ACF Regionals 2006 Packet by BHx6YB1


ACF Regionals 2006
Packet by Illinois (Steven Canning, Tom Phillips, Sudheer Potru, Kelly Tourdot, Donald Taylor) and


1. His attorney general, Godfrey Lule, often had to defend this man’s practices at the United Nations, while his defense
minister, Mustafa Adrisi, was his brother-in-law. Upon taking power, he murdered his main rival, Pierino Okoya, and he
created the Public Safety Unit and the State Research Center, whose employees spent most of the time murdering members of
the Langi and Acholi tribes and feeding their bodies to Nile crocodiles. A member of the Kakwa ethnic group, after becoming
chief of his country’s army and air force, he deposed Milton Obote in a coup. FTP, name this man accused of helping the
Palestinians at Entebbe, who, from 1971 to 1979, was dictator of Uganda.
ANSWER: Idi Amin Dada Oumee (prompt on Big Daddy, Butcher of Africa, or other nicknames)

2. This person once called Past and Present by Thomas Carlyle “the only work worth reading.” Greatly influenced by Moses
Hess, this contributor to the Volunteer Journal for Lancashire and Cheshire and the Manchester Guardian was the primary
organizer of the League of the Just. A notable objector to the institution of marriage, as outlined in The Origin of the Family,
Private Property and the State, this author of Herr Eugen Dühring’s Revolution in Science and 1844’s The Condition of the
Working Class in England is better known for collaborating on The Holy Family and A Critique of the German Ideology.
FTP, who was this son of a cotton factory owner and lesser-known co-author of the Communist Manifesto?
ANSWER: Friedrich Engels

3. Taking place in the year 40000, this work’s cast of bizarre characters include Pygar, a blind angel who has lost the will to
fly, and an inept revolutionary named Dildano. The screenplay for this film was written by Terry Southern of Dr. Strangelove
fame. Although the galaxy’s best hope, the title character frequently crashes and is captured by wild children in the Tau Seti
system. The action begins when that heroine, floating in zero gravity, is interrupted by a call from the President of Earth.
Outlining the quest to find the young scientist Duran-Duran, who threatens the galactic peace, this is, FTP, what campy 1968
movie starring Jane Fonda as the title Queen of the Galaxy?
ANSWER: Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy

4. Described as the “offspring of silence, sky-bolt of Ninurta,” this person dumbfounds a hunter who encounters him at the
watering place. This character dreams of the council at which he is sentenced to death and of the “house of dust” that awaits
him; his predictions prove accurate, as he is struck-down by illness for slaying the Bull of Heaven. Civilized by the attentions
of Shamhat, in tablets III-V he prepares to fight Humbaba with his friend, who mourns for this clay-born bull-man in tablet
VIII’s lament, then goes off to seek Utnapishtam. FTP, name this character who was designed to “to match the ardor of the
energies” of the King of Uruk, Gilgamesh.
ANSWER: Enkidu

5. This person claimed to have inspired the Woodward-Hoffmann rules while accepting the 2004 Priestley Prize. This
scientist’s namesake method for the asymmetric reduction of ketones to secondary alcohols using borane is widely used. The
developer of PCC, which is used for the oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes, he is most renowned for the total synthesis of
prostaglandins achieved by his lab in 1969. FTP, name this author of The Logic of Chemical Synthesis; a chemist who won
the Nobel Prize for application of retrosynthetic analysis to organic synthesis in 1992 and who is the namesake of a molecular
model with Pauling.
ANSWER: Elias James Corey

6. Green, red, yellow, white, and blue make-up the symbolic star of this faith; these colors represent the five ministers that
govern it. Members in Syria are known as Jabal and believe in the divine unity of humanity and reincarnation. A namesake
revolt in 1925 resulted in the exile of its leaders to Palmyra, although this was ended two years later. Knowledge of the
Kitab-al-hikma is restricted to those who have made the passage from juhhal to uqqal, from “ignorant” or “knower.” It is
likely that the object of their worship is the former Fatimid caliph al-Hakim. FTP, name this highly secretive sect of Islam
which derives its name from that of a forerunner of the community, Muhammad al-Durazi.
ANSWER: Druze (accept Jabal before it’s mentioned)
7. A letter found in 1878 shows that this man was not murdered, but rather escaped by killing the gate keeper, changing
clothes with a servant, and living at Corfe Castle. He became heir to the throne at a young age after the death of his elder
brother, Alfonso. His mother was Eleanor of Castile and he drew the ambivalence of his wife after restoring the Despenser
barons to power. She teamed up with Roger Mortimer to depose him and he was later imprisoned at Berkeley Castle.
Supposedly killed by a hot copper wire inserted in his anus, this is, FTP, what Plantagenet king, the subject of a Christopher
Marlowe play and the effeminate son of Edward Longshanks?
ANSWER: Edward II (prompt on Edward)

8. Its pictorial composition was inspired by an Emile Bernard painting and it was the painter’s first definitive break with the
orthodox Cloissonist style. Across the top center of this painting appears to run the trunk of a tree and it contains at least
twelve distinct forms of life, one of which is a bull. The tree divides the scene on the right side from the Breton people with
their hands clasped in prayer in the foreground. The strikingly red background punctuates the colors in the right-hand side of
the painting, which shows one man dressed in black attempting to subdue another man who is dressed in blue and has wings.
FTP, name this painting by Paul Gauguin depicting a memorable scene involving a son of Isaac.
ANSWER: Vision After the Sermon (or Jacob Wrestling the Angel)

9. Its third movement includes such unorthodox instrumentation as a clarinet tuned to E flat and a bass drum meant to be
struck by a bundle of twigs. The fourth movement contains a march that features offstage brass and timpani and a solo flute
that plays a “nightingale song.” Originally titled Totenfeier after a poem of Adam Mickiewicz, it includes the chorale
Aufersteh’n heard at the funeral of the composer’s friend Bülow and written by Klopstock and a scene representing a saint of
Padua preaching to some disinterested fish. According to the composer, he was burying the hero of his last symphony in this
one and, indeed, it starts with a funeral march. FTP, identify this epic symphony of Gustav Mahler, his second.
ANSWER: Symphony No. 2 in C Minor (“Resurrection”) (accept Mahler’s second symphony before it’s mentioned)

10. Martin du Gard’s Jean Barois incorporates news clippings of this event and it led to a break between Anton Chekhov and
his friend Suvorin. Its effects on politics included the formation of a new cabinet by Rene-Waldeck Rousseau and riots at the
funeral of president Felix Faure. Although first brought to the public eye by Scheurer-Kestner, it had begun when an agent
from the Section of Statistics discovered an unsigned document in the office of von Schwartzkoppen. The identity of the
bordereau’s author was finally discovered by Georges Picquart, but the forger Colonel Henry committed suicide and Major
Esterhazy escaped to England unpunished. FTP, name this scandal in the French military over the innocence of the namesake
Jewish captain, made famous by Emile Zola’s J’accuse.
ANSWER: Dreyfus affair

11. One character in this play was a “chantoosie” who was taken from the Blue Dragon after she sang “That Old Black
Magic.” In act two, a drunken college professor reenacts the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet with a waitress named
Elma who, Grace points out, is too bright for boys her age. Other characters include Virgil Blessing, who has served as
guardian to a cowboy from Montana for eleven years, and Sheriff Will Masters, who is suspicious of Dr. Lyman. In the end,
Cherie agrees to go to Montana with Bo Decker and Carl drives the title vehicle away to Wichita. FTP, name this play set in a
restaurant thirty miles west of Kansas City; a work by William Inge.
ANSWER: Bus Stop

12. Grossman and Hart have suggested that failure of some corporate takeovers may be due to this behavior that, according to
Ronald Coase, can be reduced by lowering transaction costs to near zero. In a 1968 essay, Garrett Hardin discounted the
possibility of natural altruism and argued that, in the context of positive externalities, laissez faire policies inevitably lead to
it. The tit-for-tat approach may be appropriate for one analog, the iterated prisoner’s dilemma, but the concept of a public
good leads to a tragedy of the commons in a more general situation. FTP, name this economic problem in which actors avoid
paying for goods that cannot be taken away.
ANSWER: free rider problem (or free riding; prompt on tragedy of the commons before it’s mentioned)

13. Operator algebras on objects of this type are known as W-star or von Neumann algebras and it was von Neumann who
named these structures in a 1929 paper in Mathematische Annalen. Grover’s algorithm requires two angles between three
members of one of these corresponding to the state space of a quantum computer. Every one of these is also a Banach space,
but the converse does not hold. They are inner product spaces such that the resulting norm makes them complete metric
spaces. FTP, name these algebraic structures named for a mathematician who delivered a famous 1900 address to the Paris
International Congress of Mathematics.
ANSWER: Hilbert spaces
14. In the sequel to the work in which this character appears, his grandson, Michael, is tried for bribery. In that work, his son,
Isaac, is at odds with Michael over the same issue with which he was at odds with Issac. In the original work in which he
appeart, the arrival of Mr. Brown and Reverend Smith has caused the proverbial titular action, against which he retaliates by
burning a church. His retaliation is precipitated by his displeasure over Isaac’s conversion, which is exacerbated by the
desecration of a sacred mask. Previously exiled when his gun accidentally discharged and killed a man, he hangs himself
when he is unsuccessful in leading his people into war against their white colonizers. FTP, name this protagonist of No
Longer at Ease and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.
ANSWER: Okonkwo

15. “A mirror of man in his fallen state” is how Hazard Adams describes the meaning of this work, in which the poet
considers a furnace, a hammer, a chain, and an anvil as possible tools used in creating the title entity. An allusion to Genesis
is included in the penultimate stanza, “When the stars threw down their spears, / And watered heaven with their tears, / Did
he smile his work to see?” Before that, the author wondered, “what art / Could twist the sinews” of a heart and “What the
hand dare seize the fire?” that burnt in an eye. FTP, name this lyric from Songs of Experience in which the “fearful
symmetry” of the titular animal is marveled at by William Blake.
ANSWER: “The Tyger”

16. Early in his career, he was an ally of a faction founded by Gulian Verplanck and was nicknamed “King Coody” as a
result. As a lawyer, he defended the abolitionist Jacob Gruber and succeeded William Wirt as attorney general of his state.
After replacing William Duane, he ordered the end of federal deposits into the Second Bank of the United States as Secretary
of the Treasury, but Jackson’s bid to replace Gabriel Duvall with this man was a failure. In his most famous role, this man
dealt with the power of state courts in Ableman v. Booth, the sanctity of state contracts in the Charles River Bridge case and
with habeas corpus in ex parte Merryman. FTP, identify this fifth Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court who presided over
the Dred Scott case.
ANSWER: Roger Brooke Taney

17. A very likely key regulator of this process is ALG-2, a calcium-binding protein. Reactive oxygen species may cause Bcl-
2 to activate Bax, which leads to activation of various caspases. Its indicators include exposure of surface phospholipids to
phosphatidylserine and the secretion of TGF-beta by cytokines. In plants, it is accomplished by proteases that cleave at
asparagine residues, which cause collapse of the central vacuole. It is involved in such events as formation of synapses and
the sloughing-off of the endometrial lining. FTP, identify this process by which normal development of multicellular
organisms is genetically controlled, and which is different from necrosis.
ANSWER: apoptosis (accept programmed cell death)

18. In one of this man’s poems, Strephon discovers that his beloved Celia “shits” after entering the title locale, a “Lady’s
Dressing Room.” He uses the analogy of the Trojan horse “pregnant with Greeks” to describe Tories and Whigs huddled
under a shed in “Description of a City Shower,” which is often paired with the urban georgic “A Description of the
Morning.” He wrote a series of polemics against the monopoly on copper coinage granted to William Wood in Drapier’s
Letters and his correspondence with Esther Johnson was collected in the Journal to Stella, although he is better known for a
satire about Peter, Martin, and Jack and a novel whose hero was first a surgeon, then a captain of many ships. FTP, name this
author of A Tale of a Tub and Gulliver’s Travels.
ANSWER: Jonathan Swift

19. The factor of one-half resulting from this effect cancels with the factor of two error in the naive gyromagnetic ratio, so
that a semi-classical calculation of spin-orbit coupling coincidentally yields the same results as the full relativistic one. It
occurs in general because, over an accelerating path, the orientation of the velocity varies harmonically relative to that in an
inertial frame. Because Lorentz boosts do not commute with rotations, there exists a time dilation between the frame of an
orbiting charge and that of a nucleus, so the electron undergoes this motion as it orbits. FTP, name this type of purely
relativistic precession most notably undergone by atomic electrons and named for an English physicist.
ANSWER: Thomas precession
20. It was first exhibited under the title The Defeated One and was also titled The Awakening of Humanity at one point. The
plaster version of this sculpture was displayed at the Cercle Artistique in Brussels and this version is recognized because of
valuable photographs by Marconi and Druet. Its strangeness attracted the attention of L’Etoile Belge, who thought it
represented a man on the verge of committing suicide. Its model was a twenty-two-year-old Belgian soldier, Auguste Neyt,
and in order to discredit its creator, his contemporaries claimed the sculpture was cast from life. The better-recognized bronze
version of it was commissioned by Edmund Turquet, the director of the Beaux-Arts, in 1900. FTP, name this Rodin sculpture
of a nude man touching his head with one hand.
ANSWER: The Age of Bronze or L’Age d’Airain (accept The Awakening of Humanity or The Defeated One before they’re

21. Examples of these include tetrahydrofolic acid, which transfers single carbon groups, and FMN, which aids in the
oxidation of L-amino acids. Biotin functions as one in a particular carboxylation and lipoamide and thiamine pyrophosphate
both work as these in the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex. Categorized as either catalytic or stoichiometric, crucial ones
include FAD and NAD-plus and the “Q” variety is used in the electron transport chain. Also including the acetylated “A”
variety that reacts with oxaloacetate in the Krebs cycle, these are, FTP, what organic molecules required for enzyme
ANSWER: coenzymes

22. A ballet based upon this work was produced by Sir Robert Helpmann. The aria “Red as the rose in Maytime” expresses
Camille de Rousillon’s desire to find a suitable wife, which leads to his many social flirtations. This work takes place in and
around Maxim’s, which is sung about in the famous song “Vilia.” Baron Zeta is concerned for the economic welfare of
Pontevedro and thus tries to convince his wife, Valencienne, to hook the Count Danilo Danilovitsch up with the title
character, whose former husband has left her a fortune. FTP, name this operetta about Anna Glawari and her messing-around
with foreign guys; a work of Franz Lehár.
ANSWER: Die lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow), operetta (accept Die lustige Witwe)


1. The end of the Cultural Revolution came with the 1976 arrest of this group of Chinese officials. FTPE:
[10] Name this group of Communist party leaders, which included Wang Hongwen and Zhang Chunqiao.
ANSWER: Gang of Four or or Sirenbang or Ssu-jen-pang
[10] In December 2005, this last remaining member of the Gang of Four passed away from diabetes. His vitriolic plays
attacked enemies of Mao Zedong, especially the president Liu Shaoqui.
ANSWER: Yao Wenyuan
[10] The only member of the Gang of Four that I haven’t named yet, this was the wife of Mao Zedong. At her death, the
Chinese government said she had committed suicide. Uh-huh… sure, guys.
ANSWER: Jiang Qing (prompt on Madame Mao)

2. Answer the following about the works of Philip Glass FTPE.
[10] The first piece of this 1982 collection of six pieces is called “Opening” and it is often played by Philip Glass at solo
piano recitals. “Facades” is an outtake from the film Koyaanisqatsi.
ANSWER: Glassworks, pieces (6) for chamber ensemble (or marching band
[10] Centering on Mahatma Gandhi, this opera’s libretto is in Sanskrit. It focuses on a few specific events in Gandhi’s life.
ANSWER: Satyagraha, opera
[10] Staged by Robert Wilson, it is perhaps Glass’s most recognized work. This space opera contains several “Knee plays”
and two “Dances.”
ANSWER: Einstein on the Beach, opera

3. Identify these World War II-era conferences, none of which is Yalta or Potsdam, FTPE.
[10] The first conference among the three world powers at which Stalin was present, this 1943 meeting in Asia sought to
open-up a second front in Western Europe. Other actions included the Soviet Union entering the war against Japan, Turkey
joining the Allies, and setting the date for Operation Overlord.
ANSWER: Tehran Conference
[10] Attended by representatives from the United States, the United Kingdom, Soviet Union, and China, this conference set
the groundwork for the creation of the United Nations.
ANSWER: Dumbarton Oaks Conference (or Washington Conversations on International Peace and Security
[10] The villa where this conference took place is now a Holocaust museum. It was here that Eichmann, Buhler, and
Heydrich and twelve other Nazi officials first discussed the Final Solution.
ANSWER: Wannsee Conference

4. It is the final poem in 1959’s Life Studies and is dedicated to Elizabeth Bishop. FTPE:
[10] Name this poem that begins, “Nautilus Island’s hermit / heiress still lives through winter in her Spartan cottage” and
that, in the penultimate stanza, notes “nobody’s here --” except a group of the titular animal “that search in the moonlight for
a bite to eat.”
ANSWER: “Skunk Hour”
[10] This American Confessionalist authored “Skunk Hour” as well as the collection, “Lord Weary’s Castle.”
ANSWER: Robert Lowell (prompt on Lowell)
[10] Robert Lowell’s note on the skunks’ midnight snack is preceded by the line “I myself am hell,” a quote from this 1667
ANSWER: Paradise Lost

5. Give the terms from Jainism FTPE.
[10] True knowledge, or kevala jñaña, will result in this liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth.
ANSWER: moksha
[10] These twenty-four “ford-crossers” are considered to be the enlightened gurus of Jainism. The first was Rishab Dev, and
the last was Mahavira.
ANSWER: Tirtankaras
[10] Jains give this name to the soul and the name literally translates as “living substance”. Its negation, indicated by
prefixing an a-, is what weighs man down on Earth.
ANSWER: jiva
6. Name the following from the theory of computation FTPE.
[10] Mealy, Moore, and Turing machines are examples of this type of hypothetical computational device, in which the
limited number of namesake conditions are moved between by transitions.
ANSWER: finite state machines (or finite automata)
[10] This formal logic system, the basis of functional programming languages, was developed by Church and Kleene in the
1930’s in order to address problems dealing with computable numbers.
ANSWER: lambda calculus
[10] Church’s thesis is that the set of functions computed by the lambda calculus is equivalent to this set of functions. Turing
showed that these are both equivalent to computability by a Turing finite automaton.
ANSWER: general (or total) recursive functions

7. Name the following about works depicting the underprivileged FTPE.
[10] In 1903, Jack London was commissioned to write this work, an investigation of London’s slums.
ANSWER: People of the Abyss
[10] People of the Abyss inspired Jacob Riis to complete this study of New York Tenements.
ANSWER: How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York
[10] The Gudgers, Woods, and Rickets families were the subjects of this James Agee and Walker Evans work.
ANSWER: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

8. It can be stated as “entities should not be multiplied without necessity.” FTPE:
[10] First, name this aphorism claiming that, all else equal, the most likely explanation for something is the simplest one.
ANSWER: Ockham’s razor
[10] William of Ockham and Nelson Goodman are considered proponents of this belief, stating that an independent universal
is not necessary to provide a term for objects relative to each other.
ANSWER: nominalism
[10] John Luttrell’s reading of Occam’s commentary on this work resulted in excommunication by John XXII.
ANSWER: Four Books of Sentences (or Sententiarum libri IV)

9. Name these things related to the possessions of Odin FTSNOP.
[5/5] The names of these ravens of Odin’s translate as Thought and Memory. After circling the world, they perch on his
shoulders and tell him what’s up.
ANSWER: Huginn and Muninn (accept in either order)
[10] Odin also possesses this magical ring that, on every ninth night, sprouts eight additional magic rings.
ANSWER: Draupnir
[10] Name either of Odin’s wolves. Since, like Mike Sorice, Odin consumes only wine, he gives all of his food to them.
ANSWER: Geri or Freki

10. Name these genetic disorders FTPE.
[10] Mutation of the HEXA gene results in this fatal disease, in which harmful quantities of ganglioside GM2 accumulate in
the nerve cells of the brain.
ANSWER: Tay-Sachs disease
[10] Symptoms include a webbed neck, low hairline, and abnormal bone development. Absence of a second sex chromosome
causes this disease.
ANSWER: Turner syndrome
[10] Usually resulting in ataxia, hypernea, sleep apnea, and hypotonia, this disorder is generally caused by absence or
underdevelopment of the cerebellar vermis or brain stem.
ANSWER: Joubert syndrome

11. Name the following about works with similarly named characters FTPE.
[10] In this 1961 novel set in Trinidad, Mohun is a six-fingered journalist who is married to a Tulsi daughter. He spends his
life trying to move away from his in-laws and into the titular structure.
ANSWER: A House for Mr. Biswas
[10] In this 1907 work, Christy Mahon arrived in Mayo and fibs about how he split his father’s skull. He is disgraced when
his father arrives with a bandaged head.
ANSWER: Playboy of the Western World
[10] In this Bertolt Brecht work, three fugitives construct the title city of debauchery to which Mahoney comes and is
eventually condemned to death “because of his lack of money, which is the greatest crime on earth.”
ANSWER: Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny or Aufsteig und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny
12. Answer the following about the early history of the Philippines FTPE.
[10] The Philippines’ long and contentious relationship with Spain began when Miguel Lopez de Legazpi founded this city in
1565. It now serves as the administrative center of its namesake province in the central Visayas Islands.
[10] This explorer was warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of Cebu when he arrived in 1521. The locals still celebrate a
cross that he left in honor of the conversions that took place. Unfortunately, on a visit to neighboring Mactan, this
circumnavigator met his demise.
ANSWER: Ferdinand Magellan
[10] In modern Cebu, which includes Mactan, two statues stand in remembrance of Magellan and this Visayan chief, who led
the troops that slew Magellan in battle.
ANSWER: Lapu-Lapu

13. Answer these questions about an artist and his work FTPE.
[10] This really blurry painting shows an early locomotive crossing the River Thames and is now in the National Gallery,
ANSWER: Rain, Steam, and Speed – The Great Western Railway
[10] This British artist painted Rain, Steam, and Speed along with other works, like The Slave Ship.
ANSWER: Joseph Mallord William Turner
[10] This Turner painting is based on a scene from Homer’s Odyssey. It involves one character taunting another as the
former’s ship gets away.
ANSWER: Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus

14. Answer questions related to d-block metals FTPE.
[10] This d sub-orbital is like a p-orbital in that it has two lobes of along an axis, separated by a node, with a planar toroidal
ring that bisects the two lobes.
ANSWER: dz2 [d-z-squared or d-z-two]
[10] One of the most important inorganic compounds, has is an iron(II) [iron-two] atom sandwiched between two
cyclopentadiene rings.
ANSWER: ferrocene
[10] This theory, a revision of crystal field theory based on molecular orbital calculations, is used to understand how d-orbital
splitting in inorganic compounds affects such properties as color and ionic radius.
ANSWER: ligand field theory

15. Name these concepts from general relativity FTPE.
[10] In GR, distortions from this “flat” space-time occur due to the presence of matter. It is named for Einstein’s mentor and
special relativity is most conveniently formulated in it.
ANSWER: Minkowski space-time (or M4 or R1,3)
[10] First suggested in 1918, this strong-field effect is the precession of the plane of one mass orbiting a rotating second one.
It is caused by coupling of the system’s spin and orbital angular momenta.
ANSWER: frame-dragging (or lense-thirring effect)
[10] Possessing three indices that run over the space-time coordinates and represented by a capital gamma, these quantities
can be derived from the metric and are representative of the change in the basis vectors.
ANSWER: connection coefficients (or Christoffel symbols)

16. FTPE, name these related things from popular music.
[10] Their 1983 album Born Again features some of the worst production ever seen. The Stonehenge set from their Born
Again tour and their constant line-up changes were parodied in the film This Is Spinal Tap.
ANSWER: Black Sabbath
[10] This guitarist is the only person to be included in every incarnation of Black Sabbath.
ANSWER: Tony Iommi
[10] Born Again featured Ian Gillan on vocals, but he is understandably is more famous for fronting this band, famous for
1972’s Machine Head and for Smoke on the Water.
ANSWER: Deep Purple
17. Identify these Civil War battles that occurred in the same state FTPE.
[10] This battle followed Grant’s taking of Forts Donelson and Henry and occurred in April, 1862. A sneak attack by Albert
Sidney Johnston led to the deaths of Johnson and about twenty thousand others, but little gain for either side.
ANSWER: the Battle of Shiloh (or the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing)
[10] In this November, 1863 battle, which included actions at Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, Grant defeated
Braxton Bragg and pushed the Confederate armies out of Tennessee.
ANSWER: the Battle of Chattanooga
[10] In an earlier battle, Bragg had retreated from Perryville to this site in Tennessee and here he first went up against
Rosecrans on December 31, 1862. Bragg again retreated, this time to Tullahoma, creating a nine-month stalemate on the
ANSWER: the Battle of Stones River (or the Battle of Murfreesboro)

18. Nothing like a Charles Dickens murder mystery FTPE.
[10] This 1865 novel begins when John Harmon returns to England to marry Bella Wilfer and is mysteriously murdered.
Actually he faked his own death and became John Rokesmith.
ANSWER: Our Mutual Friend
[10] In this work, Mr. Tulkinghorn is murdered after threatening to expose Lady Dedlock. Inspector Bucket deduces that the
maid Mademoiselle Hortense did it.
ANSWER: Bleak House
[10] Jack Jasper believes that Neville Landless is responsible for the murder and disappearance of his nephew in this work.
The mystery was never solved since Dickens died before the novel was completed.
ANSWER: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

19. Answer the following about a battle that makes some people really mad FTPE.
[10] Fought on June 23, 1757, this historic battle saw the British East India Company defeat the army of Suraj-ud Daulah, the
last independent nawab of Bengal.
ANSWER: Plassey (accept Palashi)
[10] The British forces at Plassey were commanded primarily by this jerk, who would later become both the Baron of Plassey
and the governor of Bengal.
ANSWER: Lord Robert Clive
[10] This even bigger jerk commanded a little less than sixteen thousand cavalry for the Nawab’s forces but, later in the
battle, refused to allow his army to attack Clive’s forces. He was later named Nawab of Bengal for his treachery.
ANSWER: Jafar Ali Khan

20. Given a brief description, identify the Indian film FTPE.
[10] The titular figure dreams of becoming a writer but he is really jobless like so many writer wannabes. He marries Aparna,
but she dies in childbirth. It is the last film in a Satyajit Ray trilogy.
ANSWER: The World of Apu or Apur Sansar
[10] In this ridiculously popular Aditya Chopra film, Raj Maholtra, played by the charismatic Shahrukh Khan, attempts to
win the heart of Simran, played by Kajol Devgan.
ANSWER: Brave-Heart Will Take the Bride or Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge (or Lovers Will Walk Off with the Bride or
The Big-Hearted Will Win the Bride)
[10] Nominated by India for the Best Foreign Film Oscar to the Academy, this 2001 film depicts the historical event wherein
local Indian villagers defeat British occupiers at a game of cricket, thus exempting the villagers from tax for several years.
ANSWER: Lagaan or Land Tax

21. The novel opens with a fictional preface by a nephew of the protagonist’s landlady. FTPE:
[10] Name this novel in which the author enters a hall of mirrors, runs into Mozart, and then stabs Hermine.
ANSWER: Steppenwolf
[10, all or nothing] Name the author of Steppenwulf and its protagonist.
ANSWER: Herman Hesse and Harry Haller (accept either name)
[10] Following an awkward dinner at a professor’s house, Haller goes to this location for a drink and meets Hermine.
ANSWER: Black Eagle Tavern
22. Name these related terms from earth science FTPE.
[10] Developed in the early 1900’s by its namesake, this diagram is useful as a guideline for the formation of silicate minerals
as magma cools. It consists of convergent continuous and discontinuous branches.
ANSWER: Bowen’s reaction series
[10] This mineral is found at the highest temperatures on the discontinuous branch of the series. The gemstone variety of this
mineral is known as peridot.
ANSWER: olivine
[10] This term is used to designate the silicate minerals, such as muscovite mica and quartz, that are formed at lower
temperatures, after the continuous and discontinuous branches have merged.
ANSWER: felsic

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