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					                                                                       Radiation Therapist Job Class Code: 35054

     East Carolina University Radiation Therapist Broad Banded Class Specification

This is professional level Radiation Therapy work with responsibility for administering precise
delivery of radiation treatments as prescribed by the Radiation Oncologist and developed by the
Radiation Oncologist, Dosimetrist, or Physicist.

Nature of Work: These professionals calibrate and set up radiation therapy equipment and
position patients to ensure accurate treatments and pinpoint radiation doses to tumor areas,
minimizing exposure to normal and critical surrounding structures. This work must be
performed with the highest level of accuracy to achieve the expected treatment outcome. The
Radiation Therapists are accountable for maintaining daily quality assurance measures on the
linear accelerators and other departmental equipment. In addition, the Radiation Therapists
instruct radiation therapy students, medical physics graduate students, medical residents, and
other healthcare providers on the operation of radiation therapy machines and explain and
demonstrate specific procedures and techniques; and provide assistance on cancer research
projects. Since the Radiation Therapy Supervisor I classification is consolidated into the
Radiation Therapist band, the department may desire to select an employee to serve as
Senior/Lead Radiation Therapist to provide backup support to the Radiation Therapy Supervisor.
Therefore, the Senior/Lead Radiation Therapist will work with the more complex cases and
deliver the more complicated treatments and serve as an indirect supervisor to the therapists.
This work will require the position to assist the supervisor in serving as the liaison between the
therapists and physicians, providing day to day support and guidance to therapists, preparing
work assignments, monitoring procedures, and solving problems that arise with day to day

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Considerable knowledge of the operation of radiation
therapy and simulation equipment; considerable knowledge of the human anatomy in regard to
the proper positioning of patients who receive treatments; general knowledge of and the ability
to recognize medical problems encountered during treatments; ability to give first aid and
handle emergency situations; and the ability to gain the confidence and secure the cooperation
of patients. The Senior/Lead Radiation Therapist would also need the ability to supervise and
train subordinate technicians and have considerable knowledge of the principles, techniques,
and safety procedures involved in all types of radiation therapy equipment.

Minimum Education and Experience: Graduation from a Radiation Therapy Technologist
program approved by the Council of Allied Health Education and Accreditation and certification
eligible by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in Radiation Therapy Technology.
The more advanced, senior level Radiation Therapist should have an additional two years of
directly related experience.

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