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					Dear ASE Course Directors;

Thank you very much for your contributions to ASE’s educational mission. Your efforts have helped improve
the knowledge and proficiency of ASE members and cardiovascular professionals nationwide.

Recently, the ASE has done a thorough review of its CME programs to determine what changes must be
incorporated into future activities, in order to fully meet the expectations of the Accreditation Council for
Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) for ongoing CME accreditation for our society. During this review,
the ASE has established several, mandatory new procedures to be followed during the course development
process. Please realize that these procedures are exceedingly important to remain fully accredited by the

        A sponsorship application must be filled out for all courses requiring a CME designation. This
        application will be kept on file in the ASE’s office as documentation of meeting the planning process
        requirements. The application needs to be received by the ASE CME department prior to a CME
        designation being given. A new requirement for the sponsorship application will be for the course
        director to read and agree that he/she has read the conflict of interest policy.

        Upon program development, a minimum of 5 educational questions, based upon information to be
        covered during the course, must be submitted to ASE. These questions, to be submitted with the
        program application, must be included on the registration pages and course evaluation to show a
        change in knowledge. The ASE staff will work with you to ensure that this occurs. ASE will poll
        attendees 30-45 days following the activity using these same questions to document learning

        Evidence of disclosure by Program Directors will be due with the program application. This
        includes a signed and dated disclosure form and speaker agreement. All other faculty disclosures
        will be due to ASE at least 30 days prior to the program. ASE staff will assist you in collecting signed

        All persons with control of content, including faculty and program chairs, must have ALL conflicts
        resolved prior to the printing of any course materials (syllabi, etc). See included conflict of interest
        policy, and conflict resolution forms. The conflict resolution and the peer review form (when
        necessary) must be provided to ASE in a timely manner following the receipt of faculty disclosure
        and materials. Faculty whose interests cannot be resolved to comply with the educational integrity
        of the program will be unable to participate.

        Content for enduring materials must be reviewed for HIPAA compliance, copyright violations and
        bias before being submitted for CME. The ACCME/CME committee will be unable to review and
        approve any materials which have not been thoroughly edited prior to submission. The ASE
        considers the following to be HIPAA violations: names of person or relatives; date of birth; any type
        of patient identification number (to include: medical record number, SS number, or any other unique
        identifying number); personal information (to include: address/phone numbers/e-mail;
        hospital/university affiliation in combination with date of procedure (either is OK as a stand-alone
        component); and identifiable patient photos.

Thank you for your assistance in helping ASE courses comply with the ACCME by implementing these
measures. Should you have any questions, please contact the ASE CME staff at cwilliams@asecho.org .

Warm Regards,

Katherine Grichnik, MD, FASE               Bijoy K. Khandheria, MD, FASE               Roberto Lang, MD, FASE
ACCME/CME Committee Chair                  Education Committee Chair                   President, ASE

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