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					October 2012                 The Meeting House News                    Page
                                                                                 An Open and Affirming

               The Meeting House News
                                                                               Congregation of The United
                                                                                   Church of Christ

            First Congregational Church of Houston                            OCTOBER 2012

                                                                              Inside this issue:
                                                                             Senior Minister              2

                                                                             Trustees                     3

                                                                             Counseling Ministries        4

                                                                             Stewardship                  5

                                                                             Christian Education          6-8

                                                                             Announcements                9-11

                                                                             Missions/Outreach            12-15

                                                                             General Church               16
       Men’s Lunch                          Senior High Lock-In              Announcements
          October 5                               October 20                 Birthdays/Prayer List        17
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                                                                             Calendar                     18
        Deck Work
          October 6                 FCC Mission Initiative (St. Peter UCC)
    See details on page 10                        October 20
                                             See details on page 15           Coming in    November…. 
Dinner Theater Fundraiser
          October 6                             FCC on Tap                              Men’s Lunch
                                                                                        November 2
     See details on page 7                        October 26
                                              See details on page 9                  Carpet Cleaning
       Blood Drive                                                                    November 3

          October 7                            Soup Kitchen                          Imperfect Parents
     See details on page 9                        October 27                           November 9
                                             See details on page 10
                                                                                        FCC Work Day
    Imperfect Parents                                                                   November 10
         October 12                   H.A. Fall Meeting (St. John UCC)
                                                                                   Stewardship Sunday
     See details on page 9                        October 27
                                                                                      November 11

 Slumber Falls Weekend                    “God is Still Spooking”                   Pilgrim Festival
       October 12-14                               October 27                           November 17
    See details on page 10                    See details on page 8
                                                                              FCC Mission Initiative (St. Peter)
                                                                                      November 17
       Bike to Build
         October 20                           Halloween                            Thanksgiving Day
    See details on page 13                        October 31                            November 22

                                                                                        Soup Kitchen
                                                                                        November 24
        October 2012                The Meeting House News                         Page 2

In church circles, we sometimes talk about discernment. Often, discernment gets mixed in with
planning, especially long range planning. But, discernment is different from planning. You can’t do
planning without discernment, or you become like the person who decides to go on a vacation
and gets in his car and starts driving with no destination in mind. On the other hand, discernment
without planning usually withers on the vine for lack of action. When we plan something, we take
an established idea of what we want and then put it into action through various steps. If you want
to have a birthday party, you already have an established fact: my birthday is on October 1. Then
comes the discernment: how do I want to celebrate my birthday? This is where discernment comes
in. Do I want to celebrate with my family and friends or just my family? Do I want to go and do
something special, or just stay home and blow out the candles on a cake? Do I want to have a big
party, or just a quiet dinner? This is the discernment part of the process. After we discern what our
heart and mind want to do to celebrate our birthday this year, then we get to the planning part. I
have discerned that I want to have a party, so, do I make a cake or order it? Do I invite the
annoying person from work, or just my best friends? Do I rent an inflatable bouncy house, or a
margarita machine (don’t do both!). Planning serves as the vehicle for making our discernment
become reality.

Last year (2011) a group of FCC members engaged in an eight-month project that came to be
called the Timothy Project. For approximately six of those eight months the group wrestled with the
discernment aspect of the process. They finally discerned the purpose for FCC as being “to fulfill
God’s vision of love for all people.” The discernment of this vision was important because it calls
each one of us to something beyond our own hopes and longings. It calls us to God’s vision of love
for all people, something that we humans can never totally accomplish, but that we find fulfillment
in struggling toward. The second important part of this discernment is that it tells us what we are to
do: fulfill God’s vision.

This is where we are right now with the Timothy project process. Each Board and Committee has
taken upon itself the challenge to plan ways to fulfill the vision of God’s love. The discernment was
arguably the hardest part of the process, but the implementation part is where most churches stall
when it comes to carrying out long range planning. Over the next several years we will be continu-
ing to discern God’s path for FCC and ourselves. We will continue to find new ways to make that
vision of God’s love for all people a reality. Perhaps most importantly, each of us will be called to
discern how God is calling us to be a part of fulfilling this vision of love through our involvement in
the work and mission of First Congregational Church of Houston. Let’s all keep our heart and mind
open so that we may become “discerners” of God’s will. We will grow spiritually, and so will FCC!

          October 2012                    The Meeting House News                 Page 3

Trustees’ Update
                                             “Honey Do” Board
If you’re like me, you have a list of tasks at home that your partner wants you to accomplish, and
we affectionately call that list our “Honey Do” list. Here at FCC, the Board of Trustees has been
developing quite a list of relatively small tasks that our members have brought to our attention. In
order to be good stewards of our finances, we like to do as many of these items in house, rather
than contracting it out. This takes time and communication.

If you have some time to donate, please notice the white board that has been posted in the
Assembly Room of the Christian Education Building with the Trustees “Honey Do” list. We will post
suggested items on the board. If you find an item that you are willing and able to handle, a print-
ed version of the list will be on the counter in the office. Please sign your name on the list and
contact the Trustee representative with any questions you may have.

                                           Upcoming Work Days
In order to provide additional opportunities to help us tackle the items on our “Honey Do List,”
Trustees will be holding more frequent work days. Please come join us for some fellowship while
proudly maintaining our campus. Please mark your calendar with the following dates:

        Saturday, November 10, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
        Saturday, December 22, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Please join us on any of these days for as much time as you can afford.

Shawn Gleason
Presiding Officer, Board of Trustees

We mentioned to the congregation several months ago that the electricity bill in July 2012 was
twice the amount for July 2011. This in spite of the average daily temperature in Houston being
five degrees lower this July from last July. We greatly appreciate your efforts and awareness of
this issue. This is a continued reminder to please support the following suggestions:

The temperature settings for the A/C units in the Education building are 80 degrees, when the
facilities are not in use. There are four thermostats that serve the building:

1.   The south side classrooms
2.   The north side classrooms
3.   The Assembly room
4.   The kitchen

Trustees recommend that when in use, the settings be lowered to 74 degrees. Please observe
these settings by setting the appropriate thermostat at the beginning for your function and at the
finish of your function. Please help FCC control costs. A trustee will be glad to show individuals
where the thermostats are located. Thanks,                                 Howard Strong - Trustee
                                                          howard_strong@att.net or (281) 793-4421
     October 2012                 The Meeting House News                         Page 4

      What’s the Difference?
Last month, I wrote about the dangers of dogmatism and certainty. So, what is the difference
between dogmatism and passion? Doesn’t it take a certain amount of deep belief, focus,
and heart energy to make anything happen?

I like to see someone with the energy of genuine passion, while I might cross the street to
avoid a dogmatic person. Passion is bold, while dogmatism seems to have fear at its core.
Not always, but often passion is inclusive; i.e. the action that comes from passion is for the
good of all, while dogmatism likes to draw lines and be for the ones that are “right.” I don’t
usually go to the dictionary for writing like this, but I can’t help using the phrases I found in
mine: “boundless enthusiasm” vs. “authoritative, arrogant assertion of unproved principles.”

Typically people with a sense of calling become passionate and open themselves to provi-
dential vision, while dogmatists seem egocentric. Not too long ago a relatively new member
asked me why we talk so much about doing things, and take so long to get them going. I
replied that part of it is the democratic nature of our governing, and part of it is that it takes
one or two very passionate people to take the helm and get something going. The point is a
bit mute right now, because some new ideas are being actualized.

It is especially exciting when there is group passion. I felt this at the soup kitchen orientation.
Eighteen people showed up with enthusiasm to kick off this hands-on mission. All were very
present and engaged in imagining the realities of pulling off such a happening. And the
fragrance of the soup permeating the atmosphere surely increased our passion.

The Seekers are reading Karen Armstrong’s book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life. We
are called to a compassionate way of relating to others – a life “with passion” at the center, a
life that Jesus exemplified in the many ways he reached out in love.

As I often say, the first thing we must do is examine ourselves and our tendency to generalize,
and project our fears and angers. May we prayerfully coax our strong feelings into passions
that bear fruit.

Sylvia Richards
      October 2012                  The Meeting House News                          Page 5

                                         Delight in Giving
                         God loves it when the giver delights in the giving.

As you think about how much to give, think about how much is needed –
not only to “keep the church running,” but for you to hold out hope, grace,
delight, welcome, love, reconciliation, homecoming, and joy to the world.
This is, after all, what Christians are all about.

This stewardship season, think about how your giving keeps the body of
Christ alive. Think about how important that is and give generously.


   October begins our 2013 Stewardship Pledge Campaign.
               Stewardship Sunday is November 11, 2012

What Our Members Say - For me, stewardship is about responding to the gift of life I have
received. My response to this gift doesn’t end by giving thanks. It continues by allowing this gift
to take me to the extremes of its potentiality. This gift magnifies when I share it with those who will
accept what I have to offer. And that is the reason why I share what talents I have and my
pledge of money with the church I attend. I am proud to say that that church is the First Con-
gregational Church of Houston.
                                                                  -- Ed Dick, Chair, Church in Society
      October 2012                   The Meeting House News                         Page 6

                                                     Education Roundup
                                                           For Youth and Children
                                                      All of our children and youth programs will be
                                                      using our Seasons of the Spirit curriculum starting
in the Fall. Seasons of the Spirit is a lectionary-based study. So, all groups will be studying the same
scripture each week. However, the lessons are designed to work with the needs of each age
group. Our classes will be broken up as follows:

 Nursery - birth -2 years old- led by Clansy Ramos
 Rainbow Room - ages 3 - Kindergarten, taught by Chris Watkins and Natalie Byrd
 Children’s Room - 1st-5th grade
 Junior High - 6th-8th grade
 Senior High - 9th-12th grade

                                 For Adults ~ in October
We also have four adult classes:
 SpiritQuest is led by Eric Toskey and Paul Byrd.
 God is Still Speaking Bible Study is led by Burton Bagby-Grose.
 Christian Thought and Social Action is led by Dave Nussmann.
 Biblical Theology is led by Donna Beard.

The latter two classes will meet part time on alternating weeks.


In the Fall, the Biblical Theology class will meet as a group the first two Sundays of each month
only, with various members providing leadership. At present, the calendar includes a 3-week
study lead by Roy Meinke and Susan Campbell on the “Midrash” and a 2-week study led by Art
Mouser on The Apostle Paul’s idea of “citizenship” in light of the writings in Philippians 3.

The ancient, legendary Rabbinical expositions of the Midrashim will fit nicely into the format of Bib-
lical Theology, as these are not literal interpretations but are imaginative, figurative, allegorical,
connotative, enigmatic – a religious narrative regarding stories from actual biblical accounts and
events. Jewish sages believed biblical narratives spoke anew to each generation and by allowing
Midrashim interpretations to enter into their lives, the narratives were enriched and vitally fresh. If,
by illustration and explanation, Midrashim help familiarize a people with their Torah, hopefully by
Biblical Theology’s study of the Midrash, we too will gain new insights into our lives with fuller under-
standings of the familiar Testament works.

Philippians 3’s narrative on citizenship in the Church (as the Apostle Paul understood it) in contrast
to Paul’s idea of citizenship in the Roman Empire can serve to occupy ideas found in American
citizenship, as an expression of faith in Christ Jesus.
                                                                          Continued on next page...
         October 2012                The Meeting House News                        Page 7

Christian Education Roundup continued…
Christian Thought and Social Action: This Fall this class will generally meet the last two Sundays of
each month.

The God is Still Speaking Bible Study Class (formerly Bible 101) makes room for a variety of under-
standings of scripture and starts from the premise that a Bible verse can speak to us differently
each time we read it. We take the Bible seriously, but not literally and follow the lectionary, mean-
ing that we study the same scriptures that are discussed in the worship service that day. Burton
Bagby-Grose leads the discussion.

Dinner Theatre and Fundraiser: Saturday ~ October 6
Our youth and leaders are at it again and planning a great evening of laughter and great food.
Join us on Saturday, October 6th, at 6:00 p.m. in the Assembly Room to help the youth raise mon-
ey to help us attend our Summer 2013 mission trips. The menu will include a scrumptious cinna-
mon vinaigrette salad with individual chicken pot pies and chocolate cake to top it off. Our youth
and leaders will provide the entertainment.

Tickets for this event will be $15 for adults and $8 for children. We will be selling tickets in the As-
sembly Room. You cannot share in our meal without a ticket. However, if you would like to
skip the meal and just come for the fun, we will be accepting donations at the door.

Senior High Lock-in ~ October 20
Our Senior High group will meet for their first lock-in of the year at 5:00 p.m. on October 20th. Jen
Jordan and Andy Warren will be leading the event. Don’t forget to bring your sleeping bags and
pillows, a change of clothes, junk food, movies, and games for the evening. We will send everyone
home to their families after Sunday school on the 21st. Call Katelin, Andy, or Jen if you have any
questions. More information about the event will come via e-mail later in the month (most likely
after we recover from the Dinner Theatre).

Pilgrim Café
Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all you terrific bakers and cooks of FCC! The Pilgrim Café at this year’s
Pilgrim Festival will be run by our wonderful junior and senior high youth and supervised by “The Eliz-
abeths,” Elizabeth Holloway and Elizabeth Hale. Please plan to make up a batch or two of your
favorite cookies, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, or other goodies such as pickles, and drop them off
in the church kitchen by 9:00 a.m. on the day of the Pilgrim Festival: Saturday, November
17th.   Please, nothing store bought; it just doesn’t sell. Please make sure your goodies are individu-
ally packaged and note if there are any nuts. We thank you in advance for being a part of this
youth fundraiser! Please direct any questions to Elizabeth Hale: Elizabeth_florence6@hotmail.com
or Elizabeth Holloway: eliholloway@hotmail.com.
         October 2012               The Meeting House News               Page 8

                  “God is Still Spooking!”
                                          at FCC!!
                              Saturday ~ October 27th
     Join all of your friends at FCC’s first every “God is Still Spooking” and “Trunk or
     Treat” Extravaganza on Saturday, October 27th from 5:00-7:00 p.m.!

     Join us for the Trunk or Treat from 5:00-6:00 p.m. Visit various trunks through-
     out our parking lot to play games and win prizes. Then, at 6:00pm we will
     move inside for a Pizza Party, Haunted House, Fortune Telling, and Face
     Painting. We will be selling pizza and treats by the slice to raise money for
     our youth mission                                                trips next Sum-

     This will surely be                                                an event for
     the history books!                                                 So join us for a
     great evening of                                                   Family Fun at
     “God       is    Still                                             Spooking!”

Upcoming CE Events:
   November 11, 5-7 p.m. - Friends of CE
   November 17 - Pilgrim Café
   December 8 - Settegast Heights Christmas Party
   December 15, 5 p.m. - All-Youth Christmas Lock-in
         October 2012                 The Meeting House News                          Page 9

Imperfect Parents
Imperfect Parents will meet on the second Friday of every month in the Parlor at 6:00 p.m. The next
meeting will be on   Friday, October 12th. Childcare is provided. This is a group for parents of children of
all ages- moms and dads! We will meet to share our joys and struggles, fain support and resources,
and enjoy the company of other parents. See you there!

FCC on Tap
FCC on Tap meets the fourth Friday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at varying locations around Houston.
The October meeting will be Friday, October 26 . The location is TBA, so check your bulletins! This is an
opportunity for us to talk about faith and spirituality outside of the context and environment of Sunday
mornings. This is ALSO a great opportunity to bring a friend! Childcare will be provided at the church
starting at 7 p.m.

                               Sisters of Mary Magdalene
                                       October 29th
Halloween is coming up and     Monday, October 29th, is the time for Sisters of Mary Magdalene to gath-
er. We'll meet at 6:30 p.m. at a location to be revealed in the October Sunday bulletins.

Please read Section 5: "The Bible and Children" in "The Sins of Scripture: Exposing The Bible's Texts of
Hate to Reveal The God of Love," by John Shelby Spong, in preparation for our discussion.

Interested in the topic? Feel free to join us.      For questions, please contact Joyce Haftings at
joyousme@earthlink.net or (713) 984-2585.

                                                  Blood Drive
                                              Sunday ~ October 7
                 FCC’s next Blood Drive will be held at 9:00 a.m. on    Sunday, October 7.   Your donation
                 will provide the life-saving blood needed by individuals undergoing surgery, cancer
                 patients, premature babies, individuals with anemia and others.

                 Your help is needed to increase the blood supply and ensure that patients in our
                 community can receive the blood they need.

Since every donation helps save as many as three lives, you could make a life-saving difference for
many more individuals. Watch for sign-up sheets on Sunday mornings.

                                           Men’s Lunch
The first ‘Men’s Lunch’ of the Fall will be       Friday, October 5.    Please contact Greg Kelley at
gregnsue@sgcglobal.net with any questions.
       October 2012                 The Meeting House News                         Page 10

                                                    Soup Kitchen
                     During the school year from September through June, a group of volunteers
                     gather in the kitchen one Saturday a month (usually the 4th Saturday) to make
                     homemade soup which is then frozen and taken to the Fairhaven Food Pantry.

                      Begun a number of years ago by former member Jorge Hugo, each month
                      about 80 quarts of delicious, nutritious soup are taken to Fairhaven. Bob Mac-
Donald, director of the Food Pantry, reports the soup is often requested, especially by the older
people, because it tastes yummy, it doesn’t have to be diluted, and there are no instructions to
read. Some of the soup is also available to FCC members and friends for purchase. The proceeds
pay for ingredients for future batches of soup.

Our next soup making day is    Saturday, October 27.   All are welcome to participate in this important
outreach to our community. It’s also a lot of fun! Wear some sort of head covering, bring a sharp
knife, and join the group in the kitchen of the Education Building. We begin about 9:15 am. Stay as
long as you’d like. Depending on how many people are on hand to help, we finish the preparation
by 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. We look forward to seeing you.

                              Deck Work Begins Again!!!!
                                     October 6
We have the beginning of our deck completed and have taken our break. Now it is time to start up
again and get this project finished. Our 1st workday will be Saturday, October 6, starting at 8:00
a.m. and work until probably noon. Remember, the more help we get, the sooner we get this fin-
ished. Bring hammers and any other tools you think might be helpful. Also welcome are those who
can't work but can bring snacks, drinks and food.                   Hope to see you there.
Jim Earl and Tom O'Neill .

                                      Annual Book Sale
Do you have books that you no longer need or read? Load them up and bring them to the church
                        for the Annual Book Sale. The Activities Committee will has boxes
                        placed in the hall of the Education Building. The boxes are labeled
                        according to genre (educational, instructional, fiction, etc.). This year we
                        are also accepting used cd’s and DVD’s. Please contact Darlene Jones
                        at djones8740@aol.com with any questions.

                  Slumber Falls Weekend!
                            October 12-14
Ready for a relaxing and inspiring weekend in the Texas hill country? We
have the perfect antidote for the ending of the long Houston summer:
Slumber Falls Weekend! The fall version of our bi-annual family retreat at
Slumber Falls Camp will be October 12-14. Whether you are single, an
empty nest couple, or mom and dad and two or three kids, a fun and
relaxing weekend on the banks of the Guadalupe River near New Braun-
fels is just the thing to reignite the spirit of young and old alike. For more
information see the sign up table in the Assembly Room during Coffee,
Tea and Conversation.
     October 2012                 The Meeting House News                        Page 11

What is the Pilgrim Festival?
Our 18th Annual Pilgrim Festival will be held on   Saturday, November 17th, beginning at
10 a.m.   Many of     you, especially newer members, may wonder "What is the Pilgrim
Festival?" The Festival is an opportunity to learn about our Congregational history and Pilgrim
heritage; to get to know our                                  fellow church members better; to
display our good neighborli-                                  ness; and to just have a good
time. Admission is free. There                                is a charge for the petting zoo,
pony rides, food, and vendor                                  products.

Many FCC members dress up                                    in Pilgrim motif. This is generally
black trousers or skirts, black                              or white shirts or blouses with
white aprons for women and                                   a collar which is provided. At
registration, all are provided                               with a Pilgrim Name Tag and a
biography of that person. In                                 addition to historical displays,
there are period exhibits,                                   such as stocks, an armorer, a
Native American presenta-                                    tion, and     loom and spinning
wheel demonstrations. We                                     also plan to have an historical

Other activities are a re-                                   corder ensemble, petting zoo,
pony rides, crafts, and                                      games for the children and, of
course, food.     There are                                  many vendors with hand made
crafts for sale. It appears                                  there will be at least as many as
last year.

Please plan to attend and be sure and invite your friends and neighbors.

The next day,   Sunday, November 18, is Pilgrim Sunday.        Many members also choose to
wear their Pilgrim outfits to church on that Sunday.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Greg Kelley at (713) 468-4136 or e-mail
gregnsue@sbcglobal.net. Questions on having a vendor booth should be referred to Sue
Earl (713) 937-3071 or e-mail jearl8925@sbcglobal.net.
       October 2012                  The Meeting House News                           Page 12


                                       Dollars for Thanksgiving Turkeys
                                   for Settegast Heights Village Residents
                              Hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is closer than you think! Please
                              give to our Board of Missions annual drive to provide turkeys for resi-
                              dents of Settegast Heights Village, a low-income housing develop-
                              ment owned by the Houston Association of the United Church of
                              Christ. Just write "Settegast Turkeys" on your check and place it in
                              the offering plate during the month of October.

                           Church in Society (CIS) Board
                              Call for New Members
FCC’s Church in Society Board, known as CIS, is seeking two new members. The Board’s mission
is to lead the congregation in looking at social issues ranging from international to local concerns,
seeking Christian solutions to human problems. Current projects include re-vitalizing FCC’s con-
nection with Houston Campus Ministries, supporting the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender) community at the upcoming Pride Festival, and signing the national Promotion for
Authentic Free Trade petition.

Meetings are on the first Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Please contact Ed Dick at
edick1@comcast.net if you would like to become a member of this FCC board.

                  New Houston Association (H.A.) Minister
Rita Wilber is the new Houston Association minister. Rita grew up attending First Congregational
UCC, where she also had her first call as associate minister. She moved to San Antonio and
served there for ten years, and has now returned home. She has been out of the ministry since
January 2011, teaching World Religions at Cy-Fair Community College, and pursuing a Master's
degree in history at Texas Southern University. While Rita is still doing those things, she is excited to
get back into ministry. Please congratulate Rita on her new endeavor.
October 2012   The Meeting House News   Page 13
        October 2012                The Meeting House News                        Page 14

                                      Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM)
                                                Successful 2012
                B                            Back-to-School Drive
                                                and ‘Other Stuff’
We collected over $1200 for the MAM back-to-school uniform drive. I really appreciate the
generosity the FCC shows for this project every year. Thank You!

MAM Resale Store Update: Each year the store sets a bigger goal, and each year it tops it. The
resale store has already met it's target for 2012 and still several months to go. Volunteers are
needed especially in light of the new expanded facility the store will soon enjoy.

OPEN HOUSE: If you have been wanting to see the new facility, there will be an open house on
October 25th.

David Lewallen
MAM Congregational Council Representative


                               Mentors Needed for
                          Spring Branch Middle School
We are looking for more mentors to work with students at Spring Branch Middle School. Over the
last three years, 10 mentors from FCC have mentored a low income student at Spring Woods
Middle School. This is your chance to play a huge role in shaping a young person’s life. It’s simple
- you visit with your student over lunchtime one day a week- and it can be a different day every
week- at the school. Your only investment is an hour of your time per week- and it’s easy to do.

Mentors from FCC have included Paul Menzel, Howard Strong, Roy Meinke, Grant Woodard, Greg
and Sue Kelley, Steve Rosencranz, Linda Kuhnen, Pat and Gail Rickey, and others! Training in-
volves spending 75 minutes learning about the program- then it’s off to change lives! Over 150
persons are involved in mentoring students. Approximately half the mentors are persons with
full-time jobs, and half are retired- but all are committed to making a difference.

To become a mentor, please contact Mary Card at marydcard@yahoo.com or Steve Rosencranz
at Steve@thewoodsproject.org .
        October 2012                The Meeting House News                        Page 15

                      FCC's local service project to begin Sat., Oct. 20
                     The Board of Missions has finalized plans for the First Congregational Poimaino
                     Community Meal to be held monthly on the third Saturday at St. Peter United
Church of Christ, 9022 Long Point Road. “Poimaino” ("poy-mah'-ee-no) is a Greek word that means
to feed the body, to guide, to care for, and to nourish the soul.

FIRST MEAL TO BE SERVED:   Saturday, October 20 - volunteers needed from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Workers are needed to cook, clean, and mingle with the crowd. Funding for the first year of opera-
tion is provided by the First Congregational Church Endowment Board.

Focusing on the words of Jesus, who said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of
these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me,” this hands-on service project provides a month-
ly opportunity for service together as a congregation.

Please contact Burton Bagby-Grose at burton.bagby-grose@att.net or (713) 829-1200 or
Germán Amador at GermanAmador@chevron.com and (832)443-4219 to volunteer so we can
begin developing a volunteer database.

                      Campus Ministry Lunch
             Monday, October 22, at University OF Houston
FCC is a long-time supporter of United Campus Ministry of Greater Houston, which serves and
supports students on Houston college campuses. The goal of UCMGH (United Campus Ministry of
Greater Houston) is to demonstrate the transforming power of the love and grace of God, inviting
students, faculty, and staff into a personal and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ, and
preparing them to be leaders in the faith communities to which God calls them. Go to http://
www.ucmhouston.com/. The main office is at University of Houston, Central Campus, at the A D
Bruce Religion Center. Guinn Blackwell-Eagleson, the Executive Director, organizes a free lunch
each Monday of the spring and fall semesters, which is offered to approximately 200 students, staff,
and faculty in the second floor atrium area there. Most of the participants are students who are
often on extremely limited budgets and need a hot meal.

Mark your calendar! The Church in Society and Missions Boards volunteered to cook and serve the
lunch on Monday, October 22. Members from both boards will participate, and all FCC members
are invited to help. We need two volunteers to cook the food under Guinn’s guidance from 10—
11:30 a.m. Then we need at least 5-6 volunteers to help serve, talk to attendees and clean up from
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We can divide the time into shifts, if needed. The volunteers work hard, but
they also have fun visiting with members of extremely diverse student body.

The students love cookies, so we are also asking for donations of cookies to be brought to church on
Sunday, October 21.

Please volunteer to Jane Holland at jholland9231@gmail.com or call (713) 868-1088. In October,
we’ll have a sign-up sheet at church, as well. Directions and parking instructions will be given out
and we’ll organize a car pool from church, if it’s needed.
       October 2012                 The Meeting House News                       Page 16

                         Revised Church Directory Soon!
We are getting much closer to publish a revised Church Directory. We need everyone to check
your listing in the Church Directory and notify us of any changes immediately (if you have not
already) so they may be included in the update. If you have any questions, please contact
the Church Office at (713) 468-9543 or office@FCC-Houston.org.

                                                                            Thank you! Church Staff

                                   New Address
                      for Rachel Rodriguez & Stephanie Lehde
If you'd like to send them a quick note, here is their new address:
      Rachel Rodriguez & Stephanie Lehde
      132 Princess Pass
      San Antonio, TX 78212
The phone numbers listed in the directory for Rachel and Stephanie are not going to change.

                            Darnell Fennell’s E-Mail Address
Darnell Fennell joined FCC on August 19. As you may recall, Darnell is a second year student at
Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California. Some of you had the opportunity to chat with him
on that Sunday and he expressed gratitude for all the supportive words. What he also requested is
that his email address be shared with the congregation so that anyone who would like to corre-
spond with him might do so. If you have a minute, from time to time drop Darnell an e-mail and let
him know we are thinking about him here in Houston and perhaps inquire as to how his semester is
going. In spite of the fact that he will have little opportunity to be with us in person, he wants to
develop as much of a relationship as e-mail will allow and we commend him for that. His e-mail
address is: Darnell Fennell [fennell.dd@gmail.com]
         October 2012               The Meeting House News                             Page 17

Edwina Lolley and Ron Lolley; Anne Szopa; Sue
Wilson; The Rev. Paul Dearinger; Jeff Hill; Tim   Shawn Gleason .............................. October 1
Brookover; Clare Dowdall; Don Holloway;           Brad Thien....................................... October 1
Yvonne Cook (Brian Kosior’s aunt); Eleanor Ri-    Sealy Moore ................................... October 3
cards and family on the passing of Ric Ricards;   Mary Sue Fairchild ......................... October 4
Thomas Jones (Ron Bagby-Grose’s uncle);and        Roy Van Horn ................................. October 4
Ruth Fuller.                                      Jared Thomas Schutte ................... October 9
                                                  Carrie Jaeger ................................. October 14
                                                  Kait Glover ..................................... October 16
                                                  Kristen G. Kaiser ............................. October 17
                                                  Jeff Newton .................................... October 19
                                                  Rhonda Sweeney .......................... October 19
                                                  Kay Ford ......................................... October 23
                                                  Ken Richter ..................................... October 23
                                                  Judith Northrop .............................. October 27
                                                  Ronald Bagby-Grose..................... October 28
                                                  Sylvia Richards ............................... October 28
                                                  Richard A. Heustess ....................... October 31
                                                  Kari Shick ........................................ October 31
October 2012   The Meeting House News   Page 18
 October 2012   The Meeting House News   Page 19

First Congregational Church of Houston
10840 Beinhorn Road
Houston, Texas 77024

Phone: 713 468-9543
Fax: 713 468-5951
E-mail: office@fcc-houston.org

   Where Heart and Mind Meet

                                  The Mission of First Congregational Church
                                    Seek to Follow Christ’s way through worship and service;
  Sunday Morning                          Welcome all into an inclusive community;
        Schedule                       Search for more light and truth from God’s Word;
                                        Support one another on our faith journeys; and
        10:00 am                           Strive for peace and justice in the world.
       Morning Worship

        11:00 a.m.
Coffee, Tea, and Conversation
                                                                Church Staff
        11:30 a.m.                                     The Rev. Ken Richter, Senior Minister

    Educational Programs                      The Rev. Katelin Warren, Director of Christian Education
                                                   Tracy Jacob Shirk, Director of Music Ministries
For Children, Youth, and Adults
                                    Dr. Sylvia Richards, Commissioned Minister of Counseling and Community Life
                                                        Jane Bradbery, Office Administrator

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