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					      Test Security

        Policy 2340
 West Virginia Measures of
Academic Progress (WV MAP)

          Beth Judy, Coordinator
                  WVDE             1
                      Testing Security and
                    Copyright Violations Facts

   The overwhelming number of persons involved in testing do not
    break security procedures.
   Violations occur in less than 1% of testing situations.
   Suspected violations must be reported immediately.
   Anonymous reporting of violations is better than not reporting.
   Reporting of violations should follow the order in Policy 2340.
   All reports will result in an investigation by the WVDE.

                              Beth Judy, Coordinator
                                      WVDE                            2
      Should Do
Store in a locked and secured central location.

             Should Not Do
        Leave on desk unattended
     Put in unlocked cabinet or room
    Take the test(s) out of the building
         Throw test booklets away
        Reproduce in any manner

                Beth Judy, Coordinator
                        WVDE                      3
      Reporting of Security Violations

       Hierarchy of reporting testing violations:

                 County Test Coordinator

         Office of Student Assessment Services

   NOTE: Violations can be reported directly to the WVDE.

                         Beth Judy, Coordinator
                                 WVDE                    4
Reporting of Security Violations
                       It is important that
                        violations are
                       If scores are
                        retesting must occur
                        within the testing

           Beth Judy, Coordinator
                   WVDE                        5
    Investigation of Security Violations
   ALL complaints will be investigated.
   The investigation can be done jointly with the
    county or solely by the WVDE (county
   At a minimum, the investigation will consist of
    interviews with person reporting, the alleged
    violator, and any other individual who may
    have knowledge of the incident.
   The rights of all parties involved must
    be protected.
                  Beth Judy, Coordinator
                          WVDE                  6
        Investigations (cont.)
   The investigating team will submit their findings in
    writing to the Office of the State Superintendent of
    Schools and copy the report to the county
    superintendent. Findings will be as follows:
       There was no breach.
       A breach could not be determined.
       There was a breach (with possible recommendations).
            Invalidating test scores
            Retesting of students with an equivalent form

                                 Beth Judy, Coordinator
                                         WVDE                 7
   County Superintendent will take the appropriate
    employment action and so notify the State
    Superintendent of Schools.
       No action taken
       Suspension by county board,
       Termination by county board,
       Other
   Action against teaching license taken by State
    Superintendent of Schools.

                       Beth Judy, Coordinator
                               WVDE                   8

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