coral reef ecosystems rubric by 131PlW


									    A Coral Reef Ecosystem – ASSESSMENT SHEET
  TASKS          NOT                    D Grade                              C Grade                             B Grade                             A Grade
Location of     Has not been   Some of the Coral Reefs listed       Correct     identification and
                 completed.    have been mapped correctly, but      mapping of each of the Coral
Australian                     work is incomplete.                  Reefs listed.
Coral Reefs
 Biotic and     Has not been   Several   biotic    and   abiotic    The    relationships   occurring    The       interdependence   and
                 completed.    factors may have been listed, but    between biotic and abiotic          balance between biotic and
  Abiotic                      the relationships between the        aspects of the Coral Reef           abiotic aspects of the Coral
  Factors                      factors are not evident.             Ecosystem are clearly defined.      Reef Ecosystem are clearly
Populations     Has not been                                        Identifies some of the factors      Identifies how factors, such as
                 completed.                                         affecting populations, such as      predation and competition for
     and                                                            predation and competition for       resources, affect the size of a
 Community                                                          resources, and uses them to         population and may act as a
                                                                    explain how they help to            limiting factor.
Relationships                                                       maintain balance in the Coral
                                                                    Reef Ecosystem.
  Specific      Has not been   Some terms such as predation         Identifies that a variety of        Identifies special relationships    Special relationships (such as
                 completed.    and etc… have been used to           relationships occur in the Coral    (such as mutualism) to highlight    mutualism) and interdependence
Relationships                  describe the organisms in the        Reef      Ecosystem     between     the     interactions   between      of organisms within the Coral
                               ecosystem,        however,     the   organisms that aid or hinder        organisms within the Coral Reef     Reef Ecosystem are clearly
                               examples are incomplete or very      their     survival,   but    the    Ecosystem.                          defined   and     highlight the
                               little detail has been provided.     interactions    between    those                                        ecosystem’s biodiversity.
                                                                    organisms     are   not   clearly
  Feeding       Has not been   Has made some attempt to             Identifies that food preferences    Identifies that food preferences    Identifies that human impact on
                 completed.    identify food links within the       within the Coral Reef Ecosystem     within the Coral Reef Ecosystem     the Coral Reef Ecosystem can
Relationships                  Coral Reef Ecosystem and             can be represented in food          can be represented in food          change food chains and food
                               represent them in simple food        chains.                             chains and food webs.        Food   webs in terms of change of
                               chains.                                                                  webs can be constructed from        populations and energy flow.
                                                                                                        information provided in food
Conservation    Has not been                                        Identifies that there are many      Identifies   the   impact that      Identifies that humans are
                 completed.                                         causes and consequences of          natural     and    anthropogenic    interdependent with the natural
  of Coral                                                          change      to   Coral    Reef      threats have on the Coral Reef      Coral Reef Ecosystem and their
   Reefs                                                            environment and that these may      Ecosystem      and    how     the   activities have consequences for
                                                                    have immediate effects of           different organisms interrelate.    people      and    the   natural
                                                                    change on the ecosystem.                                                environment.
  ITEMS         NOT                    NEEDS WORK                             SATISFACTORY                                BRILLIANT
STRUCTURE                       The project has been put together       The project has been put together in    The project has been put together in
OF PROJECT                      in any order and may or may not         the order as stated in the assignment   the order as stated in the assignment
                                contain a cover and contents page.      sheet and contains a cover page and     sheet, contains a relevant cover
                                                                        contents page.                          page, a contents page and page
 GRAMMAR,                       The project has many spelling           The project has some spelling           The project has few spelling mistakes
  SPELLING                      mistakes, little evidence of editing    mistakes, some evidence of editing      and editing has picked up and
                                for    grammatical     errors   and     for grammatical error is shown and      corrected many grammatical errors.
                                paragraphs have been used very          some attempt has been shown to use      Paragraphs are used appropriately.
PARAGRAPHI                      sparingly and haphazardly.              paragraphs.
PRESENTATIO                     The project has limited use of          The project has some use of colour,     The project has full use of colour, all
    N OF                        colour, the headings may or may not     all tasks have a heading and an         tasks have a heading and the writing,
                                be present and very little effort has   attempt has been made to keep           diagrams and headings are legible and
                                been put in to keep it neat.            writing, diagrams and headings          an appropriate size.
REFERENCES    Has not been      A list of reference materials has       A list of reference materials has       A bibliography has been provided
               completed.       been drawn up with little order and     been drawn up with some attempts        that lists reference material in
                                few details.                            to put them in alphabetical order       alphabetical order and the correct
                                                                        and details such as titles and          procedure for all reference material
                                                                        authors are included.                   has been followed.
BEHAVIOUR     Has not been      Expected classroom behaviour is         Expected classroom behaviour is         Expected classroom behaviour is a
                 present in     rarely evident and student has been     usually evident, however, some          regular occurrence.
                class due to    isolated several times in class         socializing with other class members
                out of class    and/or received detention.              may occur on a regular basis.
WORK ETHIC        Has not       Limited commitment and work             Work ethic and commitment in class      Work ethic and commitment in class
   AND          showed any      ethic in class, however, some of the    and at home is usually a feature of     and at home is outstanding at all
                 effort to      assignment has been completed at        work on this assignment.                times and student is on task the
              complete this     home (or the opposite way around).                                              majority of the time.
    T         project either
               in class or at


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