How Trollbeads Sustain Their Individuality

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					How Trollbeads Sustain Their Individuality
In the beginning Trollbeads were the brain little one of one Danish goldsmith Svend Nielsen, a unique
jewellery gift for friends and family back in 1976 now in 2009 Trollbeads are one of the most effective
selling jewellery things not only in Denmark yet world wide.

What one thing makes Trollbeads jewelry so attractive to this type of wide and diverse customer
profile? this can be a question that lies on everyone's lips each within the jewellery business and the
consumer alike. Part of the answer to this specific question lies in the premise that Svend Nielsen had
whenever he created the 1st Trollbead, he had witnessed the historic good results of the traditional
charm bracelet with silver and gold coins charms that would be solder to a traditional bracelet. This
traditional design of jewellery had been productive for many, many years due to the way that people
could gather charms and personalise their bracelet, however once the charms were on the charm
bracelet the style could be fixed and only large upheaval and price would alter the design of the
bracelet. Svend Nielsen premise ended up being to create a charm bracelet that could be
personalised like the traditional charm bracelet but would be able to always be altered and
transformed at the drop of your hat with no complex knowledge needed. His / her creation was
Trollbeads using a foxtail bracelet that murano goblet , cast silver and gold drops would slide on and
off at anytime.

This idea of a piece of jewelry that can be as water as choosing an outfit for a night out, has captured
the imagination of women and adult men all over the world. Now in to there 32nd year Trollbeads led
from the second generation with the family Lise Aagaard, and what has kept Trollbeads at the
forefront of this new along with expanding jewellery market is that they are not afraid to be able to
innovate and diversify , with the company stopping many of their most liked beads to bring new beads
into the range to keep the range fresh and new for all of their fans. Beads like the amber beads
launched in 2007 and the spring Kit have held the Trollbead lover enthralled at precisely what may be
next, even though the expansion into trollbead rings this season will certainly really wow all of those
who want more than just Trollbead bracelets and necklaces.

This constant liquidity of change along with evolution is what has produced Trollbeads so popular and
is what has given the company this type of huge following all over the world so maybe it is time that
you joined the golf club and started collecting your own Trollbead bit of jewellery.
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