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									                  2009 AATE/ATHE CONFERENCE PROPOSAL PROCESS
                            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     When is the session proposal form due?
The form must be submitted electronically through the web site by Nov. 1, 2008.

2.      How can I confirm that my proposal was received?
When you submit the electronic proposal, you will automatically see a confirmation of receipt after you
click on “Submit.” You will receive a notification of your proposal with its content that you submitted.

3.      What happens if I submit an incomplete proposal?
Incomplete proposals will not be accepted. You must complete all of the required fields (indicated with an
asterisk) on the proposal form.

4.     What is the difference between a proposal and a multidisciplinary proposal?
There are two types of submissions for panels: single ATHE Focus Group (FG), AATE Network, or
Committee (AATE or ATHE) submission and multidisciplinary submission.

Single Focus Group or Network Submissions are sponsored by one Focus Group, Network or
Committee. If you choose a Focus Group, Network, or Committee in the Session Sponsor section of the
online proposal process, the proposal will go to that group for vetting (each Focus Group, Network or
Committee has its own individual process for this). It is important that the Session Coordinator work with
the Conference Planner of that Focus Group, Network or Committee. The Conference Planner will submit a
ranking of submissions sponsored by their Focus Group, Network or Committee. While there are no
guarantees, the Conference Committee strives to make sure that the top 3 ranked submissions for each
Focus Group, Network or Committee are accepted. (This DOES NOT include Focus Group Membership or
Committee meetings or Focus Group debut panels which are automatically accepted.) Going further down
the rankings depends on the availability of time and space.

Multidisciplinary (MD) Submissions must be sponsored by a combination of either 2 Focus Groups
and 1 Network, or 2 Networks and 1 Focus Group. It is your responsibility to contact each
Conference Planner or Network Chair to be sure that the Focus Group(s) and Network(s) are willing
to be included. Please do not assume acceptance on their behalf unless you have heard back from
them. The Conference Planner/Network Chair will be ranking all of the multidisciplinary proposals
bearing their sponsorship. Rankings will be done by priority and value rankings.

These two lists of rankings received from each Conference Planner/Network Chair are the primary tools
used by the Conference Committee to select panels for the conference.

5.     Does my proposal have a better chance of being accepted if I propose it as multidisciplinary?
There's no way of knowing this. It depends on how many submissions come through a specific Focus
Group, Network or Committee as either a single focus or multidisciplinary session as well as on how the
session is ranked. The best thing a Conference Planner/Network Chair can do to assure (as much as
possible) that a session is accepted, is to rank it in the top 3 of the individual Focus Group, Network or
Committee rankings or as the first choice for the multidisciplinary ranking.

6.    Could a multidisciplinary submission be listed and ranked as an individual Focus Group,
Network or Committee session?
It could, at the discretion of the Conference Planner/Network Chair. If the Conference Planner/Network
Chair wants to be sure that a multidisciplinary submission is accepted, s/he could place it on that Focus
Group's or Network’s primary list.

7.      How will the MD sessions be ranked?
For the 2009 Conference, the MD sessions will be given two rankings: 1) a numerical ranking (in order of
preference for acceptance); and a qualitative score (value of session using a scale of 1 – 5, with “1” being
the highest quality.)

Questions to be used for assigning the qualitative score:
1) Does this MD proposal cover a range of Focus Group and Network interests, or do you think it
       is better suited to a single Focus Group or Network?
       [Note: if you feel the proposal is better suited to single submission, please contact the other
       sponsoring Conference Planners/Network Chairs and the person submitting the proposal. It may be
       appropriate to shift the nature of the proposal before it is submitted to the Conference Committee.]
2) Does this MD proposal cross disciplinary boundaries, bringing together AATE and ATHE
       members engaged in a range of pedagogical, production-based, and research-based projects?
3) Does this MD proposal provoke interesting questions or challenge assumed knowledge by creating a
       dialogue between FGs and Networks that do not collaborate regularly?
4) Does this MD proposal match the quality (questions asked, issues raised, participants
       included, etc.) of your top three ranked single FG or Network proposals?

8.      Does the Conference Planner/Network Chair need to make two separate rankings lists, or can
s/he just submit one?
The Conference Planner/Network Chair needs to submit two. Even if s/he received zero or 1
multidisciplinary submission, we ask him/her to submit two lists. This assures the Conference Committee
that they have indeed received multidisciplinary information from every Focus Group and Network. Please
submit these two lists at the same time.

9.      Can I submit a single paper?
No. Single papers are not admissible, EXCEPT as a seminar paper submission, if the topic is appropriate.
(See the list of Seminar Topics and Conveners at Otherwise, you need to
contact a Conference Planner/Network Chair (or several) of focus groups or Networks who might be
interested in the subject matter and let them know of your interest in being on a panel. Better yet, think
about a provocative panel idea (or a few) that your paper might be a part of, send a notice out over the list
serve of some Focus Groups and Networks see what kind of interest you generate. NOTE: Do this EARLY
so people have time to respond, and there is still time to put together a panel. Go to for the
contact information.

11.     When will I hear if my proposal has been accepted?
If you are the Session Coordinator, you will receive notification from the Conference Planner/Network
Chair no later than March 1, 2009. Other sessions (MD, Committee sessions, etc.) will be notified by the
ATHE office no later than March 1, 2009. It is the responsibility of the Session Coordinator to inform
session participants of the acceptance or rejection of the session.

12.     Do session participants have to register for the conference?
Participants in all sessions are required to register for the conference even if they receive a conference grant
or guest pass. Letters confirming guest passes and/or grants will be sent by the ATHE office.
13.    What is the maximum number of sessions in which a single individual may participate?
Presenters are limited to two (2) appearances. Exceptions are at the discretion of the Conference

14.     Whom should I contact with questions about the process?
If you are a Conference Planner from a Focus Group or a Network Chair, you can contact your Conference
Committee liaison. AATE Conference Co-Chairs: Christina Marin ( and Karina Naumer
( or Leigh Jansson, Director of Operations and Programming, AATE
( ATHE VP for Conference: Harvey Young ( or Nancy
Erickson, ATHE Administrative Director, at

15.    How do I contact a Focus Group Conference Planner or Network Chair?
Contact information for all current FGCPs and Network Chairs is available on the ATHE web site at and at
Activity                                          Contact                     Due Date
Session Proposals (all types)                     Online Electronic
                                                  Submission                  November 1, 2008

Conference Grant/Guest Pass Requests              Online Electronic           November 1, 2008

Conference Planners and Network Chairs sent       Electronic email            December 1, 2008
list of submitted proposals for review

                                                                              No later than
Conference Planners and Network Chairs            Send to ATHE Office
prioritize sessions by proposal ID#, title, and   At         December 14, 2008
rank                                                                          (Date may vary)

Conference Comm. programs decisions to            Send to CP via electronic
Conference Planners and Network Chairs            mail                        Feb. 1- 15, 2009

Session Coordinators Notified re:                 Focus Group Conf.           March 1, 2009
Accept/Reject                                     Planners

Conference Marketing Brochure Mailed              ATHE Office                 March 20, 2009

Conference Grant and Guest Pass Recipients        ATHE Office                 March 1, 2009

Final Corrections for Program Book                ATHE                        May 1, 2009
AV payment for Internet Access and/or 2
                                        nd        (,
piece of AV equipment                             copy to CCC,
                                                  om) ATHE, PO Box 1290
                                                  Boulder, CO 80306-1290

Final Additions/Corrections for Addendum          ATHE                        May 1, 2009
                                                  copy to CCC, Inc.

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