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									                        Why do you need to know about             6. super fast speech - like an
Coping With A           Attention Deficit Hyperactivity              auctioneer.
                        Disorder?                                Signs of Attention Deficit Disorder
Hyperactive                                                      (ADD) / (ADHA)
Boy Scout At            Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
                        .Disorder must be diagnosed by a         There must be a combination of
Summer Camp             licensed physician. It is important to
                        familiarize yourself with both
                                                                 many, varied symptoms that can
                        symptoms and coping skills however;
                        to avoid being caught unaware at         1.   Appears moody.
                        camp, leading several Scouts with
                        this disorder.                           2.   impulsive in thought actions and

                                                                 3.   Easily distracted.

                        Some Signs of Hyperactivity              4.   Forgetful, loses items.

                        1. Tapping fingers or toes.              5.   Sometimes appears to have an
                        2. Bouncing a leg or in a chair.
                                                                 6.   Hyperfocus, unaware of outside
                        3. Rocking in his seat.                       activities.

                        4. Restlessness or inability to sit      7.   Challenges with sequencing.
Pam Glidden                                                      8.   Low frustration threshold.
Green River District    5. Excessive talking - tells you
Chief Seattle Council      every thought that crosses his        9.   Procrastinates.
July 15, 1999                                                    10. Low self-esteem.
11. Appears disorganized / careless.

12. Social interaction challenges.
                                                                                        activities just before bedtime is a
Positive Points                                                                         good idea.

There is a positive side to having
such a Scout. The positive points
include:                                    Coping Skills                          The Scout's Responsibilities
creativity, artistic ability, perceptive,
resourceful, innovative, determined,        1. Structured schedules really help.   1. He should take his medication
energetic, hardworking-                                                               without any hassle.
warmhearted,                                2. Give the Scout a laminated copy
trusting, forgiving, sensitive to              of the schedule.                    2. He should feel able to state his
others, Willing to take risks, flexible,                                              needs without fear of ridicule.
good humored, and loyal. These              3. Give a 5 minute warning before
traits can                                     class changes.                      3. He should expect to have the
sometimes be to their own detriment!                                                  best time of his life!
                                            4. Post laminated posters listing
                                               multi-step tasks.
Medication                                  5. Rotate activities so Scouts don't   Valuable Resources
                                               get bored.
Remember medication is not a                                                       1.    The Scout's Parents
cure! It can however help with              6. It is important for the Scout to
focus,                                         get plenty of rest.                 2.    The Scout's doctor
concentration, impulsivity,
hyperactivity, and temper. It is            7. These Scouts need lots of praise    3. The Camp Director
important that medication be taken at          and encouragement.
the correct times. Medication can                                                  4. Local CHADD Chapters
sometimes cause the Scout problems          8. A turkey sandwich and glass of         South King County CHADD
falling asleep. Ask if he is on a              milk could help induce sleep.          Chapter 206-264-5521
medication vacation. This is not the
best time for such an adjustment!           9. Quiet time instead of rousing       5. Learning Disabilities

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