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   Baseball NSW releases “Blue Print” Document.

   2010 committees selected from Auburn and
    Macarthur to look at an amalgamation / joint

   Joint venture agreed to May 2010. This has
    created “Macarthur Orioles” major league club.
         Why change anything
   Due to the details of the Blue print
    document Changes were necessary.

   To allow growth for Macarthur district
    baseball clubs by injecting a wealth of
    high standard of players and coaches.

   Joining top players from both clubs for the
    benefits of BNSW and MBL
So how do we look now
Macarthur Baseball League

              Macarthur District Clubs
                  Jnr and Senior
                    St Carlos
                    Chipping Norton
                    Liverpool Angels
                    Casula Lakers
Our representative club

         Macarthur Orioles
         Major league club
         1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade, U18’s

         Macarthur Colts
         Junior Club
         Future Orioles Program
         U10, U12, U14, U16
                Macarthur Orioles
   Introducing Head Coach Steve Sprod

   Uniform
       Black “M” cap
       White pants
       Black belt
       Orange and black Oriole shirt

   Plus
       Polo Shirt
       Training Shirt
               Macarthur Orioles:
Ist Grade
 Head Coach Steve Sprod

                       2nd Grade
                       Head Coach - Peter Jones

                                 3RD Grade
                                 Head Coach – Matthew Forbes

                        Head Coach – Jason Moir

Pitching Coach – Shane Benson
            Macarthur Orioles
   Trial dates

   U18 only trials begin Tuesday 20th July.

   Grade trials begin 3rd August

   Trials to include:
             Macarthur Orioles
   Season Begins Wed 8th September 2010 (1st
   Opening Night 11th September 2010.

   Home games requested – Saturdays

   From Midday U18 -3rd & 2nd grade

   1st Grade 7.30
Macarthur Orioles - Sponsors
    Macarthur Orioles – Social Events
   Opening Night 1st Home Game – Junior Rep Cap presentation

   Ladies Day (2nd Home Game)

   20/8/10 at BOP (3rd Grade vs. Bega) – yet to be confirmed

   28/8/10 Last Saturday before Season:
        100 innings
       Grade inter club scrimmage
       Family, Supporters and friends get together

   Fishers Ghost March
    Macarthur Orioles – More social
   Golf Day or Poker Night (MBL)

   Race Day (Macarthur Orioles)

   Major league All star day – Northmead

   Club Xmas dinner – PJ Gallagher's

   Appearances at MBL events (Grade Players)

   May 2011 Orioles Presentation nights.
Macarthur Orioles - Fundraising
   BBQ at Bunnings (to be confirmed??)

   Raffles (to assist Fee payments)

   Chocolate Drive

   100 Innings of baseball (Charity Event)
Not just playing for a team we’re playing for a club

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