September 2012 Agenda by S888vInM


									                                   September 13, 2012
                            Barren County Board of Education
                                    Regular Meeting
                                     Central Office

1. Call To Order
2. Invocation –
3. Recognition of Guests
     Classified Student of the Month - Patricia Blevins, Eastern Elementary Instructional Assistant
     Certified Student of the Month - Annie Minor, Eastern Elementary Teacher
     Students of the Month - Trenten Spears, Eastern Elementary School Student
                              Kyle Marr, Barren County High School Student

4. Superintendent & Staff Recommendations and Reports
5. Consent Items
5A. Minutes
5B. Bills, Salaries and Accounts
5C. Monthly Financial Reports
5D. Out-of-State/Overnight Student Travel
              North Jackson Elementary – September 27-28, 2012 – Louisville, KY – Louisville
                 Science Center, Louisville Zoo
              Barren County High School – September 21, 2012 – Clarksville, TN – Jostens
                 Plant/Training Facility
              Barren County High School – June 10-18, 2013 – France – International Field Trip
              Barren County High School – September 29, 2012 – Nashville, TN – TKI Band
              Barren County High School – October 20, 2012 – Murfreesboro, TN – MTSU
                 Contest of Champions Band Competition
              Barren County High School – November 3, 2012 – Chattanooga, TN – US Bands
5E. Approve indirect cost 2012-2013
5F. Approve farm ground “hay/pasture” lease bid
5G. Approve contracts:
              Commonwealth Plaza Facility Lease Agreement
              Campbell Consulting Contract
5H. Approve revision to the classified salary schedule for 2012-2013
5I. Approve revision to the salary supplements for 2012-2013
5J. Approve unpaid medical leave for Pamela Minor
5K. Approve Regional Migrant Advocate Assistant position
5L. Approve Regional Migrant Advocate position

6. Action Items
6A. Approve change orders
6B. Approve BG-1
6C. Approve fundraisers for 2012-2013

7. Any Other Business
7A. Approve closed session as allowed under KRS 61.810 (c) discussions of proposed or pending
    litigation against or on behalf of the public agency

8. Adjournment
9. FYI

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