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					Cardiff Child Protection Systematic Reviews

Institute of Primary Care & Public Health

School of Medicine, Cardiff University

4th Floor Neuadd Meirionnydd

Heath Park


CF14 4YS


To whom it may concern.

Good afternoon. I am writing to you as I am interested in your website and topics covered. If you
would be so kind and answer a few questions I have as soon as possible, I would be grateful. If you
cannot respond as soon as possible, I wish this to be submitted as a Freedom of Information Act
2000 request.

• What are/were your intentions for the creation and eventual use of this website?

• Is this website intended or currently used officially by any public body, eg; a local authority,
government organisation, NHS organisation etc, within the UK?

• What other organisations other than the NSPCC are you funded by and what percentage of your
total funding do they contribute towards.

• Are you still receiving funding from these bodies?

• How much has the NSPCC contributed in funding each year, for the past three years.

• What companies have sought permission to use and/or quote the information included within
your website.

If you would like any further clarification on questions I have asked, please email me.

Kind regards,

Sarah Tucker

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