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Mission of Mercy


									The Faces of
 Mission of Mercy

 2 0 0 6   A N N U A L   R E P O R T
From Our Foundress and Chair
“With the right people in the community, with a good heart and understanding the
value of love and dignity, you can do this….it goes far, far more than any health
plan you can purchase”.

         -Vice Admiral Dr. Richard H. Carmona Surgeon General of the United States (January 9, 2006)

My dear friends of Mission of Mercy,
This statement says it all. In today’s world, many people want results quickly.
Our Lord asked me on December 14, 1991, “to begin small to sow the seed
of love firmly planted by loving and restoring dignity to those in your
community. Then your love will expand to great lengths and metastasize
across the world.” In today’s world, it seems that people are impressed with
grandiose and star-power accomplishments and tangible results, before they
will even give, and then often times only with recognition. However, it is
through the grace of perseverance and the gift of “littleness” that Mission of
Mercy is completing its 13th year of service. That service is by people who
are “little” and ordinary, and for people who are “little” and ordinary, in an
exchange of love and mercy that benefits both, and gives God great glory.
As Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “For there are many people who can do
big things, but there are very few people who will do the small things.”
The year 2006 was a year full of challenges; but through the loyalty,
commitment and perseverance of all of our volunteers, staff, benefactors,
board of directors, leadership councils and MOM’s Family Auxiliary, we
continued into our 13th year making significant progress and impacting the
lives of many needy people. There are so many people, foundations, and
corporations who have been the backbone of our survival. All of our
benefactors, staff and volunteers have been constant, confident and peaceful
in God’s Love to be the Light of the Love to all peoples.
As we entered 2006, Mission of Mercy was deeply honored by a visit from the U.S. Surgeon General, Vice Admiral
Richard H. Carmona, M.D., to the Mobile Medical and Dental Clinic. Dr Carmona shared what made Mission of
Mercy stand out, “What inspired me most is when I saw that the only clearance to come here is a need. What’s
dispensed here is love and dignity for a fellow human being.” MOM’s Family volunteers continued their legacy of
financial and spiritual support for Mission of Mercy giving with cheerful hearts and hands, time and energy to ensure
the success of the mobile medical program. Special activities were created, coordinated, and managed like the 5K
Run & Family Fun Walk, Annual Gala Dinner Dance & Silent Auction, Annual Golf Tournament, Westminster Fallfest,
Health Fairs, Church Mission Fairs, Charity Days, Speaker’s Bureau and Christmas Toys for Kids. In March the Arizona
site took possession of a new medical mobile clinic with the gracious financial assistance of two prominent
Foundations. The 2nd Rock ‘n Roll Ball, Lobster Bake and Community Shopping Day were some of Arizona’s
successful, special events.
Mission of Mercy continues to increase the number of patients served. Nationally, the uninsured with chronic
conditions, reported almost twice the number of emergency room visits than did the insured. Mission of Mercy
continues to strive to provide the uninsured with continuous care that decreases the burden on the public healthcare
system and prevents these serious, but treatable conditions from becoming life-threatening illnesses.
My dear friends, all of us, along with those we serve, need to always try to embrace our “littleness” and ordinariness
with a childlike spirit that makes us powerful in the eyes of God and provides us with the grace to persevere into an
uncertain future, trusting in God’s unfathomable Love and Mercy. There is no favoritism in God’s Love. We are all
family! Through your prayers, your financial generosity and your selfless giving of time, you can be certain that you
have given many others the opportunity to live a life filled with a little more Love, respect and dignity. I honor you
and thank you for allowing me to serve you.
As always, you remain in my prayers,

                                                    Gianna Sullivan, Pharm D.
                                                    Foundress and Chair

     2 0 0 6          A N N U A L                  R E P O R T
Mission of Mercy - a Life Saved

Bryan fought his father when he suggested that he         an ER physician, Dr. Bill Swann, who “just
come to Mission of Mercy that blustery winter day         happened” to be volunteering that day on the
in December. His father reminded him that this            medical van. He examined Bryan, and suspecting
was the day of the “Toy Drive” and he was sure            that he had a terminal illness, he frantically called
that there would be a special gift waiting for him        Children’s Hospital in D.C. to obtain admission
there. Each year BB&T shares new toys, donated by         for Bryan. Meanwhile, Glenda notified Byran’s
their employees and others, with the children at          mother who was working at the time. Bryan’s
                                       our clinic         mother was devastated and she immediately
                                       sites. This        made arrangements to meet Bryan and his father
                                       day Bryan          at the hospital.
                                       receive more       Without much forethought, Glenda again forged
                                       than a toy.        into action. “I did what I would hope that
                                       His “special       someone would do for me and for my children.”
                                       gift” was to       She ran for her car and headed down Rt. 270
                                       be the gift of     with Bryan and his father in tow. She had
                                       life – his life.   directions from the staff which somehow flew
                                                          out the window as she continued her frantic
                                                          mission. Following an ambulance, that “just
                                                          happened” to appear in front of her, she arrived
                                                          at a hospital which was adjacent to her
                                                          destination – Children’s Hospital!

                                                          Bryan was admitted. Extensive tests concluded
                                                          that Bryan had Aplastic Anemia, a rare and
Bryan (left) and brother                                  serious condition in which the bone marrow stops
                                                          producing new blood cells. While at Children’s
One of the triage nurses                                  Hospital, Bryan was observed by a specialist from
who was working that day                                  the National Institutes of Health (NIH), who “just
was Glenda Fuller, a                                      happened” to be conducting a study group on
seasoned volunteer who has            Glenda Fuller       Aplastic Anemia! Bryan was accepted into this
been with Mission of Mercy                                study group, which offers free care to subjects.
for nine years. Glenda saw Bryan out of the               He is making great strides in his recovery.
corner of her eye. She remembered seeing him a
few months earlier for an upper respiratory               That cold blustery day Mission of Mercy was not
infection. This time she thought, he looked               only able to restore dignity and heal through
“really” sick! She quickly went into action and           Love, we were also given the opportunity to help
moved him ahead of the other patients. She                restore life – Bryan’s life.
checked his vital signs, and immediately alerted

                           Mission of Mercy’s mobile medical clinics seek to restore
                           dignity to the sick, poor, and homeless by providing free basic
     Medical               healthcare and “healing through Love.”
    Program                This mission is accomplished
     Mission               through a team of volunteer
  Statement                healthcare, administrative
                           and hospitality workers.

   The Faces of Mission of Mercy
A Clinic Day at Mission of Mercy

                      Through the Eyes
                                                   of a Patient
                                               According to the U.S. Census Bureau,
                                              46.6 million Americans were uninsured
                                                in 2005 – of the uninsured 21% are
                                               children 18 years of age and younger.

N The greeting of a friendly smile from a
  Mission of Mercy registration volunteer
N Volunteer nurses performing basic screenings in
  the triage areas
                                                         Dean Baldwin, RN triaging a patient
N Educational programs on diabetes, heart disease,
  cancer, etc., being conducted, by local Health Departments, Social Service
  Agencies, etc., while patients wait to be seen by the clinicians
N Volunteers assisting eligible patients, in completing the application for the Indigent
  Drug Programs (providing them with their non-generic medications)
N Patients receiving, at some of our clinic sites, free lunches, clothing and food which
  is provided by church volunteers
                                                                             Patients wait from
N Free dental fillings and extractions are being performed,                4 a.m. on to be seen at
  by volunteer dentists, and dental assistants in the private                  our clinic sites.
  dental area
N Interpreters lovingly supporting patients
  throughout their visits                            Mission of Mercy has seen as many
                                                     as 140 patients on a clinic day and
N Licensed clinicians treating patients with
                                                          others were turned away.
  dignity and respect as they dispense
  free medical and dental care
N Free prescription medications being given to patients                     The average cost of a
N Follow-up appointments being made when necessary                           clinic day is $5,072.

   2 0 0 6      A N N U A L        R E P O R T
                                        Through the Eyes
                                          of the Clinic Staff
Dr. Brad Smith, MD with patient

N At the break of dawn each clinic morning, the staff and
  volunteers meet to load the mobile medical van with patient
  files, a fully portable dental unit, and prescription medications,
  then it is driven to its designated clinic site
N When the van arrives it is unloaded, the registration area,
  dental area and triage areas are assembled by volunteers,
  while the medical van is transformed into three examination
N A volunteer “boots up” the computer to input patient data                            Jennifer Taylor, PA

N Volunteer staff begins registering patients
N Volunteer nurses begin triaging patients and performing routine lab tests
N Volunteer nursing staff begin calling patients to the van, or to the dental suite, as
  clinicians are available to see patients
N Interpreters assist patients, in all aspects of the program, when necessary
N Lunch is shared with medical and non-medical staff, followed by a prayer and Mission
  of Mercy “news” is shared by the Medical Director
N Patients receive their prescription medications with clear instructions and schedule
  follow-up appointments when needed
N When the clinic day concludes, all patient
  records, dental records and equipment are
  packed on the van for the trip back to its

                       The van is unloaded and
                sanitized for the next clinic day
                                                    It takes all of these volunteers to run the clinic everyday!

  The Faces of Mission of Mercy
Dental Care - A Critical Need

The recent shocking death of 12 year-old                          average of four free dental procedures (fillings or
Marylander, Deamonte Driver, which was caused                     extractions), performed by a licensed, volunteer
by an abscessed tooth, has re-emphasized the                      dentist, for a total of 4,028 procedures this year.
critical need for the dental care provided in the                 Patients also received free prescription medications,
Maryland/Pennsylvania region by Mission of Mercy.                 predominately for pain relief and infection, as part
Deamonte was a resident of Prince George’s                        of their care. A limited number of patients also
County, which is far from Mission of Mercy’s                      received free treatment by oral surgeons, in the
nearest clinic site. But his story resonates at                   community, who partner with Mission of Mercy.
Mission of Mercy, where dental patients often
camp out with sleeping bags and tents in order to                 Most of Mission of Mercy’s dental patients (89%)
secure one of the seven to nine slots available each              were without any type of insurance. Of the 11%
clinic day.                                                       of patients that did have some type of health
                                                                  insurance, 6% had Medicaid and/or Medicare,
In 2006, Mission of Mercy treated 754 dental                      which offers oral healthcare. For the patients that
patients at 1,033 visits. Each visit consisted of an                                                  we treat,
                                                                     2006 Dental Patients Mission of
                                                                                                      Mercy is truly
                                                                    Children (0-17)            5%     the only option
                                                                    Young Adults (18-29)      20%     of dental care
                                                                                                      for them.
                                                                    Adults (30-64)            69%
                                                                    Elderly (65+)              6%     Mission of
                                                                                                      Mercy gratefully
                                                                                acknowledges Delta Dental, The
                                                                                Marion I. and Henry J. Knott
                                                                                Foundation, Dr. George Waxter
                                                                                (Community Champion Award), The
                                                                                Frank H. and Ruth Wells Foundation,
                                                                                United Concordia, and others for
                                                                                their dedicated support of Mission of
                                                                                Mercy’s dental program in 2006.
Volunteer dentist, Dr. Waxter, DDS with a patient

Dental Program Volunteers                                                       MISSION OF MERCY
Dental Coordinator: Karen Lyons                                                         HAS A
Dentists: Dr. Anthony Angello, Dr. Barry Berman. Dr. Bill Cotton,                   CRITICAL NEED
Dr.   Gerald Eastwood, Dr. Richard Kelley, Dr. David Killian,
Dr.   Thomas Llewellyn, Dr. Vijay Mathura, Dr. Albert Perrelli,
Dr.   Peter Samuels, Dr. Julie Shedlosky, Dr. Keith Soliday,
Dr.   Dane Stewart, Dr. Vu Tran, Dr. Raymond Waldron,
Dr.   George Waxter, Dr. Philip Uffer                                                  DENTISTS
Dental Assistants: Terra Little-Taylor, Nancy Messick-Evans,
Cindy Miller, Dianne Watterson, Peggy Richards,
                                                                                   If you are a retired or
James Whitney                                                                     active dentist and wish
Dental Registration: Kathy Babcock, Jan Bradstock,                                 to volunteer one day
Susan Coli, Harriet Perrelli, Carolyn Plourde, Connie Ross,                        per month please call
Marie Sauter, Lucy Wheeler                                                             301-682-5683

       2 0 0 6        A N N U A L               R E P O R T
Increase of Chronic Illnesses

Due to a continuing upward trend in the number             of life. At regularly scheduled appointments,
of uninsured and the increased incidence of                patients conditions are evaluated, and patients are
chronic illness, Mission of Mercy has become the           mentored on healthy lifestyles and on the self-
long term, primary care provider for many of our           management of their illness.
patients. The increase in chronic illness affects our
clinics in several ways – the
medical cases are more
complicated, which means
visits take longer; our ability
to grow is limited; and it is
more difficult for new
patients to access our care.

Chronic illnesses are diseases
of slow progression and long
duration. Some of the most
common are diabetes,
hypertension (high blood
pressure), asthma, arthritis,
chronic pain, coronary heart
disease, depression, irritable
bowel syndrome, migraine,
and thyroid conditions.
Within the United States,
nearly half of non-elderly adults who lack health          In Arizona, one third of all patient visits are for
insurance report one or more chronic conditions –          patients suffering from diabetes. In 2006, Mission
15.6 million Americans. In the MD/PA program,              of Mercy’s Arizona program successfully integrated
70% of patients suffer from one or more chronic            the Living with Diabetes Management and
conditions and AZ ranks 6th in the nation for              Education Program into individual patient visits and
incidence of chronic illness.                              treatment plans. Diabetes patients compliant with
                                                           their treatment plan at Mission of Mercy continued
Uninsured adults with chronic conditions are less          to realize a reduction in A1C levels – associated
likely than their insured counterparts to receive          with a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases,
medical care and to have a usual source of health          eye damage, kidney damage, and micro vascular
care. They seek treatment at a much later stage of         disease. Through your support Mission of Mercy
their illness, are more likely to have emergency           will continue to “restore dignity” and “healing
admissions to the hospital, and have a higher              through Love” to the chronically ill patients that
mortality rate once admitted. Poverty can also play        we serve.
a crucial role in chronic illness. Patients may live in
substandard housing, their diet and nutrition may
be compromised, and lack of transportation, child          According to the
care and flexible work schedules prove problematic            Center for
in accessing needed medical care.
                                                           Disease Control,
Mission of Mercy bridges the healthcare gap for            adults age 18 to
many who are experiencing the double burden of                64 without
poverty and chronic illness by providing regular           health insurance
access to free medical care and prescription
                                                             rose to 36.5
medicines. Patients who are monitored regularly
and receive ongoing prescription medications are           million in 2006,
better able to manage their illness, prevent further      from 34.5 million
complications and generally improve their quality              in 2005.

  The Faces of Mission of Mercy
Mission of Mercy - 2006 Financial Report

Audit Summary
Fiscal Years Ending December 31, 2006 and 2005

                                              2006               2005
SUPPORT & REVENUE:                                                                          Revenue & Support
Public Contributions**                     $569,469           $760,304
Grants                                       888,493            371,694             DONATED SUPPLIES,
                                                                                   EQUIPMENT & FACILITY            SPECIAL EVENTS
Special Events – Net                         254,507            206,118                   24%                            8%
Other Revenue                                  6,803              4,873
Donated Volunteer Services                   834,940            747,776
Donated Supplies & Facilities                 96,191            219,285
Donated Facilities                            70,790             79,900
Donated Lab, X-Ray, etc                      643,110            845,836
                                                                                VOLUNTEER SERVICES       GRANTS       INDIVIDUALS
          TOTAL SUPPORT & REVENUE         $3,364,303         $3,235,786               25%                 26%             17%

Medical & Dental Program                  $2,697,354         $2,960,639
MOM’s Family Program                          28,773             43,720
Management & General                         371,158            260,069
Fundraising                                  313,361            257,059                            Expenses
          TOTAL EXPENSE                   $3,410,646         $3,235,786            MANAGEMENT & GENERAL            FUNDRAISING
                                                                                          11%                          9%
          NET SUPPORT                        ($46,343)        ($285,701)

Net Assets, beginning of year               $627,405           $913,106
Net Support                                  -46,343            -285,701
Net Assets, end of year                     $581,062           $627,405
                                                                                          MEDICAL & DENTAL PROGRAM
** Mission of Mercy accepts no government financial support.

Footnote to 2006 & 2005 Operating Results
A review of the 2006 and 2005 audit summary shows that Mission of Mercy has experienced two consecutive years of operating
loss (Net Support). While the operating results for 2006 ($46,343) was substantially lower than 2005, it deserves discussion.
Specifically, the 2005 operating loss was expected because of a commitment to expand patient care and meet the increasing
needs of the chronically ill patients being treated at the mobile clinics. To meet the the increasing demand for services and the
increasing severity of patient care, and the medications dispensed, the Board of Directors authorized an increase in the medical
program. The result was a growth in our patient visits by over 10% from 2004 to 2006. In 2006 medical program expenses
leveled off, and declined slightly. To allow for this program growth, the Board authorized the short term use of strategic reserve
funds. The expectation was that funding would increase to offset the higher medical program costs. From 2004 to 2006 there
has been a 12% increase in contributions, grants and special event revenue. In order to accomplish this revenue increase, it was
necessary to grow the administrative and fundraising staff during 2006.
The 2007 budget, as adopted by the Board of Directors, continues Mission of Mercy’s commitment to patient care and the
continuing need for medical, fundraising and related program expenses. The 2007 budget expects a modest operating gain,
which will be used to increase the strategic reserves and will be reflected in a modest increase in Net Assets.

     2 0 0 6          A N N U A L                R E P O R T
2006 Milestones

  N Board of Directors initiated a 3 to 5 Year Strategic Plan for National and International Expansion

N Surgeon General of the United States visited the Frederick, MD clinic
N Launched new Leadership Council in Westminster, MD
N Clinic site relocated in Gettysburg, PA to the Foursquare Church
N Over 282 medical professionals and lay volunteers donated over
  $460,000 in pro bono services
N Added Director of Planned Giving staff position                                  Surgeon General’s Visit
N Administrative office moved to Federated Charities Building in Frederick, MD
                                   N Secured record gifts from special events, including the new Highmark
                                      Walk for a Healthy Community in Harrisburg, PA
                                   N Launched Giving Circles: Founder’s Circle - Recognizes individual donors
                                      of gifts in excess of $5,000. Legacy Circle -Recognizes planned gifts,
                                      memorials, or honorariums in excess of $1,000. Dignity Circle -
                                      Recognizes individual donors of gifts between $1,000 and $4,999.
                                      Spirit Circle -Honors any gift from a church or faith-based organization.
                                   N Physical Therapy becomes available at Mt. Airy and Frederick Clinics
                                   N Participated in new regional collaborations to advance healthcare services
                                      to the poor
                                     N Frederick County Healthcare Coalition, MD
                                     N Partnership for A Healthier Carroll County, MD
Federated Charities Building         N Healthy Adams County, PA
                                  N Opened the Westminster, MD office
N Integrated personalized Living With Diabetes Patient Education into individual patient visits
N Secured unprecedented cancer treatment funding from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation for
  breast cancer diagnosis and treatment services
N Leveraged over $1.3 million in pro bono breast cancer care from our Compassionate Partner, St. Joseph’s
  Hospital & Medical Center
N Added two hospitals to our Compassionate Partners Initiative
N Launched first Giving Circle for the Arizona program
N Successfully completed our first capital campaign and dedicated a customized Gulfstream mobile medical
  clinic into service
N 225 medical professionals and lay volunteers donated over $350,000 in pro bono services
N Added Associate Director staff position
N Received 100% financial participation from the Arizona Leadership Council

N Leadership Council formed in Corpus Christi, Texas
N Kenedy Foundation launches Texas expansion with a $100,000 challenge grant

   The Faces of Mission of Mercy
Mission of Mercy - Board of Directors

Board Members                                          Westminster, MD      New–
                                                       Leadership Council   Coastal Bend, TX Leadership Council
Gianna Talone Sullivan, Pharm D., Foundress & Chair
Henry Konerko, Ph.D., Vice-Chairman                    Audrey Cimino        Catherine Albert
Nona T. Perez, CPA, Treasurer                          Sylvia Haines        Carolyn Arnold
                                                       Kelly Hill           Juan F. Castro, MD, MBA
J. Patrick Heelen, Esq., Secretary
                                                       Thomas Houck, PC     Fr. Bob Dunne
William A. Blattner, MD                                Nancy McCormick      Joe R. Flores
John A. Coakley, Sr.                                   Stephen Mood         Starr Flores
Donald D. Douglas, MD                                  Carolyn Scott        Debra Houlihan, RN
Thomas K. Fitzsimmons                                  Robert Wack, MD      Ben McDonald
Joseph Gallina, Pharm D,                               Thomas Welliver      Sara Merdes-Judd
Michael L. Oster                                                            Rev. Eduardo Montemayor, SOLT
Robert Redfield, MD                                                         Glenda Jean Peters-Do, MD, PA
Jorge Ribas, MD                                                             Mary Ann Rojas
Raul J. Rock, CPA,                                                          Paulette Shaw
                                                                            Ken Trevino
David J. Salinger, MD                                                       Steve Woerner
Linda M. Ryan, M.S., Chairman Emerita                                       Paul Zanetti, MD

    Administrative Offices:
    Mission of Mercy                                                        Arizona Leadership Council
    Maryland/Pennsylvania – Medical and Dental Program                      Earl J. Baker, MD
    22 S. Market Street, Suite 6D                                           Claudia Critchfield
                                                                            Alice Ehmann
    Frederick, MD 21701                                                     Gail Fawcett
    301-682-5683                                                            Marisue Garganta
                                                                            Larry Hall
    Mission of Mercy                       Mission of Mercy                 Charlie Hilsabeck, CPA
    Arizona – Medical Program              Texas – Medical Program          Thomas Hudak, MD
    PMB 134                                P.O. Box 8341                    Henry Konerko, Pharm D.
                                                                            Peter A. Liefer, Sr.
    5555 N. 7th Street, Ste 134            Corpus Christi, TX 78468         Colonel Mike Lynch
    Phoenix, AZ 85014                      361-446-0202                     Rachel Oesterle, M.S.R.
                                                                            James Washington, M.R.H.

                   MOM’s Family is the auxiliary of Mission of
                   Mercy. Through missions of prayer, service and
                      financial support, we join with others who
                             seek to restore dignity to all people.
          The programs and activities of Mission of Mercy provide
        members of MOM’s Family exciting volunteer opportunities.

            For information on MOM’s Family Auxiliary,
                          please contact
                         301-628-5683 or
                                                                              Mission of Mercy extends a “ special
                                      thank you” to Mary Perrelli for
                                                                              accepting the position as chairperson
                                                                              for MOM’s Family Auxiliary in MD/PA

     2 0 0 6         A N N U A L              R E P O R T
Mission of Mercy Collaborative Partners

Clinic Host Sites in Maryland/Pennsylvania:
Frederick Church of the Brethren, Frederick MD,
Calvary United Methodist Church, Mt. Airy, MD, Faith
Baptist Church, Brunswick, MD, Our Lady of Mount
Carmel Catholic Church, Thurmont, MD, Human
Service Program, Westminster, MD, Reisterstown
United Methodist Church, Reisterstown, MD,
Gettysburg Four Square Gospel Church, Gettysburg,
PA, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Taneytown, MD and
Christ Lutheran Church, Harrisburg, PA.

                                   Clinic Host Sites
                                   for Arizona:              Child of a patient
                                   Maryvale Church of
                                   the Nazarene,
                                   Phoenix, AZ, Christ      Coalition Memberships in
                                   the King                 Maryland/Pennsylvania: Healthy Adams County,
                                   Community                Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County, Frederick
                                   Center, Mesa, AZ,        Healthcare Coalition, Frederick County Diabetes
                                   Shepherd of the          Coalition, Faith-Based Coordinating Council of
                                   Valley Lutheran          Frederick, Harrisburg Poverty Forum, and the Greater
                                   Church, Phoenix,         Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
                                   AZ.                      Coalition Memberships in Arizona: Arizona
Dr. Michael Sullivan, MD, Chief                             Ecumenical Council, Catholic Healthcare West Health
Medical Director with Patient                               Coalition.
Pro Bono Service Partners in
Maryland/Pennsylvania: Advanced Radiology,                  Event Title Sponsors:
Barry Berman, DDS, Carroll County Hospital Center,          Maryland/Pennsylvania Program:
Gettysburg Hospital, Holy Spirit Hospital, Katzin Eye       BB&T – major corporate sponsor
Group, Mercy Hospital, Mid-Atlantic Cardio Vascular,        SAIC – 5K Family Walk/Run sponsor
Mid-Maryland Oral Surgery, St. Agnes Hospital,
Frederick Memorial Hospital, and more.
Pro Bono Service Partners in Arizona: Sonora
Quest Laboratories, McKesson, St. Joseph’s Hospital
and Medical Center, Chandler Regional Hospital,
Mercy Gilbert Hospital, Scottsdale Healthcare Hospital,
many specialists in private practice, and more.

Other Collaborative Partners in
Maryland/Pennsylvania: Departments of Social
Services, Religious Coalition for Emergency Human
Needs, Frederick Community Action Agency, St. Vincent
DePaul Society, Access Carroll, Federated Charities,
Carroll Non-Profit Center, March of Dimes, Frederick
and Carroll County Health Departments, Care Net
Pregnancy Center, United Way of the Capital Region,
and more.
Other Collaborative Partners in Arizona: Phoenix
Affiliate, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, St. Vincent De
Paul Society, Central Arizona Shelter Services
(C.A.S.S.), City of Phoenix Department of Community
Initiatives and Valley of the Sun United Way.             2007 Mission of Mercy Mother’s Day 5K Run 3K Walk

   The Faces of Mission of Mercy
Those We Serve
  Our patients are the
  working poor, some
     working two jobs,
   but their employers
  don’t provide health
    insurance and they
     make too much to
               qualify for
  assistance. For these
      patients, the care
         they receive at
       Mission of Mercy
   brings hope for the
      future. Many had
        given up, going
    without healthcare
      for years, causing
    their illness to take
    over their lives. For
     others, the choice
    between obtaining
       health care for a
   family member and
  putting food on the
table is no longer one
   they have to make.

                             CORPORATE OFFICE
                             PO Box 102, Fairfield, PA 17320
                             717-642-9062 or 301-682-5683
                             Tax ID# 86-0704883

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