NPHC Allocation Sheet by McNeeseSGA


                        McNeese SGA Appropriation of
                         Allocation Information Sheet
General Information:
Name of organization: National Pan-hellenic Council
Date submitted: 10/1/2012___ Amount of funding requested from Senate: $ _2215__
Funds contributed by organization:

         1) Fundraising: $___0_____

         2) Out of pocket: $______0_______

         3) Donations/Sponsorships: $__800__

Percent of total expenses provided by organization: __36__%

Event Detail:
Number of members attending: _1000+____                  Location: __Bulber Auditorium____
Details of attending members (including classification, offices held within
organization, record of past participation in trip*): Individuals attending the event are the 9
Executive members of the National Pan-hellenic Council, other members of the NPHC, the
public, and the faculty/student body of McNeese State University.

Reason for event: _This Homecoming event is held every year, on McNeese State University’s
campus, as an opportunity for the 9 historically African American Fraternities and Sororities
to share with the campus community various cultural and diverse learning experiences through
the art of African stepping.

Number of times of past participation: __5___

Number of students participating directly (competitions, workshops and presentations): 25+

Awards won and year received: _Varies depending on the organization_

In what ways does participation in this event benefit the organization and its members:

Event Detail Continued:
Date: _October 26, 2012________ Location: _Bulber Auditorium__________

Number of students expected to attend: __1000+___
Details of event: Each of the NPHC organizations will compete against one another by
performing an 8-12 minute routine in front of a large audience and judges.

Number of students involved in the execution of event: 25+

Various Information:
Number of years organization has been in existence at McNeese: __5 years___

Number of members in organization: _7 Greek organizations__

Activities provided to McNeese students at large (please specify year)*:

Examples of organization involvement on campus (please specify year)*: Same as above

Other: Organization’s participation in the Senate for the current year and the previous year
(attendance, committees, legislation, etc): Fall 2009-Present: Consistantly voiced senators and
perfect attendance within SGA; Members of NPHC have served on the TASC committee, the
Banquet Committee, the Finance and Budget Committee, the Financial Aid Appeals
Committee, the Grade Appeals Committee, and the Judicial Committee. One NPHC member
has also been awarded Senator of the Year.

Last time organization requested funds from the Senate and amount (to the best of your knowledge):
__Fall 2011_____       _ _____            ___

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