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      Family Birth Center – St. Joseph Medical
                    Tacoma, WA

Locations: 12th and 14th Floors

     # of beds: Total beds for department 2 Operating Suites; 1 ward room (2
      beds), 42 adult and 42 infant beds. 14th floor=20 beds in 4 quads, 12 labor and
      delivery beds and 7 antepartum/triage rooms, 2 OR’s. 12th floor=23 rooms on 3
      quads, mixed post-partum/GYN surgical beds.

     What: 14th Floor: Normal and High Risk Labor and Delivery patients, normal
      newborns, High and Low Risk Antepartum patients.
      12th Floor: Normal newborns, vaginal delivery and surgical delivery post
      partum mothers, GYN surgical patients and low risk female surgical patients.

     Ave Daily Census: Births average 300-350 per month; outpatient visits average
      250-400 per month.

     Patient Care Team: RN’s with CA’s, and ORT’s as support staffing. In Post
      partum, RN’s, and CA’s work collaboratively to provide expert nursing care and
      education for Post partum patients. We utilize Lactation Consultant RN’s for
      rounds and SCN RN’s for consulting about infant concerns or problems.

     Experience: Will train new graduates into Mother/Baby department. 1-2 years
      medical surgical experience preferred. Labor and Delivery requires 2-3 years
      Mother/Baby experience for optimal background skills.

     Key Skills for success: Flexibility and a love for teaching new parents and
      family members. Organization and thoroughness in assessments. Friendly
      disposition and a willingness to learn new information every day! Welcome to

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