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					                                      Villa de Charlevoix
                                   Board of Directors Meeting
                                       December 3, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Jablonski at 9:00 am

Roll call of Directors is as follows:
In Attendance: N. Bawtinheimer, J. Brown, R. Cockerill, M. Jablonski, P. Long, J. Lynch,
C. Mathews, J. Vilcek
Absent: R. Blair

Secretary Report
C. Mathews asked if there were any corrections or changes to the September 23, 2011 minutes
as presented. Hearing none, J. Lynch moved to accept, R. Cockerill supported. Motion carried

Treasurer Report
P. Long asked if there were any questions about the submitted financial report. He explained
that one member still has not paid their dues from last year, but contacted him stating they
were having some financial difficulty and would start making payments. M. Jablonski suggested
P. Long contact that member and find out exactly what the payment arrangements were going
to be.

P. Long then informed the Board that he and N. Bawtinheimer would be meeting next week to
mail out the 2012 dues letters. He had e-mail contact with S. Lloyd and it seems like a pretty
straight forward process.

P. Long informed the Board that he had received a note from J. Lynch and S. Lloyd regarding the
dock budget. A discussion was held on whether the budget should be calendar year or fiscal
year budget. M. Jablonski stated a budget for 2012 needs to be prepared. P. Long to develop a
calendar year budget which he will send to the Board by the middle of January 2012.

Motion to accept the treasurer report as presented made by R. Cockerill, supported by J. Lynch.
Motion approved, unanimously.

President Report
Mike Jablonksi reported on the currently happenings in the Villa.
1) Mike will mark the location of the revised trail between Crowley’s and Noblett’s soon, so that
anyone interested in spreading the wood chips would be able to do so.
2) Mike reported on the October Clean up day and although the turnout was low a lot of work
got done
3) Mike presented the proposed 2012 Villa calendar. This will be sent, along with a newsletter,
with the dues notices.
Member Comments
No members were present to comment.

Committee Reports
M. Jablonski reported for the ACC Committee that the Dietz addition/remodel is moving along.
No other applications are pending at this time.

J. Lynch reported that the Dock Committee had met the evening before and that the
committee’s recommendation was to keep the dock fees at the current $500.00. The Dock
Committee also addressed the “disaster” with the docks last spring where portions of the docks
washed away, and informed the Board if something like that were to happen again we may
have to assess the Dockers. He also reported that with the recommendation from Bulman, we
will be eliminating the pins and going to a bolt and locking nut system.

J. Lynch also informed the Board that he will be electronically mailing the new registration form
for 2012 docking; Jeff will forward copy of registration to P. Long.

J. Lynch advised the Board that he will be leaving the Board in June, in compliance with the by-
laws term limits. He indicated he will consider staying on as the Dock Chair, but that a Board
member needs to become a member of the Dock Committee.

N. Bawtinheimer discussed the problems with getting the bathhouse winterized, but informed
the Board it was done. She asked the Board if we wanted to look for someone else to winterize
the bathhouse, she suggested Bob Christy, as he cleans the bathhouse. R. Cockerill suggested
A. Sturza. N. Bawtinheimer will get bids on future bathhouse winterization.

N. Bawtinheimer informed the Board she will be changing the bathhouse door key code next

N. Bawtinheimer continued her report stating she had received a message from S. Lloyd
informing her that he had cleaned up the shed, cleaned up around the tether ball court and put
the equipment away, and trimmed some trees at the volleyball court and put the equipment
away. J. Lynch said he would check on the location of the water pump used for cleaning the

M. Jablonski reported that R. Blair had completed his Villa electric survey, and that R. Blair and
P. Long have confirmed that the electric the Villa is being billed for is in fact what we own.

R. Blair and E. Brehm completed checking the sprinkler system and will replace the damaged
sprinkler heads in the spring.
N. Bawtinheimer asked about snow plowing for main entrance. She was informed that Walt
Barclay had done it in the past. N. Bawtinheimer to call and set it up for this winter.

M. Jablonski reported that the Christmas decorations were up at the gatehouse and looked

Nature Trails
M. Jablonski reported that once he re-marked the new trail location by Crowley’s, the new
batch of wood chips could be spread.

J. Brown reported that the new site is launched, not totally complete, but up and running.
J. Brown requested a list of homeowner names and lot numbers, which would be password
protected so that only Villa members would have access to this information.
M. Jablonski to ask members in a newsletter to contact him if they wish to “opt out”.
J. Brown informed the Board that we are switching our host provider in January, and won’t be
renewing with the current Torch Lake host.

Government Relations
No report or update.

Old Business
Main Entrance
C. Mathews reported on the seal coating and indicated the work looks good.

Pavilion Wind Curtains
M. Jablonski stated the tentative cost is approximately $4,000.00 and that he would take bids
for the work in the spring of 2012.

Villa Newsletter
M. Jablonski indicated that once R. Brown was ready, he would be working on the newsletter
with input from M. Jablonski. A hard copy of the 2012 Calendar is planned to go out with the
dues notices.

Pavilion Guidelines
N. Bawtinheimer is still working on the guidelines and plans to have them ready for review by
spring 2012.

New Business
Villa member’s mailing list
N. Bawtinheimer requested this information be on website, but that we inform all members
that it is for Villa use ONLY. There was concern over the information being given to and/or used
by outside companies and charities for soliciting members.

Villa Foundation
J. Brown updated the Board on information regarding setting this up. He informed the Board
that we would have to pay filing fees, and that the Foundation would need to be governed by a
separate Board. This Foundation would allow members to make tax free donations to the Villa.
A discussion continued regarding the right “purpose” of the Foundation. J. Brown to further
research and see what the requirements to be a tax free Foundation are and how this would
complement the Villa goals.

R. Cockerill asked the Board’s opinion on having Villa apparel. The Board indicated they
thought this would be a great idea. R. Cockerill to further research.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by J. Lynch, supported by C. Mathews
Meeting adjourned by 10:10 am

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