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									                                               Warwick Sport Office, Sports Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL UK
                                             Tel: +44 (0) 24 76523100 Fax: +44 (0) 24 76575113 Email. p.a.parker@warwick.ac.uk

Dear Self Employed (University of Warwick Staff) Coach,

Warwick Sport is committed to improving the service provided to all our sports clubs and realise that quality coaching is
vital to their success. As part of this service, Warwick Sport staff will be actively working with the clubs to develop long
term strategies designed to provide continuity and improved performance.
In order to protect the interests of coaches, students and Warwick Sport alike the following procedure must be adhered
to this academic year.
The procedure applies to ALL coaches regardless of the length of time that you have provided a service to the University
of Warwick. You will be recognised as a self employed coach working with the Warwick Sport Club.


Before any coaching can take place the following documents should be submitted by return of post, email, or through a
club representative:
     A signed copy of the Service Level Agreement
     Completed Contact Information Form, including tax number (enclosed)
     Copies of Certificates or evidence of current, relevant qualifications
     Current Insurance Certificate
     Names and addresses of two professional references. (new coaches only)
Therefore, until we receive these ALL of these documents, you should NOT undertake any coaching activities (even at
the request of the Club), as you will not receive payment.
I hope that you will be able to return this information before coaching activity begins and a service agreement will be
sent to you accordingly.
Please provide us with an email address and a mobile telephone number as we are very keen to send out
information that may interest you.

Re-Registering Coaches
We are aware that if you have coached in previous years we will already have copies of past year’s information.
Therefore, if we already have photographs in relation to access cards can you please indicate to us; as there is no need
for you to send them to Warwick Sport once more. We do require an updated contact sheet, insurance certificate and
copy of your coaching qualification certificate every year.

Once the relevant documentation has been received and authorised, the Coach must submit an invoice (NOT A
TIMESHEET). The invoice should contain the following information (or be based on the template enclosed):
     Your name and address.
     The date of invoice.
     The total amount, including description of services provided e.g. club name and number of hours.
     Please ensure these invoices have been signed by a sports club exec member.
Invoices can be submitted at any time during the year but we urge you to do them on a monthly/termly basis. These
need to be submitted to Sports Administrator, Peter Parker in order to ensure that the Club has sufficient funds for
accounts payable.

As a self employed (University of Warwick staff) coach working with a Warwick Sport club you are entitled to an access
card that will allow you free access to the relevent facilities during coached sessions and training times. If you are a new
coach please include a passport size photograph when you return the forms. We will then produce an access card
specifically for you. If you are a existing coach and already have a card please indicate the number and we will reactivate
If as a coach, you wish to use any of the sports facilities outside of club sessions (including the fitness suite) you must
make payment as per the external membership fee. If as a coach you wish to take sessions with club members in the
fitness suite or weights room, you must hold the required qualifications and pre-book the session with the fitness suite

     If you would like any information electronically, or have any problems with the sports club you will be coaching
                     please email Peter Parker on P.A.Parker@warwick.ac.uk as your point of contact.

We are very much looking forward to working with you to provide a high standard of service to the Warwick Sport

Please return all documentation to:
Sports Administrator, Warwick Sport Office, Sports Centre, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL
Tel. 024 76 575109 Email. P.A.Parker@warwick.ac.uk
                                                     Warwick Sport Office, Sports Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL UK
                                                   Tel: +44 (0) 24 76523100 Fax: +44 (0) 24 76575113 Email. p.a.parker@warwick.ac.uk


COACH:                                                                              DATE:


By signing this document, (having read and agreed to the Warwick Sport Coaching Code of Conduct); I confirm that I will act as a self-
employed club coach, engaged to provide a coaching service (for the Warwick Sport Club listed above), from September 2012 until
August 2013.

I understand this agreement is for terms one and two in the first instance only; and to continue services in term three written
confirmation will be sent by a member of Warwick Sport staff prior to the start of the term. I agree that Warwick Sport cannot be
responsible for any coaching costs incurred in term three if written confirmation is not received from a member of Warwick Sport staff.
I agree that confirmation from a member of the club does not count as confirmation for coaching in term three of the academic year.

I agree to invoice in arrears on a monthly basis to the agreed session/hourly rate with the Warwick Sport Club listed above; which will
remain in force until the expiry of this service agreement. This agreement is for services provided during the period stated above only.
Any proposed fee changes will be discussed as part of a review process, and will not take affect during this agreement. All budget
applications require the approval of the Warwick Sport Management Group who may wish to speak to you directly as part of their
deliberations at a later date.

I fully understand that the hourly rate agreed is not in any way affected by the session charge made by the club and that no additional
remuneration will be paid as a result of the club’s fund raising efforts.

If I am unable to attend a session for any reason, I will give notice to the club as soon as possible. If unable to take a session, I shall
not invoice for that session.

I will have Professional Indemnity Insurance, and provide a copy of proof for Warwick Sport before coaching any sessions for any
Warwick Sport club; with Warwick Sport organising Public Liability Insurance on my behalf.
To provide a high standard of service for Warwick Sport, I understand that I must hold a current valid coaching qualification and
provide a copy of proof to coach the Warwick Sport club listed above and its members.

Warwick Sport agrees not to disclose any personal details to any external company outside of Warwick Sport, without written
permission from the coach beforehand.

Either party may terminate this agreement with one week’s notice. I understand that if I terminate this agreement; to begin coaching
any Warwick Sports Clubs in the future I must re-sign a new copy of this agreement and its terms.

I agree to complete all self-assessed earnings and all appropriate tax returns and acknowledge that no tax will be paid on my behalf by
either Warwick Students’ Union or the University of Warwick.

Signed                                                                     Signed

Print                                                                      Print

Coach                                                                      On behalf of Warwick Sport
                                               Warwick Sport Office, Sports Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL UK
                                             Tel: +44 (0) 24 76523100 Fax: +44 (0) 24 76575113 Email. p.a.parker@warwick.ac.uk

Private and Confidential
                             SPORTS COACHING RECORD FORM
                   Please note – it will not be possible to process payments without this form

Coach Status               SELF EMPLOYED EXTERNAL
Title                                                                                    Initials
                                                                                         Post Code
Mobile Tel Number
Other Tel Number
Email Address

      Gender (M/F)                                                   Disabled (Y/N)
 Date of Birth (D/M/Y)                                         National Insurance Number
Ethnic Origin

Name of Club Coaching                                                            Academic Year
Existing* or New Coach                                                           *Years of Service

Proposed Session Times & Dates/Arrangements/Club Involvement

Coaching Qualifications - Please enclose copies, if WS already have copies please state below.

Warwick Sport provides free access to relevant facilities for training times
Do you have an access card?                                      Want it reactivated?
If yes please detail Access Card No
   Do you require an access                                      If yes please provide passport size photograph & one will
            card?                                                be made up

Preferred Payment Method (BACS*/Cheque)
*Complete section below
Sort Code (6digits)                                              Bank Name
Account No (8digits)                                             Bank Address
Account Holder
Building Society Roll No
Please note all information will be kept Confidential
I confirm the personal information above is correct.

Coach Signed                                           Date

            Please return this form to the Warwick Sport Office, Sports Centre, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL
                                                          Warwick Sport Office, Sports Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL UK
                                                        Tel: +44 (0) 24 76523100 Fax: +44 (0) 24 76575113 Email. p.a.parker@warwick.ac.uk

                                                        Warwick Sport

                                        Coaching Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to establish and maintain standards for sports coaches and to inform and protect members of Warwick Sport
using their services.

Ethical standards comprise such values as integrity, responsibility, competence and confidentiality.

In pursuit of these principles, sports coaches subscribe to standards in the following areas:

    1.    Issues of Responsibility
    Sports coaching is a deliberately undertaken responsibility and sports coaches are responsible for the observation of the principles embodied in this
    Code of Conduct.
    1.1   Humanity
    Coaches must respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being and their ultimate right to self–determination. Specifically, coaches must
    treat everyone fairly, within the context of their activity, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, disability, religion, political persuasion, or sexual
    1.2    Relationships
    The sports coach will be concerned primarily with the well being, health and future of any individual club member and only secondarily with the
    optimisation of performance. A key element in a coaching relationship is the development of independence. Club members must be encouraged to
    accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance in training and competition.
    Sports coaches are responsible for setting and monitoring the boundaries between a working relationship and friendship with club members. The
    coach must realise that certain situations or friendly actions could be misinterpreted, not only by the club members but also by outsiders motivated
    by jealousy, dislike or mistrust, and could lead to allegations of sexual misconduct or impropriety.

    The relationship between sports coach and club relies heavily on mutual trust and respect. In detail this means that the club must be made aware of
    the coach’s qualifications and experience and must be given the opportunity to consent to or decline proposals for training and performance.

  1.3     Commitment
          Sports coaches should clarify before the start of the academic year, with the club and the Sports Officer the number of sessions and fees (if
          any). They should also explore with the club the expectation of the outcome of coaching.

          Sports coaches have a responsibility to declare to their club any other current coaching commitments. Sports coaches should also find out if
          any prospective club is currently receiving guidance from another teacher/coach. If so, that teacher/coach should be contacted to discuss the

          Sports coaches who become aware of a conflict between their club and their obligation to their Governing Body or other organisation
          employing them must make explicit the nature of the conflict, and the loyalties and responsibilities involved, to all parties concerned, including
          the Sports Officer.

  1.4     Co–operation
          Sports coaches should communicate and co–operate with other sports and Warwick Sport in the best interests of their club. Sports coaches
          must communicate and co–operate with registered medical and ancillary practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and management of club
          member’s medical and psychological problems.

  1.5     Advertising
          Sports coaches will not display any affiliation with an organisation in a manner that falsely implies sponsorship or accreditation by that

  1.6     Integrity
          Sports coaches must refrain from public criticism of fellow coaches. Differences of opinion should be dealt with on a personal basis and more
          serious disputes will be referred to Warwick Sport or to the appropriate Governing Body.

          Sports coaches must not encourage club members to violate the rules of their sport and should actively seek to discourage such action.
          Coaches should encourage club members to obey the spirit of such rules.
                                                            Warwick Sport Office, Sports Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL UK
                                                          Tel: +44 (0) 24 76523100 Fax: +44 (0) 24 76575113 Email. p.a.parker@warwick.ac.uk

            Sports coaches must not compromise club members by advocating measures, which could be deemed to constitute seeking to gain an unfair
            advantage. Above all, coaches must never advocate the use of prescribed drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances.

            Sports coaches must treat opponents and officials with due respect both in victory and defeat and should encourage club members to act in a
            similar manner.

            Sports coaches must accept responsibility for the conduct of club members insofar as they will undertake to discourage inappropriate
            behaviour, supporting inclusion and the value of diversity.

     1.7    Confidentiality
            Sports coaches inevitably gather a great deal of personal information about club members in the course of a working relationship. Coach and
            the club must reach agreement as to what is to be regarded as confidential information, i.e. not divulged to a third party without the express
            approval of the club.

            Confidentiality does not preclude the disclosure of information to any person, especially the Sports Officer, who can be judged to have a ‘right
            to know’ relating to clubs within the confines of the Date Protection Act, when relevant to the following:

            (i)       Evaluation of the club members within the sport for competitive selection purpose.

            (ii)      Recommendations concerning the club members for professional purposes.

            (iii)     Pursuit of disciplinary action involving the club members within the sport.

            (iv)      Pursuit of disciplinary action by Warwick Sport involving fellow coaches in alleged breaches of this Code of Conduct.

     1.8    Abuse of Privilege
            The sports coach is privileged, on occasion, to have contact with club members and to travel and reside with club members in the course of
            coaching and competitive practice. A coach must not attempt to exert undue influence over the club members in order to obtain personal
            benefit or reward.

1.9         Personal Standards
            The sports coach must consistently display high personal standards and project a favourable image of their sport, Warwick Sport and of
            coaching – to the club, other coaches, officials, spectators, the media and the general public.

     1.10 Safety

            Sports coaches have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the club with whom they work as far as possible within the limits of their control.

            All reasonable steps should be taken to establish a safe working environment.

            The work done and the manner in which it is done should be in keeping with regular and approved practice within that sport.

            The activity being undertaken should be suitable for the experience and ability of the club members.

            The club members should have been systematically prepared for the activity being undertaken and made aware of their personal
            responsibilities in terms of safety.

     1.11 Risk Assessments

            Coaches will act as competent persons in respect of advising clubs on their annual assessment of risk and ensure that adequate hazard
            control is included in these assessments. Guidance should be taken from the National Governing Body Code of Practice (where applicable)


      2.1   Sports coaches shall confine themselves to practice in those fields of sport in which they have been trained and/or educated, and which is
            recognised by Warwick Sport to be valid. Valid areas of expertise are those directly concerned with sports coaching. Training includes the
            accumulation of knowledge and skills through both formal coach education courses and by experience at a level of competence acceptable for
            independent coaching practice.

      2.2   Sports coaches must be able to recognise and accept when to refer club members to other agencies. It is their responsibility, as far as
            possible, to verify the competence and integrity of the person to whom they refer a club member.

     2.3    Sports coaches should regularly seek ways of increasing their professional development and self–awareness.

     2.4    Sports coaches should welcome evaluation of their work by colleagues and be able to account to the club, Warwick Sport, Governing Bodies
            and colleagues for their actions.

     2.5    Sports coaches have a responsibility to themselves and club members to maintain their own effectiveness, resilience and abilities, and to know
            when their personal resources are so depleted as to make it necessary for them to seek help and/or to withdraw from coaching, whether
            temporarily or permanently.
                                            Warwick Sport Office, Sports Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL UK
                                          Tel: +44 (0) 24 76523100 Fax: +44 (0) 24 76575113 Email. p.a.parker@warwick.ac.uk

                               COACHING INVOICE
>insert club name<                                                     >insert coach name<
Warwick SU (on behalf of Warwick Sport)                                >insert coach address<
University of Warwick
CV4 7AL                                                                >insert coach tel#<
                                                                       >insert coach email<

    Invoice Ref                                     Date of Invoice

  Invoice Period

Dates/Description                                                 Hours                 Rate                Amount

                                            Total Hours                                TOTAL           £

Date Invoice Submitted

………………………………………………….                                           ………………………………………………….
Coach Signature                                                Club Exec Signature
                                                               Print Name & Position

                                       Please return this invoice signed to the
                    Warwick Sport Office, Sports Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL
                                                      Thank You

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