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					                            Sleep Like A Baby
The brain's garbage collection

Why is sleep deprivation is fatal? Death is like sleep deprivation death of old age in general.
Very often, for many reasons conspire to produce the inevitable result. Perhaps no one knows the
exact answer to this mystery. However, research into the role of sleep are very strong hints. One
of the most important functions of sleep is a re-organization of neural networks in the brain.
During the day, we learn new things, to memorize, to acquire knowledge, figure things, new
memories through creative unions, etc. After a long day of waking, the brain is full of
disorganized pieces of information that need to be integrated into the things we learned early in
life. Without this re-organization of brain Harbor would be chaos, and they quickly run out of
space to store new memories. The role of the nervous sleep is so fundamental that sleep
deprivation affects almost all body functions are regulated by the nervous system. Without
regular garbage collection, individual networks begin to malfunction. This was originally a
minor malfunctions can add up to a serious problem in the whole organism. The most prominent
effect of sleep deprivation are problems with thermoregulation, decreased immune function,
hormonal changes (eg, increased glucocorticoids and catecholamines), metabolic changes [Link:
Sleep and glucose metabolism], malnutrition, hallucinations, autonomic system malfunction,
changes in cell adhesion, growth factors, inflammatory (eg, IL-6, TNF, C-reactive protein, etc.),
skin damage, oxidative stress, DNA damage, etc. These problems become serious enough to kill.
Metaphorically speaking, if we have relatively less developed body WW1 bomber, we could
imagine that the process of developing into a human is like acquiring software needed to fly the
B-2 bomber. Although the B-2 is the age of the aircraft was built during the life of Orville
Wright, enough to plant the bug in their software to make it fall out of sky. Sleep deprivation is
like a human body with progressive B-2 software malfunction. This may be technically, it might
be smart, but it is very vulnerable. Dependence of advanced software or nerve function is always
dangerous! Fortunately, all we need to eliminate the threat is to just sleep every day. For more
see: in optimizing neural sleep.

Sleep Care

There is a second layer Trouble sleep deprivation. Because of the importance of sleep, sleep all
advanced organisms to carry out the program. This program ensures that sleep deprivation results
in unpleasant symptoms. It also produces a surprisingly strong sleep drive, which is very hard to
overcome. Staying Awake becomes unbearable. Closing one's eyes is one of the most soothing
thing in the world. These symptoms are a result of the delay? Definitely not. If they can
malfunction leading to sleep well. Moreover, recovery from sleep deprivation will not be as
quick, easy and complete? Sleep protection program exists, and it can take to prevent the worst
effects of sleep. Like cytokine storm overzealous immune system, sleep protection program
could potentially add to the damage caused by the delay of the network in sleep deprivation.

Anabolic sleep

Last but not least, sleep has evolved to become a major anabolic state of the organism. Without
it, the body keeps itself up without using a lot of time to rebuild. Turning anabolic state does not
require turning off of consciousness, but now the rest of the night is the best time for the body to
restore everything. As we have to sleep at least that was the anabolic functions consolidated with
other functions of sleep, now may be necessary. The increase in GH or testosterone and anabolic
night, also affects the neural networks and the status of our "brain software". Hormonal changes
stimulate and / or inhibit nerve growth. Dr Michael Stryker, best known for demonstrating the
role of sleep in brain development (Stryker et al. 2001 [10]), says that on the night of hormonal
changes "Waking crucial role in consolidating and deepening the experience" [11]. Sleep
deprivation is one of the leading causes of death in the opportunistic bacterial infections caused
by the decline in immune function (eg, no febrile response). The decline may be caused equally
well by () Bad neural control of immune function or (b) the right effect hypercatabolism.
Whatever be the reason, scientists quickly figured, that the antibiotics did not help much to
prevent the infection of death. Rats deprived of sleep die anyway. Infection may accelerate the
death that was otherwise inevitable.

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