Frequently Asked Questions:

The Governor-General’s Indigenous Student Teacher Scholarship

What are the Governor-General’s Indigenous Student Teacher Scholarships?
The Governor-General’s Indigenous Student Teacher Scholarships are a prestigious
award that will assist one Indigenous student in each state and territory to
undertake teacher education studies at university. The scholarships will provide
$25,000 per year to successful recipients for the life of their teaching degree (up to 4
Who is eligible to receive the scholarships?
To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant must be an Indigenous Australian and
undertake fulltime study in an undergraduate teaching degree at an Australian
When will the application process for the scholarships open?
The application process for the scholarships is expected to open 1st November 2011.
The application round will close on 10th January 2012.
Can I choose which university I would like to attend?
You can choose to study your teacher education degree at any Australian university.
However to be eligible you must have applied, be enrolled in, or been accepted into
an undergraduate teacher education course at an Australian higher education
institution to gain a teaching qualification. Applicants will not be approved for a
scholarship until they have provided a letter of acceptance at the chosen University.
Do I have to do a four-year degree, or can I become a teacher by doing a post-
graduate qualification?
No, this scholarship is to help students complete an undergraduate teacher
education degree. However, if you are part-way through an undergraduate teaching
degree you can still apply.
Can I study part-time and still receive the scholarship?
No, you must undertake full-time study.
Why is it important you have my permanent residential address?
It is essential you provide us with your permanent residential address. We will use
this address to send official documents in relation to the Governor General’s
Indigenous Student Teacher Scholarships.
Will I be able to receive other payments if I am awarded the scholarship?
You can still claim other Commonwealth student support, such as ABSTUDY and
related benefits, if you are eligible for them. If you receive funding from any other
scholarship or bursary, you will not be able to continue receiving this scholarship.
What happens if I withdraw from, or do not pass, a subject?
If you fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress or are unable to meet course
requirements, the scholarship may be discontinued. In exceptional circumstances,
such as where there is a serious medical condition, approval may be given to defer
the scholarship for up to 6 months.

At the end of my study, when I am a qualified teacher, am I free to work anywhere
in Australia?
Yes, you are not required to teach in any particular state or school.
Is the Governor-General’s Indigenous Student Teacher scholarships exempt from
Advice from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is that as this is a scholarship where
education is the main focus and that you are a full time student, income tax is not
applicable. Therefore this scholarship is exempt from income tax.
Who can I contact if I have further questions? If you have any further questions
about the Governor-General’s Indigenous Student Teacher Scholarships please
contact us at

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