scavenger worksheet by 2m9tDq


									Fair Use and the Internet Scavenger Hunt
Instructions: Go to the websites listed to find the answers to each of the questions. Fill in the answers
on this sheet.

Stanford University Libraries

    1. What is Fair Use according to Stanford?
    2. What two categories do most fair use cases fall under?
    3. What is Parody?

Tech & Learning

        1. What can be downloaded from the internet for use by students and teachers?
        2. If you download an image from the website and then repost it to your own website it this
        3. If you download an image from a website and then post a link to that website is this ok?

Federation of American Scientists

        1.   What is the difference between an outline link and an inline link?
        2.   Is an outline link or an inline link more likely to be considered fair use?
        3.   What is a thumbnail?
        4.   Can the use of a thumbnail be considered fair use?
        5.   Can streaming media infringe on copyrights?

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