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									                                Mark Berelekhis
                                  (347) 673-6999

Translator, Interpreter
 Freelancing full-time since 2004. Main areas of expertise include literature, legal,
  marketing, film and television, video games and social sciences.
 Fully bilingual in Russian and English: Native speaker of Russian, English spoken
  fluently since age 7. A published and award-winning poet.

Professional Experience

Interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous):
 NYS Office of the Attorney General — Grand Jury trials, witness interviews
 NYS Department of Labor — workers’ compensation hearings
 US Department of Immigration — asylum interviews
 ConocoPhillips & Lukoil Overseas — workshops, negotiations
 The Trump Organization — press conferences, interviews
 Herbalife International — conferences, extravaganzas
 Hearings, depositions and various other proceedings for dozens of interpreting
    agencies and end clients

 ESPN — Transcription and translation of programs on Alexander Ovechkin, Maria
   Sharapova, Vladimir Kozlov and Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov
 Discovery Channel — Translation and editing of scripts
 Carnivalesque Films — Translation of the documentary Girl Model
 NYS Office of the Attorney General — Transcription and translation of audio and
   video files obtained via surveillance and undercover field work
 Translation of hundreds of legal documents for a number of high-profile court cases
   (names withheld for confidential reasons)

 Business as an Expedition by Alexander Kravtsov — Translation (56k words)
 Alexander Rukavishnikov by Vladimir Glibota — Translation (18k words)
 Strange Land by Andrey Troitsky — Translation (110k words)
 Words of Autumn by Bertha Frasch — Translation (50 poems)
 The Chippendale by Boris Kurland — Translation (65k words)
 Shamati (I Heard) by Yehuda Ashlag — Proofreading (119k words)
 The Zohar: Annotations to Ashlag Commentary by Michael Laitman — Editing
    (154k words)
 Miracles Can Happen by Michael Laitman — Translation (three stories)
 The Woman by Elvira Baryakina — Partial translation
 White Shanghai by Elvira Baryakina — Partial translation
Video games:
 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky — Editing (92.5k words)
 Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships — Translation (40k words)
 Ragnesis Online — Translation and editing (176k words)
 Teknomagic — Translation (51.5k words)
 Allods Online — Translation and editing (146.5k words)
 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat — Editing (91.5k words)
 Craft of Gods — Translation (58k words)
 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 — Translation and editing (46k words)
 Overkings — Editing (43.5k words)
 Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 — Translation and editing (21k words)
 Street Fighter x Tekken — Translation and editing (56k words)


 Forensic Psychology with a minor in Philosophy from John Jay College of Criminal
  Justice, NY
 Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Kingsborough College, NY

References available upon request

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