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					Bill F12-05                                                                      Senator Zach Nestfeder
October 3, 2012

                               Cowboys Rugby Football Club

Whereas, Cowboys Rugby Football Club is an organization open to students whose objective is
to promote leadership, improve communication skills, develop confidence, and to boost self-
esteem, while learning a sport that is globally diverse;

Whereas, Cowboys Rugby Football Club promotes campus involvement in a new sport open to
everyone to partake in while holding practices, matches, and informative meetings for those
interested in playing or just learning more about the game, and offering rugby as an alternative to
those who cannot play football as another recruitment method for McNeese; in that rugby
encourages student involvement and offers a familiar activity to those students studying abroad
in McNeese;

Whereas, Cowboys Rugby Football Club does not require a fee for members interested in
joining and revenue is allocated for activities from any fundraising and personal donations made
by the President and Vice President of the organization;

Whereas, Cowboys Rugby Football Club desires to provide members of the team with jerseys
for matches against other universities, that include the team name in the front, logo of the
university and a number on the back, which are planned to be recycled for multiple seasons;

Whereas, the exact cost of the customized jerseys for 22 members is set at $551.54, these
jerseys will be purchased at Athletes Corner of Lake Charles;

Be It Therefore Resolved, the sum of $551.54 be appropriated from the Organizations
Assessment Fund to defer the cost of the uniforms.

_______________________                                               _________________________
      Davante Lewis                                                         Caleb Whalley
Student Government President                                          Student Government Treasurer

                                          Terence Delaine Jr.
                                      Speaker of the Student Senate

Davante Lewis      Josiah Eastman         Terence Delaine Jr.    Caleb Whalley            Maci Wilcox
 President          Vice-President         Senate Speaker          Treasurer               Secretary

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