FITA Outdoor Target Archery Championship Bid by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                   World Archery Youth Championship
                           BID Questionnaire
                        & Information Document
Please find enclosed the bidding questionnaire for the World Archery Youth Championships. The Bidding association understands that
the information included in this questionnaire is binding for the host organizer and that FITA will not allow any changes in relation to
fees or costs unless they can be justified by exchange rate differences or inflation. Furthermore this questionnaire will become an
integral part of the Organisers agreement. All amounts should be expressed in EUR or USD.

FITA appreciates your association's interest in bidding for the ________ (odd years) Archery
World Youth Championships(Outdoor Target Archery).

Please fill in the information requested below and include it with your bid proposal:

1. Name of bidding Association or Organization:


2. Coordinates:
Address :

Telephone :

Fax :

3. Specific date proposed               ___        ___       ___
                                        DD         MM        YY

    Alternate date                      ___        ___       ___
                                        DD         MM        YY

    Does this date conflict with any known national championship or international FITA sanctioned

    Yes ___ No ___

    If yes, please list:

                                                  1                                            Version 2.0 (March 08)
     Does this date conflict with any other major International event in your county (e.g. World
     Athletics Championships, Multi Sport Games, …)

     Yes ___      No ___

     If yes, please list:

4.    Motivation for hosting event

What is your principal motivation for hosting the World Championships?

What would be the impact and legacy for your City/Region of hosting the World Championships?

5. City proposed for championship _________________________________________________

6. Name and distance of closest airport ______________________________________________

     Is this an international airport   : Yes ___ No ___

If Yes, please provide the number of countries reached from:

     # of countries connected with direct flights from same continent: ______________________

     # of countries connected with direct flights from different continent: ____________________

If no, please provide details on closest international airport and how you foresee transportation
from international airport to the host city

                                        2                            Version 2.0 (March 08)
   9. What type of transportation will be provided from airport to hotel?

   Describe the type of busses or cars that are planned to be used:

   What is the cost of a taxi from the airport to the City   _________ EUR/USD
   (Please indicated in one of these two currencies)

   Will the cost of transportation from airport to hotel be included in the entry fee? Yes __ No __

   If No what is the estimated cost ___________________________________

8. Entry fee for tournament per individual competitor in USD / EUR:________________________

  Entry fee for tournament per team official: _________________________________________

  Any other charges? (explain) ____________________________________________________

  FITA Council at the request of Congress has established a maximum entry fee for officials and
  participants. This entry fee is 150 Euro for athletes and 100 Euro for officials. No Team entry
  fee can be asked to the teams.

 What is included in the entry fee?

                                      3                               Version 2.0 (March 08)
   9. Is a closing party foreseen? Yes ___ No ___

   If yes what is the concept?

  Cost of closing party per person _____________________________________

  What night? ______________________________                Location ________________________

10. Will lunch be provided on the field? Yes ___ No ___

    Please describe what type of lunch you foresee?

    Cost, if any ______________________


For each hotel to be used please provide full details on the hotel. Transportation from the hotel to
the competition/practice area should be provided free of charge. For each hotel the current listed
price should be mentioned as well as the expected price for the championships. The invoiced
hotel price for the championships cannot be higher than the listed amount for the hotel rooms.

                          Headquarter Hotel        Alternate Hotel          Low Cost Rooms
Name of Hotel

Rating of the hotel (in
* from * to *****)
Distance from airport
to hotel
Distance to
competition field
Is transportation
provided to the
practice and
competition fields from
the hotel
Transportation cost, if

                                     4                                Version 2.0 (March 08)
Room rate/ per day
per room cost for:
      single room

      double room

      triple room

       dormitory
        (indicate price
        per person and
        umber of
Is the cost of meals      Breakfast Y/N           Breakfast Y/N            Breakfast Y/N
included                  Lunch Y/N               Lunch Y/N                Lunch Y/N
                          Dinner Y/N              Dinner Y/N               Dinner Y/N
If no what is the cost
     Breakfast
     Lunch
     dinner
What other services
are available in hotel?
Parking?                  Y/N Cost: ______        Y/N Cost________         Y/N Cost________
Internet?                 Y/N Cost: ______        Y/N Cost________         Y/N Cost________
Laundry?                  Y/N Cost: ______        Y/N Cost________         Y/N Cost________

12. Has an initial agreement been signed with the hotels or the tourist board having a fixed price
for the year of the event?

                              Yes ___ No ___

If no when is such agreement to be signed: ______________________________

13. Venue Layout

Qualification Round
Describe concept of Qualification Round Field.

                                    5                               Version 2.0 (March 08)
Please indicate measurements of Qualification Round Field
Orientation of Field: North / North +/- ____ °

                      Width: _____________ m
   Length : _____ m

                      Estimated Number of Targets for competition ________________ (for 3m lanes)

Will there be stands for the qualification Round: Y/N
If Yes, how many spectator stands and please indicated position of map.

                                                6                                 Version 2.0 (March 08)
Is the practice field separate from the Competition Field?:

Practice Field
Orientation of Field: North / North +/- ____ °

                       Width: _____________ m
    Length : _____ m

                       Estimated Number of Targets for Practice Field ________________ (Width of lanes)
From how many days prior to the competition the practice field will be available? __ days

                                                  7                                 Version 2.0 (March 08)
Is there a separate Field for the Elimination Round? Yes ___ No ___

If Yes please indicate the size:
Orientation of Field: North / North +/- ____ °

                       Width: _____________ m
    Length : _____ m

                       Estimated Number of Targets for Elimination Round Field ________________ (Width
                       of lanes)

Will there be stands for the qualification Round?: Yes ___ No ___

If Yes, how many spectator stands (# of spectators: ______) and please indicated position of map

What is the concept for the finals?:

Please provide pictures and layout of area to be used for finals.
Orientation of Field: North / North +/- ____ °

From what date the venue for Finals will be available? _______ days prior to finals
# of days venue will be used: ____ days

                                                 8                                Version 2.0 (March 08)
# of spectators and type of grandstands to be used:

Services available for                Competition           Finals Field     Practice field
competitors                           field (qual. +
                                      YES       NO      YES          NO     YES       NO
Equipment repair booth
First aid on field
Food to purchase at field
Water on field
Soft drinks on field
Sun shade on field
Covered athlete rest area
# of Restrooms available on filed
Equipment Storage Area
Access for wheelchairs
Will the athletes’ rest area be
large enough for all the athletes
and officials in case of inclement

    Please describe the athletes’ rest area:

15. You agree to pay transportation costs and all local living expenses for International Judges
    and Technical Delegates?

    Do you prefer to agree on a fixed lump sum to be paid to FITA or do you prefer to book the
    tickets yourself? ____________________________________________________________

16. Who will conduct the doping control? ____________________________________________

    Please list the name of the WADA Accredited doping control lab and its location:

17. Do you plan an opening ceremony? Yes ___       No ___

                                     9                               Version 2.0 (March 08)
   If Yes, please explain the concept:

 Address :

 Telephone :

 Fax :

18. What is the material used for target mats? (Stramit or other hard straw materials are no
    longer allowed for World Championships) _________________________________________

    Are the mats approved by FITA? Yes ___ No ___

    Manufactured by: ____________________________________________________________

 Address :

 Telephone :

 Fax :

    If not a commonly used mat, please list the major FITA Star or championship tournaments
    where the same mat was used: _________________________________________________

19. Official FITA target faces must be used for all FITA Championships. What brand of licensed
    target faces will be used? ______________________________________________________

20. Will there be office space for FITA officials and judges near the competition field?

    Yes ___    No ___

21. Will you provide at no-charge 14 single hotel rooms at the headquarters hotel be available for
    FITA officers and FITA Event Team( President, Secretary General, Event Director, 11 people
    of the TV and results team)?

                                     10                               Version 2.0 (March 08)
    Yes ___    No ___

22. .What is your promotional plan for the championships?

23. What is your initial budget

Total Income: _____________________ _ USD/EUR

Total Expenses: ____________________ USD/EUR

    % of income coming from:
      National government:                    ______%
      City:                                   ______%
      Region /State:                          ______%
      Ticket Sales:                           ______%
      Local Sponsors:                         ______%
      Entry Fees:                             ______%
      Hotel Accommodation:                    ______%
      Merchandising:                          ______%
      Exhibitors Village                      ______%
      Food & Beverage                         ______%

24. Will the Bidding Association/Organization be the Organizing Committee? Yes ___ No ___

    If not, who will be the Organizing Committee? ______________________________________

    FITA must approve the Organizing Committee if it is not the FITA Member Association.

25. Who will be the Active Director or President of the Organizing Committee? _______________

26. List other tournaments organized by the tournament organization director in the past:


27. Are there any laws or regulations that could cause issues with the importation and exportation
    of bows & arrows? Yes ___ No ___

    If Yes please provide details

                                    11                              Version 2.0 (March 08)
28. Liability insurance must be paid for by organizer. See organizer's agreement. FITA will have
    general policy that will be less cost for the organizers than a separate policy.

29. How will the organizers care for ill athletes or officials who arrive from a country without
    adequate insurance and whose team have no money to pay for the medical expenses?


30. Television rights are owned by FITA and are assigned to a rights holder company which is
    responsible for all territories. All television arrangements should be coordinated with the FITA
    assigned producer. See organizer's agreement. However what are your relations with the
    national television companies and have you had them produce events before.

Please provide details of Archery on TV in the last 4 years:

31. Organizer must allow athletes and officials from all FITA Member Associations to enter their
    country on equal terms. All FITA Member Associations must have the right to use their
    national or FITA approved flag and anthem.

Does your country restrict entry of persons from any FITA member country?

    Yes ___ No ___

    If yes, please list any countries excluded:

32. Will all FITA member countries be able to march with their country (or FITA approved) flag,
    carry a placard with their country (or FITA approved) name, wear their country uniform with
    country name, and play their anthem if they win a gold medal?

    Yes ___    No ___

    If no, please list exceptions and explain:

                                     12                              Version 2.0 (March 08)
Please furnish a signed letter from your appropriate government official to confirm the answers to
the above two questions.

                                   13                               Version 2.0 (March 08)
33. What is your media plan?

How many articles have been published on Archery activities in the last 2 years in your country?

34. Where do you plan to recruit volunteers?:__________________________________________

From Local Clubs: Y/N         Please indicated number of clubs: ___________________________

                              Number of archers in a 100km radius around the City: ___________

From other Major events in the City in the last 2 years:   Yes ___ No ___

Please indicated major events

Please submit the following with the questionnaire:

        (a) Letters of support from your National Olympic Committee, Sports Minister, and the city
            in which you intend to hold the tournament.

        NOTE: If the bidding Organization/Association is not the FITA Member Association, a
          support letter of the FITA member Association in this country is requested

        (b) A preliminary budget to stage the Championship according to the enclosed format

        (c) A letter from appropriate government official stating all FITA Member Associations may
            enter the country on equal basis. Also, that their national or FITA approved flag,
            country (or FITA approved association) name and FITA approved anthem may be

NOTE:      FITA will require a FITA Technical Delegate to visit the organizing committee to view
           and approve the site, technical equipment, housing, transportation and the

           The organizer will be responsible for these expenses, up to a total not to exceed Euro

                                     14                             Version 2.0 (March 08)
I ________________________________________________ hereby warrant on behalf of the
_________________________________________________________ Association / Organization
that the statements made and the information provided in this Bid Questionnaire are accurate.

I acknowledge that this Bid Questionnaire and the information given herein will be fundamental to
the decision by FITA regarding the award of the ___________________________ Championship.

Furthermore, I agree that should the ___________________________________ Championship
be   awarded    to   the   __________________________________________________________
Association / Organization, this Bid Questionnaire shall form part of the Organizer Agreement to
be              concluded               between            FITA              and                the
_______________________________________________________ Association and that the
__________________________ Association will be bound by this warranty and the organizer
As part of the organizers agreement I know that I will have to pay a staging fee of 2000 USD to
FITA and commit to a performance guarantee of 5.000 USD which will be reimbursed after the

Name of president of Bidding Association/ Organization:



Signature of Bidding Association / Organization president ________________________ _______
Date _____________________

Name of the president of the FITA Member Association in this country:
Term of office expires on ____________________
President's signature ________________________            Date __________________________
Secretary General's name ________________________________________________________
Secretary General's Signature _____________________________________________________

Treasurer's name _______________________________________________________________

                                   15                              Version 2.0 (March 08)
Treasurer's Signature ____________________________________________________________

                              16                         Version 2.0 (March 08)

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