SCTL Summer Student Scholar Orientation

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					SCTL Summer Student Scholar Fellowship


Provide mentoring and support to each student scholar so s/he can advance an
aspect of the group project over the 8 week fellowship period.

Pursue project work and readings in concert with Glassick’s criteria of scholarship.

Engage in reflection on medical education and the process of curriculum design for
the 21st century.

Achieve a feeling of accomplishment at the completion of the summer fellowship.

SCTL Summer Student Scholar Orientation

By the end of the orientation, the scholar will

   1. Identify his/her learning style and consider how to ensure that the group
      project addresses the spectrum of learning styles.
   2. Identify behaviors s/he needs to engage in as a part of a mutual and
      collaborative mentoring relationship.
   3. Identify behaviors s/he desires from a mentor during the 8 weeks summer
      fellowship to have a mutual and collaborative relationship.
   4. Describe a strategy for engaging in a critical review of an education paper.
      Consider papers that report studies as well as papers that describe curricular
   5. Summarize the progress to date for your SCTL group’s project proposal,
      using Kern’s 6 steps.
   6. Develop a summer project proposal with time line for the project
      components you will be in charge of for the 8 week summer fellowship.
      Include check points when you and your mentor will assess if the plan is on
   7. Begin a summer learning journal that 1) identifies project goals and personal
      goals, 2) provides a place to collect reflections on medical education and the
      process of curriculum design.


Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory
Kern’s 6 Steps
Summer project proposal template
Summer Journals
Glassick’s Criteria

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