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					Resolution F12-03                                                  Senator Heather Morrissey
October 3, 2012

                               Request and Resolution
                Regarding Campus Life Student of the Month Parking Pass

Whereas, each month, the Leadership Programming Office selects one outstanding student to
represent as Campus Life Student of the Month;

Whereas, to be considered as student of the month, an individual must be a full-time McNeese
Student, have a 3.0 GPA or higher from the previous semester, exceptionally involved in 2 or
more organizations on campus, and must be nominated by a department, an organization, or a
member of the Leadership Committee;

Whereas, nominations for Campus Life Student of the Month are due the last Friday of every
month, reviewed by the McNeese State University Leadership Committee the first Thursday of
every month, and the winner is notified the first Friday of each month;

Whereas, the student who is selected is awarded with acknowledgement through the Campus
Access System, List Serve, featured in The Contraband, and is given a $100 Bookstore

Whereas, the students who are considered for Campus Life Student of the Month are
outstanding examples of McNeese Student Leadership and portray conduct becoming of a leader;

Be It Therefore Resolved, that in addition to the already promised rewards, the Campus Life
Student of the month be granted a special parking pass for their selected month to further honor
the student for all their hard work and dedication to McNeese State University.

_______________________                                  ___________________________
     Davante Lewis                                            Terence Delaine Jr.
Student Government President                                  Speaker of the Senate

Davante Lewis       Josiah Eastman     Terence Delaine Jr.    Caleb Whalley          Maci Wilcox
 President           Vice-President     Senate Speaker          Treasurer             Secretary

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