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					                                   Bredon Hill Middle School

                              ICT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

This document should be kept for your information. Parents and children are
requested to sign the agreement at the bottom of the letter and return the slip to

Technology at BHMS supports and enhances the quality of work by students. Each
member of the school will have access to the ICT tools essential to fulfilling learning
objectives and assignments.

Access to technology is a privilege and not a right and its use is governed by this
policy. Students are responsible for good behaviour on the internet just as they are in
a classroom or elsewhere in school. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary
action (e.g. privileges being withdrawn).

User responsibility

Students are solely responsible for action undertaken or attempted from their user
area. It is the student’s responsibility to use the school network acceptably and
appropriately. The network is for the purpose of school related study and should be
used with due consideration for the rest of the community who share its use.

These rules apply to all computers, laptops and electronic storage devices.


   o Do not install, attempt to install or store programs of any type on the
     computers without permission.
   o Do not damage, disable or otherwise harm the operation of computers.
   o Do not waste resources, particularly printer ink and paper.
   o Do not eat or drink near any computer equipment.

Security and Privacy

   o Do not give your password to others, or use passwords to access another
     student’s user area.
   o Never tell anyone you meet on the internet your home address, telephone
     number, school’s name, or send them your picture unless you are given
     permission to do so.
   o Do not use the computers in any way that annoys, harms, offends, insults or
     upsets others.
   o Respect, and do not attempt to bypass, security in place on the computers; and
     do not attempt to alter the settings.

Computer storage areas and memory sticks will be treated like school lockers. Staff
may review files and communications to ensure that students are using the system
responsibly. All computers have monitoring software installed to ensure they are
being used appropriately. Inappropriate and unacceptable use will result in
disciplinary action.


    o Do not access the internet unless for study or for school authorised/ supervised
      activities (Online games, video clips, etc are not school authorised activities).
    o Do not use the internet to view, download, send or print materials which are
      unlawful, obscene or abusive.
    o Respect the work and ownership rights of people outside the school, as well as
      other students and staff. This includes abiding by copyright law.
    o Do not engage in ‘chat’ activities over the internet.
    o Do not upload any material onto the internet that is any way connected to
      BHMS (e.g. videos to YouTube, etc)
    o Never arrange to meet anyone. People you contact online are not always who
      they seem.


Please review the attached ICT Acceptable Use Policy, sign and return to your child’s
form tutor.

I accept the above policy:
Name of student: ______________________________ Form: __________________

I have familiarised myself with the terms and conditions of the BHMS ICT AUP. I
understand my responsibility as a user and the consequences of misuse.

Student signature: ______________________________ Date:__________________

As the parent or legal guardian of the above student, I have read the BHMS ICT AUP
and having understood its terms and conditions grant permission for my son or
daughter or the child in my care to use any technology and access the school network.
I understand that the network is intended for educational purposes. I also understand
that every reasonable precaution has been taken by the school to provide online safety
but the school cannot be held responsible if students act in breach of the ICT AUP. I
further understand that wilful violation of the ICT AUP will result in disciplinary

I accept the above policy:
Name of Parent/Guardian:______________________________________________

Parent/Guardian signature:_________________________ Date _______________

Revised June 2011

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