Designer of Record

                                   For the Major Project Titled:

                          TN Veterans’ Home - Cleveland
                       Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee
                         Department of General Services
                   for Tennessee State Veterans’ Home Board

1.1.   Project Description

       User Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs (TSVH)
       Project Title: TN Veterans’ Home - Cleveland
       Project Location: Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee
       Project MACC: $24,642,000.00
       Project Contact: Clint Camp, (615) 532-9015,
       Agency Contact: Taylor Wyrick, (865) 809-4073,

       Project Overview:

       This Project will provide full planning (Basic Services through CDP) for a 108-bed intermediate and
       skilled-care nursing home facility, including all related site improvements, for Tennessee State Veterans
       Home, to be located in Cleveland, Tennessee. In accordance with the Designer Selection Process, the
       Maximum Allowable Construction Cost (MACC) for this project requires a Designer Request for
       Qualifications. This specific RFQ includes mandatory requirements specified in the request form.

       TSVH Information and Criteria:

       The proposed facility will be approximately 106,500 square feet and will be designed to meet or exceed
       the criteria set forth in the VA Space Planning Criteria (106) dated March 2008 (SEPS Version 1.6), and include elements of the Department of Veterans
       Affairs Design Guide 2011 for Community Living Centers and State Veterans’ Homes Specific information pertaining to trade disciplines can be
       found in the VA’s Technical Information Library

       Special Design or Submission Requirements:

       Please verify your Firm’s registration with the State Architect’s Office (online registration) and submit
       electronically your Firm’s response to this Request for Qualifications.

1.2.   Expectations and Objectives

       The DOR’s team will be expected to have significant experience providing successful design services
       with particular emphasis on assisted living and nursing home projects of similar scope and scale. They
       should also be in proximity to the proposed project, and have previous experience with alternative project
       delivery methods.

       The Designer shall have a working understanding of all applicable codes required by the State of
       Tennessee as listed in the Owner’s Designers’ Manual. (The Designers’ Manual is accessible online,
       located at

       The Designer shall be expected to work with the Owner’s Commissioning agent during design and

       The objectives of the designer selection process are as follows:

               •   Provide clear guidance.
               •   Promote access by all interested professionals.
               •   Promote competition.
               •   Promote transparency and accountability.
               •   Secure the best designer resulting in quality work on State capital projects.
               •   Encourage clear communication between the State and design professionals
                   interested in working on State projects.

1.3.   Preliminary Schedule

       The solicited services will start when the Master Contract is fully executed and the Notice to Proceed
       issued. The following schedule is preliminary and based on Federal approval

       The tentative schedule for the Project is as follows:

                                         Description                 Date
                                     Designer Selection        November, 2012
                                        Begin Design            January, 2013
                                        CM On-board              March, 2013
                                     Design Completion           April, 2014
                                    Federal VA Submittal          June, 2014
                                    Construction Begins         August, 2014
                                   Substantial Completion      November, 2015

1.4.   Project Construction Budget

               GMP Target ............ $ 23,469,000 (Includes all construction, related sitework & built-ins)
               Owner Contingency $ 1,173,000
               MACC ....................... $24,642,000
       “GMP” is the Guaranteed Maximum Price for construction.
       The “MACC” is the Maximum Allowable Construction Cost approved by the Tennessee State Building

1.5.   Nondiscrimination
       No person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to
       discrimination in the performance of a Contract pursuant to this RFQ or in the employment practices of
       the Contractor on the grounds of handicap or disability, age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or
       any other classification protected by federal, Tennessee state constitutional, or statutory law. The
       Contractor pursuant to this RFQ shall, upon request, show proof of such nondiscrimination and shall post
       in conspicuous places, available to all employees and applicants, notices of nondiscrimination.

1.6.   RFQ Communications

       1.6.1.    The Owner has assigned the following RFQ identification number that must be referenced in all
                 communications regarding this RFQ:

       RFQ NUMBER #680/vhome-2012

       1.6.2.    Unauthorized contact about this RFQ with employees or officials of the State of Tennessee
                 except as detailed below may result in disqualification from consideration under this
                 procurement process.

          Potential Designers must direct communications relating to this RFQ to the following
                            person designated as the RFQ Coordinator:

                            Jenny Young
                            Department of General Services
                            William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower, 24 Floor
                            312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
                            Nashville, TN 37243
                            Phone:(615) 741-1298

1.7.   Notice of Intent to Submit

       Before the Notice of Intent to Submit Deadline detailed in the RFQ Section 2, Schedule of Events,
       potential Designers should submit to the RFQ Coordinator a Notice of Intent to Submit (in the form of a
       simple e-mail or other written communication). Such notice should include the following information:

                a.   This RFQ number
                b.   the business or individual’s name (as appropriate);
                c.   a contact person’s name and title; and
                d.   the contact person’s mailing address, telephone number, facsimile number, and e-mail

       A Notice of Intent to Submit creates no obligation and is not a prerequisite for making a submittal,
       however, it is necessary to ensure receipt of any RFQ amendments or other notices and
       communications relating to this RFQ.

2.1.   The following RFQ Schedule of Events represents the Owner’s best estimate for this RFQ.

                                                               TIME                    DATE
                              EVENT                          (CENTRAL      (all dates are state business
                                                            TIME ZONE)                 days)
         1. RFQ Issued                                                         September 12, 2012
         2. Disability Accommodation Request
                                                                               September 17, 2012
         Deadline                                              2:00 p.m.
         3. Notice of Intent to Submit Deadline                                September 19, 2012
         4. Written “Questions & Comments”                                     September 26, 2012
         5. Owner Response to Written“Questions &                                October 2, 2012
         6. Submittal Deadline                                 2:00 p.m.         October 9, 2012
         7. Owner Completion of Submittal                                       October 18, 2012
         8. State Building Commission (SBC) Review                             November 19, 2012
         and Approval
         9. Owner Evaluation Notice Released and                               November 20, 2012
         RFQ Files Opened for Public Inspection
         10. Designer Contract Signature Deadline              2:00 p.m.       November 28, 2012

2.2.   The Owner reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to adjust the RFQ Schedule of Events as it
       deems necessary. Any adjustment of the Schedule of Events shall constitute an RFQ amendment, and
       the Owner will communicate such to potential Designers from whom the Owner has received a Notice of
       Intent to Submit (refer to section 1.10.).


3.1.   Submittal Form

       This RFQ for Designer Selection is for a MAJOR Capital Project and is therefore NOT limited to four (4)

       3.1.1.   The RFQ Exhibit 1., Designer Submittal Packet details specific requirements for making a
                Submittal in response to this RFQ. The guide includes general business requirements, general
                qualifications and experience items, and technical qualifications, experience, and approach items
                all of which must be addressed with a written response and, in some instances, additional

         A Designer must use the RFQ Exhibit 1., Designer Submittal Packet to organize,
                           reference, and draft the Submittal by duplicating the attachment, adding appropriate
                           page numbers as required, and using the guide as a table of contents covering the

         A submittal should be economically prepared, with emphasis on completeness and
                           clarity. A submittal, as well as any reference material presented, must be written in
                           English and must be written on standard 8 ½” x 11”pages (although oversize exhibits
                           are permissible). All submittal pages must be numbered.

         All information and documentation included in a Submittal should respond to or address
                           a specific requirement detailed in the RFQ Exhibit 1., Designer Submittal Packet. All
                           information must be incorporated into a response to a specific requirement and clearly
                           referenced. Any information not meeting these criteria will be deemed extraneous and
                           will not contribute to evaluations. No marketing materials should be included with the

         The Owner may determine a submittal to be non-responsive and reject it if:

                           a. the Designer fails to organize and properly reference the Submittal as required by
                              this RFQ and the RFQ Exhibit 1., Designer Submittal Packet; or

                           b. the Submittal document does not appropriately respond to, address, or meet all of
                              the requirements and submittal items detailed in the RFQ Exhibit 1., Designer
                              Submittal Packet.

3.2.   Submittal Delivery

       A Designer must deliver a submittal in response to this RFQ as detailed below. The Owner will not
       accept a submittal delivered by any other method.

       3.2.1.   A Designer must ensure that the original submittal documents meet all form and content
                requirements detailed within this RFQ for such submittals including, but not limited to, required

       3.2.2.   A Designer must submit original documents and copies as specified below.

         Six (6) original submittal paper documents labeled:

                           “SBC Project # 680/vhome-2012: Designer Qualifications”

                           and two (2) copies of the Submittal each in the form of one (1) digital document in
                           “PDF” format properly recorded on its own otherwise blank, standard CD-R recordable
                           disc labeled:

                           “SBC Project # 680/vhome-2012: Designer Qualifications COPY”

                           The digital copies should not include copies of sealed customer references, however
                           any other discrepancy between the paper submittal document and any digital copies
                           may result in the Owner rejecting the submittal as non-responsive.

                           In the event of a discrepancy between the original document and the digital copy, the
                           original, signed document will take precedence.

       3.2.3.   A Designer must seal, package, and label the documents and discs for delivery as follows:

                The original document and copy discs must be placed in a sealed package that is clearly labeled:

                “DO NOT OPEN…SBC Project Project # 680/vhome-2012: Designer Qualifications FROM

       3.2.4.   A Designer must ensure that the Owner receives a submittal in response to this RFQ no later
                than the Submittal Deadline time and date detailed in the RFQ Section 2, Schedule of Events at
                the following address:

                Jenny Young
                Department of General Services
                William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower, 24 Floor
                312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
                Nashville, TN 37243
                Phone: (615) 741-1298

3.3.   Qualification Submittal Preparation Costs

       The Owner will not pay any costs associated with the preparation, submittal, or presentation of any


4.1.   Owner Right of Rejection

       4.1.1.   Subject to applicable laws and regulations, the Owner reserves the right to reject, at its sole
                discretion, any and all submittals.

4.2.   Assignment & Subcontracting

       4.2.1.   The Designer may not subcontract, transfer, or assign any portion of the Contract awarded as a
                result of this RFQ without prior approval of the Owner. The Owner reserves the right to refuse
                approval, at its sole discretion, of any subcontract, transfer, or assignment.

       4.2.2. Subconsultants identified as a result of this RFQ process will be deemed as approved by the
              Owner unless the Owner expressly disapproves one or more of the proposed subconsultants
              prior to signing the Contract.

       4.2.3.   The Designer resulting from this RFQ may only substitute another subconsultant for a proposed
                subconsultant at the discretion of the Owner and with the Owner’s prior, written approval.

       4.2.4.   Notwithstanding any Owner approval relating to subcontracts, the Designer resulting from this
                RFQ will be the prime consultant and will be responsible for all work under the Contract.

4.3.   Right to Refuse Personnel

       The Owner reserves the right to refuse, at its sole discretion and notwithstanding any prior approval, any
       personnel of the designer or a subconsultant providing service in the performance of a contract resulting
       from this RFQ. The Owner will document in writing the reason(s) for any rejection of personnel.

4.4.   Insurance

       The Owner will require the successful Designer to provide proof of insurance coverage as required by the
       Owner’s Designers’ Manual (Conditions of the Contract) before entering into a contract. Failure to
       provide evidence of such insurance coverage is a material breach and grounds for termination of the
       contract negotiations. Any insurance required by the Owner shall be in form and substance acceptable to
       the Owner.

4.5.   Licensure

       4.5.1.   Designers shall be familiar with the applicable licensing laws, as currently amended (codified in
                Tennessee Code Annotated Sections 62-2-101, et seq). A contract will not be awarded to a
                Designer whose qualifications are in conflict with the State of Tennessee licensing law.

       4.5.2.   A Designer shall be a licensed design professional in the State of Tennessee. Appropriate
                Tennessee License(s) are required. The Designer must maintain licensure during the period of
                this Contract, and shall notify the Owner of any changes in licensure.

       4.5.3.   Before the Contract resulting from this RFQ is signed, the apparent successful Designer (and
                Designer employees and subconsultants, as applicable) must hold all necessary, appropriate
                business and professional licenses to provide service as required. The Owner may require any
                Designer to submit evidence of proper licensure.

4.6.   Disclosure of Submittal Contents

       4.6.1.   Each submittal and all materials submitted to the Owner in response to this RFQ become the
                property of the State of Tennessee. Selection or rejection of a submittal does not affect this right.
                By submitting a packet, a Designer acknowledges and accepts that the full qualification contents
                and associated documents will become open to public inspection in accordance with the laws of
                the State of Tennessee.

       4.6.2.   The Owner will hold all submittal information in confidence during the evaluation process.
                Notwithstanding the foregoing, a list of actual Designers submitting timely submittals may be
                available to the public, upon request, after submittals are opened.

       4.6.3.   Upon completion of qualification evaluations, indicated by public release of an Evaluation Notice,
                the qualifications and associated materials will be open for review by the public in accordance
                with Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 10-7-504(a)(7).

4.7.   Joint Ventures

       If a Designer intends to submit as a joint venture, then the following requirements shall apply:

           a. For the purposes of this RFQ, the Owner recognizes a joint venture as separate organizations or
              business entities that intend to combine professional or technical expertise and business
              experience, and to share contractual and project responsibilities in performance of a contract
              pursuant to this RFQ;
           b. Each joint venture participant shall meet the licensure requirements stated in the RFQ;
           c. Each joint venture participant shall meet the insurance requirements stated in the RFQ;
           d. Each joint venture participant shall individually provide all documentation required for review of
              responsibility and stability. The Owner will not recognize nor accept as a singular submittal, any
              combination of assets and resources from separate organizations or business entities submitting
              a qualification in response to this RFQ;
           e. A sub-consultant to a Designer is not a joint venture participant.

4.8    Required Pre-Registration for Design Services

       4.8.1. Architects, Engineers and other Design Professionals shall submit annually the standard
               registration information in a format that will be made available on the State Architect’s website.
       4.8.2. Registration is required for all projects (Major, Standard and Minor) and should be completed
               before expressing formal interest in a project.
       4.8.3. This information will include, but is not limited to the following:
               a. General firm information including name(s) of principals and their corresponding architectural
               and / or engineering state license number, primary office location, number of staff including
               breakdown of professionals and years in business and primare email address to receive
               b. General project experience,
               c. State project experience,
               d. Services available


5.1.   Evaluation Categories & Maximum Points

       The Owner will consider qualifications, experience, and technical approach in the evaluation of
       qualifications and award points in each of the categories detailed below (up to the maximum evaluation
       points indicated) to each apparently responsive submittal.

       The submittal must attain a combined score of seventy (70) or above in order for it to be considered. (70
       points equals 70% of the 100 possible points).

       The apparent successful Designer will be identified by the Qualified Submittal having the highest total

                 EVALUATION CATEGORY                               MAXIMUM POINTS POSSIBLE
        Design Team Information
        General Qualifications                                                    25
        Proximity to Project
        Project Experience
        Design Team
        State Work
        CA Review
        Alternate Delivery
        Federal Experience
        Litigation                                                                10
        Previous Evaluations
        Add’l Information

5.2.   Evaluation Process

       The submittal evaluation process is designed to award the contract resulting from this RFQ to the
       Designer offering the best combination of attributes based upon the evaluation criteria.

       5.2.1. Establishment of Evaluation Team: The ability to provide an objective, fair, knowledgeable and
              competent evaluation team is critical to the success of the Designer Selection Process.

       5.2.2. The following criteria should be considered by the State Procuring Agency (SPA) and User
               Agency (UA) in the selection of evaluation team members:
               (a) As a standard, the evaluation team should be composed of five (5) State employees,
               but in no case, less than three (3) employees.
               (b) Member selection and selection of a RFQ coordinator from among the evaluation team
               members is the responsibility of the SPA and/or UA.
               (c) Team members should be knowledgeable of the goals, scope and technical criteria of
               the project and be familiar with the design and construction process.
               (d) An understanding of the particular procurement process by all members of the team is
               (e) Objectivity and avoidance of the appearance of impropriety shall be of uppermost importance
               to the team.
               (f) Where appropriate, additional technical advisors in such areas as financial, scheduling,
               references, submittal compliance, design, etc., should be given consideration.

       5.2.3   The State’s evaluation team will be responsible for assigning a score for each submittal for the
               technical response portion of any RFQ, following the procedures set forth in the RFQ.
                Unless an alternative approach is approved by the SBC, the highest total technical score
               in an RFQ will identify the recommended Designer for contract award. Upon SBC approval of an
               awarded contract, the files will be open for public inspection.

       5.2.4.   Technical Qualification Evaluation. The RFQ Coordinator and the Submittal Evaluation Team
                (consisting of 5 or more State employees) will use the points as assigned in 5.1 above, in addition
                to RFQ Exhibit 1., Designer Submittal Packet to manage the Technical Qualification Evaluation
                and maintain evaluation records.

         The Owner reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to request Designer clarification of
                           a Technical Qualification or to conduct clarification discussions with any or all
                           Designers. Any such clarification or discussion will be limited to specific sections of the
                           submittal identified by the Owner. The subject Designer must put any resulting
                           clarification in writing as may be required and in accordance with any deadline imposed
                           by the Owner.

         Submittal Evaluation Team members will independently evaluate each Technical
                           Qualification (that appears responsive to the RFQ) against the evaluation criteria in this
                           RFQ, rather than against other qualifications and will score each in accordance with the
                           RFQ Section 5.1., Evaluation Categories & Maximum Points.

         For each submittal evaluated, the RFQ Coordinator will calculate the average of the
                           Submittal Evaluation Team member scores for Designer Selection Evaluations, and
                           record each average as the qualification score for the respective Technical
                           Qualification section.

         The score for the Technical Qualification section must attain a combined score of
                           seventy (70) points or above in order to be considered. Those firms selected will be
                           ordered by their respective average scores, and submitted to the SBC.

5.3.   Contract Award Process

       5.3.1    The RFQ Coordinator will forward the results established by Section 5.2. above to the proper
                officials of the procuring agency who will consider the same to determine which Designer should
                be recommended for award to the State Building Commission (“SBC”).

                After the approval of the Executive Subcommittee of the SBC, the Owner will issue an Evaluation
                Notice to identify the Designer approved by the SBC. The Evaluation Notice date is detailed in
                RFQ Section 2, Schedule of Events. The Evaluation Notice shall not create rights, interests, or
                claims of entitlement in the Designer named in the Evaluation Notice.

       5.3.2.   The Designer identified in the Evaluation Notice must sign an agreement drawn by the Owner
                pursuant to this RFQ. The agreement shall be substantially the same as the RFQ Attachment,
                SBC-6: Standard Form of Agreements between Owner and Designer. The Designer must sign
                said agreement no later than Contract Signature Deadline detailed in the RFQ Section 2,
                Schedule of Events. If the Designer fails to provide the signed contract by the deadline, the
                Owner may determine that the Designer is non-responsive to this RFQ and reject the submittal.

       5.3.3.   Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Owner may, at its sole discretion, engage in limited
                negotiation, prior to contract signing and, as a result, revise the Standard Form contract terms
                and conditions or performance requirements in the Owner’s best interests, PROVIDED THAT
                such revision of terms and conditions or performance requirements shall NOT materially affect
                the basis of qualification evaluations or negatively impact the competitive nature of the RFQ and
                contractor selection process.

5.4.   Protest Process

       The owner will allow seven (7) calendar days after the State Building Commission’s action for
       consideration of protests from a Designer. Written protests shall be submitted to the State Architect who
       will evaluate the merits of the protest. If the State Architect denies a protest, then the contract process

5.5.   Appeal

       A Designer may appeal its denied protest to the Executive Subcommittee of the State Building
       Commission for further review. The appeal shall be submitted to the State Architect within seven (7)
       calendar days of notification of the denied protest. The Executive Subcommittee of the State Building
       Commission’s determination of a protest is final action. If the Executive Subcommittee of the State
       Building Commission’s review through appeal concurs with the State Architect and denies the protest,
       then the contract process proceeds. If, after review of the protest through appeal, the Executive
       Subcommittee of the State Building Commission decides in favor of the protest then the resulting action
       may be RFQ cancellation or other resolution.

    Please refer to RFQ Sections 5.1 and 5.2 regarding Evaluation Categories and the Evaluation Process,
    respectively. The Designer should replicate this format and address all items below IN THE SAME ORDER AND
    FORMAT. There is no page limit, though the submittal should be created as economically as feasible.

    A.           Submitting Firm Information
    1. Firm name, address, and website:
    2. Primary Contact name, address (if different), phone number, and email:

    B.           Design Team Information
    1. Provide design team members’ name, role, qualifications (including education, awards, memberships
       and registrations), project expertise and office location for each team member / consultant / design
       discipline. Include all pertinent staff such as project designers, project manager, contract administrator,
       etc. Provide proximity of design team permanent office location to the proposed project site (Cleveland,
       TN) in miles. Include relevant projects that the design team member worked on, to include: Project Title /
       Location, Year Work Completed, and brief project description.
    2. Provide organizational flowchart (See attached Exhibit 2. for example).
    C.           Project Experience
    1. Firm Experience:
       Utilizing detailed Case Studies (up to one page per case study), list the Submitting Firm’s experience for
       up to five (5) projects of similar project type, specific to nursing homes, or care facilities.
       (Address experience with “Culture Change” consideration with Senior Living and Design elements if
       applicable, as described in the CLC / State Home Design information on the VA’s website.) :
         At a minimum for the example Case Studies, include the following: Project Title / Location, Year
         professional services were completed, Year Construction completed (if applicable), Project Owner,
         Project Point of Contact / Contact Information, brief description as it relates to this project, and other
         consulting firms part of this design team that were involved in the featured project, if applicable. Be sure
         to provide firm’s experience in meeting project budget, delivery method, schedule and program in the
         narrative. Provide additional information and details as necessary.

    2. Proposed Design Team: Provide proposed Project Team experience for all included disciplines (i.e.
        Basic Services). List experience on up to five (5) projects of similar type, (e.g., Nursing Home or Care
        Facilities) during the past five (5) years for each firm of the proposed Design Team.
       (Sample Table for each proposed consulting firm of Design Team)

         -     FIRM NAME -

                                       Project           Design           Project Gross         Completion
     Project Identification                                                                                             $ Value
                                      Location          Discipline            Area                 Year
             Provide additional details as necessary.

    3. List the five (5) most recent State of Tennessee projects previously awarded to the submitting Firm
       within the last five (5) years. This may include TBR and UT facilities.
             (Sample Table)

                                                                                                                 Status or
              SBC Number & Project Identification           Location                             Agency         Completion     $ Value
                                                                              Gross Area

             For the above listed example projects (Item 3), summarize Firm’s experience in meeting project budget,
             schedule, and project program in narrative form. Provide details as necessary.

        D.       Services
        1. Proposed Project Approach:
           Describe the Firm’s and Project Team’s approach to design and design implementation for projects of
           this type.
           a. Discuss design philosophy and technical aspects of the project.
           b. Discuss the proposed project timetable.
           c. Discuss Project Documents philosophy, especially interdisciplinary coordination and QA / QC
           d. Discuss Construction Administration (CA) philosophy including shop drawing review, RFIs, change
                orders, and etc.
           e. Discuss Firm’s experience with alternative delivery methods, especially Construction Manager at
                Risk (CM at Risk).
           f. Describe the Firm’s experience with projects where the design and proposed construction of
                buildings involved Federal approvals and oversight.
           g. Describe the Firm’s experience with sustainable initiatives, including the State’s Sustainability
                Design Guidelines
        2. Address familiarity with the project area by listing up to five (5) project examples in the vicinity.
             (Sample Table)

                                                                                                                  Current Status or
             Project Identification & Client               Project Location          Project Gross Area                                     $ Value
                                                                                                                  Completion Year


        E.       General
        1. Current and projected Firm work load:

             (Sample Table, expand as needed to list all projects)
                                                                                                                  Current or     Local,
                                                                                Project Status
                                                                                                    Expected       Projected     State,
                      Project Identification & Client            $ Value
                                                                                                   Completion                  Federal or
                                                                                  (CDP, etc)
                                                                                                                    (C or P)    Private
2. Record of any ongoing litigation, mediation, or disputes, and any contracts terminated for cause.
   Please explain any qualifying or limiting statements (e.g. No current litigation in the State of Tennessee
   implies ongoing litigation elsewhere):
3. Evaluations from prior clients, with preference to other State and Federal reviews. Include other
   additional information as necessary.
4. Provide any pertinent information that the submitting firm may deem necessary for use in the
   consideration of rating the submittal for this project.

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