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Rescue yourself from Healthcare infections

VIEWS: 4 PAGES: 1 - It is a good concept to track each contamination from the beginning to the complete. You should keep a record of all the patients' along with components such as organism initating the infection, remedy administered, enhancement and furthermore any sensitivity report.

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									 Rescue yourself from Healthcare infections

Healthcare centres being a place where all the diseases or any other issues are being treated, it
is very common place to find bacteria’s that creates infection. Hospitals are hence sterilised
properly and are disinfected. Whatever done is still less, because Healthcare infections are
increasing day by day. Healthcare infections are basically the infection that is caused to the
patient at the place that they visit to get themselves treated.

The scientific reason for such infection is because of all the bacteria’s and germs that can be
found floating around at the place where they are getting treated. Every year thousands of
patients get infected by getting in contact with such germs. Out of which mostly all are treated
back to their health, while some ill fated patience face the worst consequences of death. Some
thinks that hospital is the only place where such infections are acquired, which is not correct.
There are other health centres where infections are likely to be caught like surgery centre,
rehabilitation centre, n dialysis centre etc.

It is difficult to judge whether the number of patients infected by HAIs (Health care associated
infections) are increasing or decreasing. This is mostly because it all the infections are not
grouped specifically or are not defined in a particular way which makes the comparison and the
classification even more difficult. Certain germs keeps on increasing or the nature of them are
different than what is detected before for the infection caused by similar kind of

There are few simple rules that need to be followed to be away from such infections:
1.   Wash your hands
2.   Infectious materials should be handled wearing glows
3.   Crowded places should be avoided
4.   Face mask is necessary when visiting the patient.
5.   Sanitizing the hands before and after visiting the patient.

Apart from following these simple habits, you can keep in mind these rules as well:

•     Not being in direct or indirect contact with any such infectious product in the hospital. There
are so many products in the hospital that are to be thrown away just because they were in direct
contact with such germs and it is advisable to stay away from such products. Ex- gloves of
doctor, needle of an injection etc
•     Every staff member should be put under number of tests to determine whether they are
healthy enough to be a part of the hospital and treat the patients.
•     Cleanliness should be must in hospitals. All new hospitals have an infection control unit.

These are simple rules that can be followed to avoid any HAIs to spread.

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