Medical Technologies and Society

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					Medical Technologies and Society

1. a) Make a list of medical imaging technologies used in Canada today.
b) Find several examples of images produced using one of the technologies.
c) In what circumstances or situations is the technology used? How is it
particularly useful? What problems is it used to solve?
c) Assess the importance to human health or to society of the medical imaging
technology used in Canada in diagnosing or treating abnormalities in tissues,
organs, or systems.

2. Medical technologies and our social and medical systems are increasingly
able to collect and organize data so we can better diagnose and treat people who
are not well.

      Make a list with a partner or two of some recently developed medical
       technologies or materials or processes.

Technologies (e.g.         Materials (e.g. drugs)      Processes (e.g.
imaging, information                                   surgical techniques)

3. On your own:
    Find two or three recent news articles having to do with one of the above
       technologies or materials or processes,
    Summarize the articles in a paragraph.
    Identify and analyze an ethical issue related to your choice.
          o What are the different sides of the issue?
          o Who is on those sides?
          o Assess the motivation of the different groups. Why do they do what
             they are doing? Provide evidence to support your assertion.

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