How Regulations Will Impact Speed Trading with Ben Van Vliet at High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2012 Chicago

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  How Regulations Will Impact Speed Trading with Ben
  Van Vliet at High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum
                     2012 Chicago
  Golden Networking brings the World’s Most Influential High-Frequency Trading Conference Series,
 High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2012, now in Chicago, October 9, and London, December 12

(October 3, 2012, New York) Ben Van Vliet, Lecturer at Stuart School of Business, will participate at Golden
Networking’s High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2012, "How Traders, Brokers, Exchanges and Dark Pools
Navigate the Most Challenging Regulatory Landscape" in panel “The Future of HFT: How High-frequency
Trading will Evolve in Ever-changing Technology and Regulatory Environments?”

High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2012 will provide attendees in Chicago and London with the most up-to-
date review of where this ever-changing industry stands and how new technology and regulatory developments
will impact it. Recognized experts, regulators, and strategists, will return to High-Frequency Trading Leaders
Forum 2012 to provide the information practitioners are looking for in an open and unbiased environment, highly
conducive to the most efficient and effective networking.

There has been a dramatic shift in how instruments are traded in the market. With high frequency trading able to
detect price discrepancies in microseconds, aided by technology, regulators have grown increasingly concerned
about its impact in market structure and fairness. What is the outlook for the markets when all participants engage
in the arms race of super smart algorithms? Where will institutional and retail investors find opportunities?
Conversely, could we imagine a world without high-frequency trading?

Professor Van Vliet is a Lecturer at the Illinois Institute of Technology's Stuart School of Business (IIT), where he
also serves as the Associate Director of the M.S. Finance program; Professor Van Vliet consults extensively in the
financial markets industry, including Calamos Investment Management, Jump Trading, Deutsche Bank and the
United States Department of Labor, primarily on topics related to the mathematics, technology and management
of trading systems.

Professor Van Vliet is the author of three books on trading/investment: Quality Money Management with Andrew
Kumiega, Modeling Financial Markets with Robert Hendry, Building Automated Trading Systems. Additionally,
he has published several articles in the areas of finance and technology, and presented at several academic and
professional conferences.

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