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					Name of Organization:                                              Nepalese Student Association
Date:                                                                                  9/26/2012

                                                          Program 1: Welcome Picnic
Program Details:
                             Expected number of people:                                 100

Expected expenditure for the program:
                   Reservation for 12 tents (Includes 48 people):                        100
                Extra charge for rest 52 people @ $8.00 per person                       108
                                       Boating                                           120
                                   Food and BBQ                                          750
                                       Drinks                                            125
                               Fire wood and Lighter                                     125
                                        Music                                            55
                                       Games                                             120
              Mis( tray, spoon, tounge, napkin, cups, paper towel,etc)                   90
                                        Total:                                          1593

Break down of funds for the program:
                                   Fund By NSA                                          800
                              Fund expected from SGA                                    793

                                Program 2: Nepali Cutural Nite(Nepali Nite Fall 2012)
Program Details:
                             Expected number of people:                                 400

Expected expenditure for the program:
                               Nepali Cultural Foods                                     900
                          Food (Pizza, Soda, Chips, Water)                               400
                                    cultural show                                        200
                         Free T-shirts for participant(15-20)                            150
                                     Door Prizes                                         300
                        Sound System and technical support                               200
                                  Stage Decoration                                       290
                                         Total:                                         2440

Break down of funds for the program:
                                   Fund By NSA                                          1150
                              Fund expected from SGA                                    1290

                                                                 Summary of Events
                                  Number of events                                       2
   Total expenditure for programs       4033
   Amount requested from Senate         2083
Funds contributed by the organization   1950
    Percentage of Fund requested        52%
Program Detail:
NSA members                                                                    60
faculty and staffs                                                             40
other mcneese students including internation students from other countries     80
guests and family members                                                      20

breakdown of the fund contributed by the organisation
forwarded balance from last semester's activities                             150
membership fee from 60 active members @ $10 each member                       600
committie member additional fee @ $5 each                                      50

Expected expenses for the program:

fee for police                                                                100
foods and stuffs                                                             1000
sound                                                                         100
additional expenses                                                           100
door prizes                                                                   200

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