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   DCN: 21-08-0159-01-mrpm
   Title: Radio State for MRPM
   Date Submitted: June 2nd, 2008
   Radio States
   Authors or Source(s):
   Behcet Sarikaya for MRPM SG
   Abstract: Investigation of Radio State Management
     for MRPM

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            Radio State Issue in MRPM

2012/10/3                               3
                  MRPM Problem
   • MRPM is about integrated power management for multi-
     radio MNs
   • Currently on the MN side this is not a problem
   • However standardization may be help MNs save power
     from network side
   • The network may direct calls in such a way to help multi-
     radio MNs save power
   • 3GPP is currently working on an entity called ANDSF.
   • MRPM will define additional functionality as 802.21
   • These extensions would apply to ANDSF only if ANDSF
     is 802.21-based

2012/10/3                                                    4
               MRPM Scenario
   • Multi-radio MN is roaming in 3GPP & WiMAX
   • WiMAX interface is active 3GPP interface is
     powered off
   • MN is registered in 3GPP
   • MN is doing aggregate location updates for
     3GPP using WiMAX interface
   • There are signs for ANDSF support but it is
     inconclusive to assume its adoption in 3GPP
   • MN received a call on 3GPP core

2012/10/3                                          5
             MRPM Scenario
   • Additional functionality for ANDSF may be
     like (3GPP adoption can not be assumed
     at this moment):
   • ANDSF decides to take the call on 3GPP
   • ANDSF signals MN to turn 3GPP interface
   • 3GPP core sends SIP Invite message to
     MN’s current BS

2012/10/3                                    6
                      MRPM Scenario
                                                                             CT: Call Terminator
                                                                             PC: Paging Controller

                   CT                                        CT
            HLR                                                      PC
                                                       Operator A
                     Operator A
                                                       WiMAX Core           Operator B
                     3GPP Core
                                                                            WiMAX Core

                                                                    WiMAX Network
                                  WLAN   WLAN             WLAN
                  3GPP Network
                                            WiMAX Network

                        Mobile Node

2012/10/3                                                                                            7
                 Radio State
   • What does ANDSF need to accomplish
     the scenario?
   • Radio state: Power Management (PM)
     capabilities per link, PM state per link, PM
     state change commands, PM state change
     events, for hand off scheduling
     with high speed mobility, Route
   • Should we keep it distributed?

2012/10/3                                       8
               MRPM Radio State
   • Two approaches:
   • Centralized: in this case one ANDSF entity
     which is power management-aware
        – What is required to be kept at PM-aware
   • Distributed: in this case more than one
     ANDSF entities which are PM-aware
        – What is required to be kept at each PM-aware

2012/10/3                                            9
             MRPM Scenario
   • What about 3GPP core paging MN?
   • Could ANDSF based signaling be too slow
     compared with 3GPP paging?

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            Thank You!

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