DATE:          February 2, 2007

TO:            Members of the Palmetto Health Institutional Review Board

FROM           James I. Raymond, M.D.
               Senior Vice President for Medical Education and Research

SUBJECT:       Extended Deadline of June 1, 2007 for Completion of CITI Course in The
               Protection of Human Research Subjects,

Palmetto Health recently began participating in the Internet based training course entitled
“Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) Course in The Protection of Human Research
Subjects” for training of research personnel available at

The CITI program recently performed an upgrade of their system which has slowed response
times and temporarily limited access to their web site to 800 concurrent users nationwide.
According to CITI, as learners log off, others will be permitted to log on. Site usage builds after
10am EDT, peaks between 11am and 4pm EDT, decreases after 5pm and decreases markedly
after 11pm EDT. On the weekends, usage is generally <50% of that during the week. If you
have difficulties in completing the CITI program, please contact the CITI Office at the University
of Miami at 305-243-7970 or by e-mail to

Therefore in an effort to accommodate those experiencing difficulties with CITI, the deadline for
completion of CITI training of March 1, 2007 has been extended to June 1, 2007. IRB Members
are expected to have completed their CITI training by June 1, 2007. Those who completed
the exam “Protecting Study Volunteers in Research” will need to complete CITI training within
2 years of the date of their exam completion. If you completed the exam longer than 2 years ago,
then you should complete CITI training at this time.

For details on the requirements of CITI training please review the document entitled “IRB
Member Training Verification Form”. To access this form and the “Palmetto Health Institutional
Review Board Policy on Education and Training Requirements” please visit, look under the section For Health Professionals, select Research and
Clinical Trials, select Institutional Review Board and go to Section 6.0 Educational

If you are unable to resolve your problem after first contacting CITI, then please contact
Research Administration at 803-434-2884 for assistance. Thank you for your cooperation.


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