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                                                           Making Financial New Year’s Resolutions
                                                         Many of us half heartedly make a few resolutions, but too often we
Roxie’s               R
                               corner ...              don’t follow through with action. Here are six new year’s resolutions
                                                       that will improve your financial well-being in 2012.

                                                       #1. Pay off debt. The cost of Christmas causes many families to reach
                                                       for that credit card. When January rolls around, many realize that they
Dear readers:
                                                       can’t pay it off in one month. Whatever doesn’t get paid now will draw
                                                       interest in the following months, until it is paid off.
  The new year is here and winter
                                                         Pay at least the minimum amount due on each credit card before the
has certainly set in. Don’t let the
                                                       due date so no late charges will add to the balance. Check the interest
cold weather and the darkness get
                                                       rate on the card and dedicate any money you have left in the budget to
you down. This is the time we look
                                                       paying off the card with the highest interest rate.
forward to changing our fortunes
                                                         Credit cards have a huge impact on your financial fitness. For each
during the new year. So if you are
                                                       dollar charged on a credit card, the average consumer pays back 112
out to fix your financial health,
                                                       percent. That means for each $100, they end up paying $212 for prin-
now is the time to do it.
                                                       ciple, interest and fees. Getting rid of these debts will make a long-term
                                                       difference in your finances.
                                                       #2. Put aside an emergency fund. The average emergency that causes
Sneak peek inside ...                                  consumers to reach for their credit cards costs $2,000. By having this
Bedbugs Are Coming.......................2
                                                       much money in a savings account, you may save that added interest.
Leftover Care....................................3     Dedicate whatever money you can squeeze out of your expenses to be-
Upcoming Classes.............................3         gin to save this much money. Save $150 per month for thirteen months
Personal Safety: Fall Prevention......4                or $75 for 27 months to get close to that $2,000 target.
Decoration Dismantle........................4
Is It Done Yet?.................................5      #3. Make a spending plan or a budget. Knowing where your money
Gift Card Dos and Donts................5               goes is the first step to good money management. No matter how much
Strong Woman...................................6       you earn, you can always benefit from a spending plan

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  Keep track for a couple of months of where your                Bedbugs Are Coming
money is being spent. Use your checkbook register,            Over the last couple of years we have heard a
bills and bank records to organize expenditures. Then      lot on the news about the increase in bedbugs in
make sure this is how you want to spend your money.        hotels and people’s homes. In an effort to answer
   There are computer programs to help you create          questions on bedbugs here in Alaska, CES has a
your budget, or call the office at 474-2420 and we’ll      brand new publication, available for free in the of-
provide you with materials to help you organize a          fice or online. Here are some of the basics.
budget. On the Internet, check out http://smartlifeblog.      What is a bedbug? A bedbug is a small, non-flying,
com/100-plus-sites-to-help-you-manage-your-person-         rust-colored insect about the size of an apple seed.
al-finances-online/.                                       Bedbugs feed on human blood and produce small
                                                           red, itchy welts. Because of their size and ability to
#4. Reduce your spending. After you have created           hide in crevices, mattresses and cushions, bedbugs
your budget, take a look at how much you are spend-        are difficult to see. Use a flashlight to look for small
ing and see if you can reduce it. You may find that you    black blood stains or molted skins in or around
are spending lots of money on eating out, movies or        seams or tags of mattresses or cloth furniture. Use
even hobbies. Look for ways to reduce your spending        a hot hair dryer to force them out of hiding spaces
and you’ll have more to add to your emergency fund.        behind the headboard or along baseboards.
                                                              How can I keep bedbugs out of my home?
#5. Improve your credit score. As money has tight-         • When traveling, inspect the bed frame and mat-
ened up in our current economy, your credit score has           tress in your room.
become extremely important. Your credit score ranges       • When returning, inspect your luggage in the
from 300 to 850 with a minimum of 700 to apply for              garage first and wash all clothing.
a credit a card or to get a favorable interest rate on a   • Avoid purchasing used furniture.
mortgage. Your credit score can also determine what        • In laundromats, don’t fold clean laundry on
you pay for insurance, your cable bill, even your rent.         tables also used to sort dirty laundry.
Your credit score reflects whether you pay your bills      • In theaters keep your handbag on your lap, not
on time, how much you owe, your credit history, the             on the floor or empty seat.
type of credit you have, and the amount of credit you         How do I get rid of bedbugs? (No one method is
are using.                                                 effective.)
  There are three major credit agencies that maintain      • Wash bedding and clothing with a strong deter-
credit records: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.               gent and dry at a high temperature (130ºF).
You can request a free report of your credit record one    • Steam clean mattresses and box springs and en-
time per year from each of these companies at annu-             close in a bedbug-proof mattress encasement. I tell people to get one company’s     • Hire a pest management professional.
report now and work on improving your report. In four         Pesticides can be extremely harmful to people
months, request a report from the second company and       and pets when used incorrectly. Seek the help of a
continue to work on your scores. In four more months,      reputable pest management company for ridding
request a report from the final company. Continuing        your home of this problem.
this cycle will give you an accurate look at how your         Bedbugs “hitchhike” from place to place on lug-
score is improving.                                        gage, furniture and clothes. A clean house is no
                                                           guarantee against bedbugs, although clutter makes
#6. Review your income taxes. If you have a change         it more difficult to identify and get rid of them.
in income or in the number of people in your family,          For further information, check out the Extension
take a look at your tax withholding. If you take out too   publication PMC-00201, Bedbugs, available at www.
much, you are giving the government a tax-free loan.
If you take out too little, you’ll be faced with a whop-
ping tax bill and might even have to pay penalties and

Take a moment to make some financial resolutions this
year.                                                 2
Tanana District News HHFD                                                                               January 2012

        Leftover Care                                        •   Place items in your refrigerator with care. To chill
                                                                 food properly, cold air must be able to circulate.
   Letting foods cool at room temperature is risky.          •   Consider freezing leftovers you won’t be able to
 But so is putting a large, bulky container of hot               consume within a few days to a week.
 food into the refrigerator.                                 •   Don’t rely on the “smell test” to determine if old
   The trick is to make sure the food cools as fast as           leftovers are safe. Generally, bacteria that cause
 possible, so it quickly passes through the “danger              illness do not leave any overt telltale signs.
 zone” (between 40° and 140°F). That’s the tem-
 perature range in which any microorganisms that                            Source: Food and Drug Administration
 might be lurking in your culinary creations can
 multiply rapidly.
   The time limit for food to be in the danger zone
 is two hours. But a large container of hot food can
 take eight hours to cool below 40°F, even when you
 put it in the refrigerator. That’s much, much too
   Your best bet, food safety experts say, is to put
 hot cooked food into shallow containers. Make sure
 the food isn’t more than 2 inches deep. Then refrig-
 erate at once. (Put potholders beneath hot contain-
 ers to prevent the heat from cracking a glass shelf.)
 Similarly, a whole roast, ham or turkey should be
 sliced or cut into small pieces before refrigerating.
   Many food safety guidelines say to store leftovers
 no more than three to four days in the refrigerator.
 That builds in a margin of safety for at-risk popu-
 lations, including children, the elderly, pregnant
 women or anyone with a chronic illness. For the
 general population, the Food and Drug Administra-
 tion’s Food Code, designed for retail and food-ser-
 vice establishments, allows seven days for leftovers
                                                                 Upcoming Classes
 to be safely refrigerated at 41°F or below.
                                                                       Master Food Preservation
                                                             6 to 9 p.m. at the Fairbanks Food Bank, $15 a class or
 Other guidelines:
                                                             $90 for the seven classes of the Master Food Pre-
                                                             server series.
 •   Reheat leftovers to 165°F for at least 15 sec-
                                                             February 1—Basics of Food Preservation
 •   Reheating in a microwave oven can allow
                                                             March 7—Jams and Jellies
     cool pockets to form. Be sure the food rotates
     for more even heating. Or, stir the food after
     it heats, and let it sit covered for two minutes                        Dairy Workshops
     before serving.                                         6 to 9 p.m. at the Fairbanks Food Bank, $15 a class or
 •   Put a date on leftovers. Don’t assume you’ll            $40 for all three classes.
     remember how long they’ve been in the refrig-
     erator.                                                 March 1—Making Yogurt
 •   Bring leftover gravy and sauce to a rolling boil        March 8—Making Queso Fresco
     before serving.                                         March15—Making Mozarella

January 2012                                                                                 Tanana District News HHFD
                                                                8.      Use adequate lighting in your home, for in-
Personal Safety: Fall Prevention                                    stance light switches at the top and bottom of the
   With ice, snow and subfreezing temperatures in the               stairwell. Consider motion detector lighting that
daily forecast, accidental falls are a major concern for            will turn on automatically as you move around
most of us. According to Senior Care of Alaska, Inc.,               your house.
elders list falls as a primary fear, and it’s no wonder         9.      Use nightlights freely around the home. You
as falls account for over 40 percent of all nursing                 can purchase inexpensive nightlights with built-in
home admissions. Further:                                           sensors that turn the light on when it’s dark.
•         70 percent of accidental deaths in people over        10.     Keep a telephone close at hand and call 911 if
     the age of 75 result from falls.                               you have a fall.
•         Only 25 percent of hip fracture patients will
     make a full recovery; 40 percent require nursing                                Source: Sheila Wright, M.Ed.
     home care, 50 percent will need a cane or walker
     and over 24 percent will die within 12 months.
•         Previous falls, combined with general fear of
     falling, lead to loss of confidence, isolation and
     immobility, which then can increase the chance of
     actually having a fall.                                         Decoration Dismantle
   Slick spots on the walk or driveway are obvious                Taking down holiday decorations is a good start-
dangers; however, falls can occur anywhere, both in-            ing place for your post-holiday cleanup. That’s right,
side and outside the home. Practice these tips to help          even though these festive frills looked beautiful
prevent falls that could endanger your health or the            before the holidays arrived, it’s time to perform a
health of those you love:                                       decoration dismantle. Here’s a checklist for packing
1.        Skipping meals can make you dizzy, so eat             up the holiday trimming.
     meals each and every day!                                  •       Carefully remove any outside lights without
2.        Use a cane or walker all the time if you are              tangling the strings. Think this is easier said that
     unsteady. Watch yourself around small pets; they               done? Try wrapping each individual strand around
     can be a tripping hazard.                                      a piece of cardboard. Lights will be much easier
3.        Use shower chairs and grab bars in the bath-              to unravel next year.
     room. Never lock the bathroom door. This can               •       Store ornaments in a box filled with shredded
     delay help reaching you quickly.                               newspaper to avoid wrapping each item individu-
4.        Always keep one hand on the stairway hand-                ally, or take advantage of post-holiday sales and
     rail, and refrain from carrying packages or objects            purchase a storage container for your ornaments.
     that obstruct your view of the next step.                  •       Place leftover wrapping paper in plastic tubs
5.        Arrange your clothes closet to make everyday              to avoid ripping. Store your tubs in the basement
     items easier to reach. Avoid step stools as much as            (or other storage area), and you’ll know exactly
     possible, especially if you are prone to dizziness.            where to find your wrapping paper next year.
6.        Move slowly and concentrate. Sudden moves                 Some storage containers are even specifically
     can affect your balance. Wear clothes that fit prop-           tailored to house wrapping paper.
     erly. Shorten the hem on pants that fall below the         •       Break down leftover gift boxes and stow until
     top of your shoes, watch out for long bathrobes                needed. That way, if the stores run out before
     and coats that can get caught up in your feet.                 you’re finished shopping next year, you’ll have
7.        Modify your house to allow adequate space                 replacement boxes on hand.
     among furniture to move safely. Place sturdy               •       Go from room to room removing holiday-
     pieces of furniture where you can use them to                  specific accent pieces, such as decorative bath
     guide yourself through a room. Avoid piles of                  towels and holiday pot holders. Store these items
     items on the floor, throw rugs and mats that do                together and clearly label the container to elimi-
     not secure to the floor and thresholds that are not            nate confusion next year.
     clearly marked.
Tanana District News HHFD                                                                                 January 2012

                                     Is It Done Yet?
  One of the dilemmas that first-time and even veteran         * Quick breads: A quick bread relies on baking soda,
bakers encounter is determining when a baked product           baking powder or both, depending on ingredients and
is done.                                                       eggs, rather than yeast, for leavening. When done,
                                                               quick breads are typically nicely browned, but often
  Recipe directions generally provide estimated cook-          will have a break or crack down the center. The break
ing or baking times, but such times can vary with oven         in the dough allows steam to escape during baking
temperature or the number of times the oven door is            and is normal for a quick bread. To test doneness with
opened.                                                        a food thermometer, insert the probe of an instant-
                                                               read food thermometer in the center of the loaf (but
  To take a peek, switching on an oven light (which            not touching the bottom of the baking pan). When the
doesn’t affect baking temperature) is preferable to            quick bread is done, the thermometer should register
opening the oven door, which can cause a drop in bak-          210°F.
ing temperature. Here are some general recommenda-
tions for doneness:                                            *Cookies: Baking times for cookies can vary with
                                                               the diameter and thickness of the cookie, density of
* Yeast breads: When fully baked, yeast breads will            the dough and the type (shiny or dark) of pan. When
typically sound hollow when tapped. The type of flour          making drop cookies use a cookie scoop or two
and other recipe ingredients (molasses, for example)           spoons and position the dropped dough 2 inches apart
will affect the color of the finished loaf. For example,       (unless the recipe directs otherwise) to ensure that the
a baked Swedish tea ring will be golden brown, a               cookies will bake evenly.
honey-wheat bread will be more golden brown and
Swedish rye bread a darker brown. To check doneness,           Follow recipe directions for transferring cookies to a
insert the probe of an instant-read food thermometer           cooling rack. Bar cookies are usually cooled before
in the center of the loaf (but not touching the bottom         cutting.
of the baking pan). When the yeast bread is done, the
thermometer should register 195° to 210°F.                                            Source: Kansas State Extension

                                  Gift Card Dos and Don’ts
     Did you get a gift card for Christmas? Many of us have resorted to these cards for our presents. There’s
   no worry about getting the right size, color or style. The good news is that federal rules governing the
   cards have eliminated some of the drawbacks, such as fees, for not using the card (at least for the first
   year) and cards can’t expire for five years after they are issued. But there are some challenges.
     If you got a gift card for Christmas, be sure to follow these hints:

   •   Check out the terms. Fees can be imposed after the card is bought, such as inactivity charges if you
       don’t spend it by a certain date and replacement fees if you lose it. So check out any restrictions,
       fees or expiration dates.
   •   Spend it now. Not only do you avoid any inactivity charges that kick in after time, but businesses
       come and go. Make sure your card is used as soon as possible.
   •   Stick the card in your wallet. You are more likely to remember to use it quickly if it is handy.
   •   Register it. Read your card terms. Some cards may need to be registered in case they are lost or sto-
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January 2012                                                  Tanana District News HHFD

                           Strong Woman
     I’ll be starting a new type of Strong Woman classes this spring. We will
  be introducing the new cardiovascular class that will start in March and
  run for 12 weeks. Classes will be held at the CES office on Monday and
  Wednesday afternoons. The original Strong Woman classes were weight-
  lifting classes. This series will have walking as the exercise and will have a
  short nutrition lesson each time. I’m looking for 20 people for each of the
  classes. The class for those who are currently exercising (Strong Woman or
  other type of exercise) will be held at 4 pm. The second class will be held
  at 5:30 and will be for those who are not currently doing any kind of exer-
  cise program.
     I’m putting together the classes, so if you’d like to be enrolled, give me
  a call at 474-2426. Roxie


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