving positive outcomes from customer complaints
                                Using customer feedback to activate long-term improvements to
                                 products and services

Managing the Operation          Ensuring that all departmental rotas and job schedules for staff
To plan, organise and            meet the business needs
control the day-to-day          Communicating and delegating duties to the team
operation                       Understanding what’s going on in all departments and
                                 implications for other departments within the Hotel
                                Planning ahead and ensuring adequate resources are available
                                Managing the Hotel Operation and taking action where necessary
                                 to ensure smooth running in the absence of the Hotel Manager
                                Ensuring that shift handovers and briefings are carried out
                                Maintaining in-depth technical knowledge and skills required for
                                 the job

                               Specific Job Accountabilities

                                To ensure all in-coming sales (through whatever medium) are
                                 handled efficiently, effectively and successfully in order to
                                 maximise their sales/profit potential
                                Compilation of the departmental Balanced Scorecards
                                Responsible for Hotel Health & Safety, management of health &
                                 safety meetings and ensuring that all legal requirements are met
                                Ensure that the Fire Champion is legally fulfilling their role
                                Food & Beverage calendar of events on a quarterly basis
                                Conducting weekly revenue forecasting
                                Weekly control of payroll and manning percentages
                                Attending and contributing to weekly Business Development
                                Upkeep of the grounds and external areas of the Hotel
                                Attending the employee forum meetings

Managing People                 Understanding the quantity and quality of people needed to
Development                      operate within the hotel
To select, train, coach and     Carrying out selection interviews and making effective
develop people to meet           recruitment decisions
current and future needs        Planning and ensuring departmental orientation is carried out
of the department and the       Ensuring Brand Standards Training and assessment is carried out
hotel                           Regularly reviewing individual and team performance against
                                 objectives and providing feedback through “walkabouts”, 1:1s
                                 and team meetings
                                Developing and implementing department training plans to meet
                                 business needs
                                Reviewing and evaluating all training activities
                              Carrying out annual appraisals with managers under your
                              Ensuring compliance with all personnel practices and procedures
                              To actively promote equal opportunities through promotion of
                               policies, procedures and ensure actions taken by self and all
                               employees are consistent with the Company’s requirements.

Financial Performance         Ensuring accurate forecasting across all aspects of the business
To maximise hotel             Predicting potential highs and lows in the business and initiating
profitability                  necessary actions
                              Ensuring Department Managers have and utilise up-to-date
                               financial information
                              Analysing variances and initiating appropriate action plans
                              Managing costs to optimise profit conversion and deliver the plan
                              Forecasting potential revenues and costs
                              Following company control procedures
                              Controlling costs without compromising standards

                             Specific Job Accountabilities

                              Ensure commercial management techniques of availability control
                               are applied to achieve the maximisation of accommodation
                               revenues using the following tools:
                                Analysis of booking patterns, market trends and occupancy
                                Monitoring competitor performance
                                Analysis of actual performance against forecasts
                              Create and implement an in-house sales plan for the hotel in
                               conjunction with the Hotel Manager/General Manager and Sales

Managing Brand                Maintaining the hotel product in line with Brand Standards
Standards                     Having detailed knowledge of departmental Brand Standards
To ensure Brand               Being able to explain the Standards to the team
Standards are consistently    Assessing staff performance against Standard
delivered throughout the      Monitoring Standards through regular Brand Standards Review
department                     checks
                              Developing action plans to address shortfalls in Standards
                              Implementing and following through improvements identified

Managing the Team             Understanding the aims of the hotel and the department’s role in
To provide and                 achieving it
communicate clear             Communicating aims to the team
direction to the team         Agreeing departmental objectives for self and team
                              Representing the needs of the team to others in the hotel
                              Getting members of the team to work co-operatively with others
                              Keeping the team up-to-date about departmental, hotel and
                               company activities through regular communication

Managing Health &             Understanding relevant H&S legislation and the implications on
Safety                         the operation of the department
To ensure the health,         Communicating to the team their responsibilities within H&S
safety and well being of      Ensuring that safe and healthy working practices are
customers and all hotel        implemented at all times
staff                         Responsible for Hotel Health & Safety, management of health and
                               safety meetings and ensuring that all legal requirements are met
                              Ensure that the Fire Champion is legally fulfilling their role

Key Performance               Food and Beverage Stock %
Indicators                    Payroll %
                              Target GOP
Personal Competencies

These are the personal skills, qualities and attributes that influence how well a manager
performs his/her role as a leader, and as a member of the management team.

Self Management                   Sets and strives to achieve high personal performance
                                  Plans, organises and uses a systematic approach to get
                                   things done
                                  Manages time and resources effectively
                                  Prioritises actions and manages tasks through to completion
                                  Actively seeks opportunities to develop and learn from
                                   experience at all levels

Communication and                 Communicates openly and clearly both verbally and in
Leadership Skills                  writing
                                  Pitches information at the appropriate level
                                  Listens and is sensitive to the needs of others
                                  Develops positive working relationships at all levels
                                  Effectively delegates to get things done
                                  Manages conflict effectively
                                  Motivates and inspires the team to perform

Problem Solving and               Collects and analyses relevant and accurate information
Decision Making                    about a problem
                                  Seeks innovative solutions
                                  Makes conscious decisions to go for action
                                  Accepts personal responsibility for making things happen
                                  Constantly reviews in order to improve

Pro-Active Behaviour              Self-reliant, working with minimal control and direction
                                  Acts on own initiative when appropriate
                                  Takes calculated risks to achieve results
                                  Thinks ahead, developing contingency plans where
                                  Has drive and determination to succeed
                                  Contributes and is effective when team working with peers

Influencing Skills                Presents powerful arguments which persuade others
                                  Expresses confidence in own ideas and networks with
                                  Gains commitment to action from a range of people

Flexibility                         Adapts quickly and positively to new situations
                                    Continues to be productive in changing circumstances
                                    Can handle more than one task/situation at a time
                                    Adapts work emphasis to ensure profit delivery through
                                     people and product

This Job Description is not intended to define a definitive list of duties and responsibilities and
is subject to regular review to ensure that it accurately represents the key requirements of
the post holder.

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