Library Renovation Plan Resolution by McNeeseSGA


									Resolution F12-02                                                             Senator Alex Reinauer

October 3, 2012

     Request and Resolution Opposing the Current Library Renovation Plan

Whereas, The Library and Parra Ballroom are essential facility utilized on campus by student in
many different aspects;

Whereas, the current renovation plans are not consistent with the plans that were advocated to
students throughout the past few years;

Whereas, the current plan affects many aspects of student life, academics, and other areas that could
be detrimental to the school’s and its student’s success;

Whereas, there has been little to no student input in how to best execute the plan and accommodate
the needs of students;

Whereas, there also has been no official notice to students on the current plan and services and
facilities it would affect;

Be It Resolved, that the Student Government Association request that the current renovation plans
be postpone and stand opposed to the current timeline and plan;

Be It Further Resolved that the Student Government Association strongly encourages McNeese
State University to communicate renovation plans better and seek student input more on decision
affecting their success and college experience.

Furthermore be it Resolved, that the following question be put on the Homecoming Ballot:

       Do you currently support the renovation plan to move the library into Parra Ballroom for the
       next two and half years?

       1. Yes
       2. No
       3. Do not know enough information about the plan

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     Davante Lewis                                                     Terence Delaine Jr.
Student Government President                                       Speaker of the Student Senate

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