NSA proposal Fall 2012 by McNeeseSGA


									Bill F12-02                                                                        Senator Pramesh Regmi
October 3, 2012

                  Nepalese Student Association Semester Events

Whereas, Nepalese Student Association (NSA) is an organization for all the international students from
Nepal with an objective to help bring all the Nepalese students together and create a homely environment and
also to help students interact with other organizational members that will help them to achieve academic,
social, and cultural goals.

Whereas, NSA helps all the Nepali international students who come to McNeese with their residence, and
transportation, and help them get acquainted with the American style of living. NSA has been organizing
programs every semester so that we can share our culture, tradition and food among all the students and
faculty members on campus. Likewise, NSA has also been taking Nepalese students to different events
organized by different organizations in cities like Houston and Dallas where they are exposed to a different
community, and hence are provided with an opportunity to learn and enjoy diversity.

Whereas, NSA requires dues from all its members every semester and the amount collected is invested in
different programs organized by NSA.

Whereas, NSA will be hosting two different programs this semester. The first one was a Welcome Picnic
dated September 03, 2012, which was a welcome program for all the new Nepalese students about the life in
McNeese. The second one will be the “Cultural Night” also known as “Nepali Night(Dashain Nite) Fall
2012” on Oct 24th. On all of these programs, we will be trying to present Nepali culture by doing different
cultural activities, and providing free food so that people will get to know about Nepali culture and food.

Whereas, the approximate cost of all programs is expected to be $3,340.00 dollars and by the completion of
all these programs we are expecting overall around 300+ people including the whole student body at
McNeese, faculty and staffs. NSA will be able to fund $500.00 dollars for these programs after collecting the
entire membership fee.

Be therefore resolved that the sum of $2083.00 be appropriated from the organizations Assessment fund to
defer the cost of these semester events of NSA.

_______________________                                               _________________________
      Davante Lewis                                                         Caleb Whalley
Student Government President                                          Student Government Treasurer

                                           Terence Delaine Jr.
                                       Speaker of the Student Senate

Davante Lewis       Josiah Eastman       Terence Delaine Jr.       Caleb Whalley            Maci Wilcox
 President           Vice-President       Senate Speaker             Treasurer               Secretary

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