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									Required Documents for Visa Application

Thomas Keller                          Elke Paull Keller
Credit Card Payment Authorisation
                                       Copy of Passport Elke Paull
Copy of Passport Thomas Keller         Copy of Birth Certificate Elke Paull
Copy of Family Book (Keller)
Copy Army Records

Marriage Certificate (Keller-Paull)    Copy First Year Nursing Graduation
Family Book (Keller-Paull)             Copy Licence to practise as a Nurse
                                       Copy of Nursing Registration
Copy 1.Marriage Divorce Decree

Evidence Relationship 'Finance'        Statement how to sponsor
Copy Joint Bank Account 1996
Copy Joint Bank Account 2002
Copy Joint Term Deposit Account

Evidence Relationship 'Household'      2 Passport Photos Elke
Copy Land Title Crowea Road
Copy House Title Quinninup             4 Passport Photos Samuel

Evidence Relationship 'Social'         4 Passport Photos Michael
Copy Joint Rate Notice Manjimup
Copy Joint Rental Income               4 Passport Photos Thomas
Copy Joint Newspaper Subscription
Aussi Newsletters

Evidence Relationship 'Continuity'
Statement Keller Paull History
Statutory Declaration from 2 friends

Evidence Relationship Commitment
Copy House Plans
Copy Building Site Investigation
Business Plan

Copy Birth Certificate Samuel
Copy Birth Certificate Michael

Copy of Passport Samuel Keller

Copy Citizenship Samuel
Copy Citizenship Michael

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