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					                                  SOUTH OCKENDON COMMUNITY FORUM
                                               GENERAL FORUM MEETING

                   Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 6th December 2010 at 1.30pm
                       The Forum, 29 Derwent Parade, South Ockendon, Essex

The meeting started at 1.45pm

1. Present and apologies

     Arthur Barley (Chair)                  SOCF/Belhus Park Scout Group
     Janet Cole                             SOCF
     Glynis Pettit                          Age Concern Thurrock
     Jane Norman                            SOCF
     Maggie Pollock                         SOCF/Thurrock Play Network
     Cllr Charlie Curtis                    Thurrock Council
     Cllr Wendy Curtis                      Thurrock Council/SORA/Neighbourhood Watch
     Cheryl Williams                        Tenant Participation/Sheltered Housing Team
     Lewis Eleindge                         Thurrock Council
     Mariam Isijola                         Thurrock Council
     Barrie Lawrence                        SOCF
     Tom Alford                             Resident
     Alan Stevens                           SOCF Volunteer
     Joyce Cudby                            Top Club
     Bob Cudby                              West Road Allotment Association
     Rev Brian Duckworth                    All Saints/St Nicholas Churches/The Ockendon School

     Eve Dymond                             Young at Heart
     Mary Kimberley                         Holy Cross Church
     Fth. Peter Rabin                       St Nicholas Church
     Kirsten Regan                          Surestart - Where Kids Come First
     Lesley Booth                           South Ockendon Bowls Club

2. Minutes of Last Meeting held on Monday 4th October

     The minutes were agreed with the following amendments:

      Kirsten Regan from Surestart was added to those present at the last meeting.
      Page 2, Item 6 Forum Funding, 1st bullet point - The Forum had £1,409 left in the budget.

3. Matters Arising (items not covered on agenda)

     There were no matters arising.

4. Chair’s Report

      AB stated that the Lighting-up Ceremonies in Derwent Parade and on the Village Green
       were both cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. However, the tree did get
       delivered and has now been dressed and lit. All the other lights across Ockendon are
       also on. It has been suggested that we hold a carol singing event some time in the
       coming weeks to compensate.

Signed:................................................................... Dated: ..........................................................

                                        South Ockendon Community Forum
                                     General Forum Meeting – 6th December 2010
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    A Dance Showcase was held on Saturday evening at Brandon Groves, where our SOCF
     Street Dancerz and our Keep Fit ladies showcased their talents. Although AB didn’t
     attend, reports indicate that the evening was a great success with children as young as
     five to pensioners being involved. Further updates will come up later in this meeting.
    AB reported that Jan Kellythorn had now returned to work after being on maternity leave.
     AB thanked Janet Cole again for all her hard work covering the office during Jan’s
     absence. JC has been liaising with JK to get her up-to-date.
    AB stated the funding application to the Big Lottery has to be resubmitted with further
     information. However, redundancy notices have to be issued to the staff soon in the the
     unfortunate event that we don’t receive any more funding. If funding is secured, the
     redundancy notices will be withdrawn. Thurrock Council is providing a little financial
     support until the end of the financial year.

5. Presentation: Lewis Eleindge and Mariam Isijola (Thurrock Strategic Strategy)

    Lewis and Mariam introduced themselves and explained that the consultation for the Core
    Strategy will take place until 31st December 2010. There have been many changes to
    Government policies and other policy changes to the framework and a summary of this can
    be found on-line along with Question and Answers where feedback is appreciated.
    WC asked what the Core Strategy was? This is a collection of local plans for the local area.
    AB added that a lot of people don’t understand the policies and should be made in simpler
    terms - the document can have up to thirty policies in. Lewis stated that a lot of people had
    commented on the complexity.

6. Forum Funding (Glynis Pettit)

    There is £1409 left in the budget, however, an application has been submitted to help
     with the cost of the Christmas lighting and other Christmas expenditure. Unfortunately,
     we are not expecting any Forum Funding at all next year.
    A breakdown of all projects funded with Forum Funding in 2010 will be available at the
     January 2011 General Forum meeting and will also available to view on the SOCF

7. SOCF Updates

    Days and times of Santa’s Grotto were announed. Barrie Lawrence kindly agreed to be
     Santa this year, with Arthur Barley on standby.
    JN announced that she would be going to India in the New Year to undertake voluntary
     work, returning mid-April.
    Holy Cross and Bonnygate will be carol singing in the Parade tomorrow at 10.00am and
     then Holy Cross and Somers Heath will be performing on 14th December at 10.00am.
    Rev Brian Duckworth suggested having an evening of carol singing around the Christmas
     tree on the Village Green to compensate for the cancellation of the lighting-up
     ceremonies. A date to be arranged nearer Christmas.
    Proceeds from the SOCF Street Dancerz Showcase event will be split between Basildon
     Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and and St Luke’s Hospice.
    GP reported that herself and JO handed over a Wii console to Jack Evans Court so they
     could continue the work JO started with them. The console was funded with Forum
     Funding. Health and safety issues and insurance have been addressed and an
     agreement signed by both parties.

                            South Ockendon Community Forum
                         General Forum Meeting – 6th December 2010
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8. Organisational Updates

   Thomas Alford (Resident)
    TA explained that in recent months he had suffered Internet loss and his telephone cut off
     due to lorries from the Ham River development knocking down a telegraph pole. This
     incident has occurred twice. He has contacted Rural Arisings but is asking The Forum to
     write a letter to them to help prevent further lines being damaged. Agreed.

   Glynis Pettit (Age Concern Thurrock)
    A Mobility Scooter Safety event held at The Forum at the end of October was a success.
     This was a pilot scheme to teach driving skills for those who use mobility scooters. The
     event comprised of a theory session followed by a practical session outside in a cordoned
     off area in Derwent Parade.
    In partnership with Essex Police, local complexes have been visited to security mark
     mobility scooters.
    The theme for the newsletter this month is security at Christmas.
    The information and advice service is doing very well.

   Barrie Lawrence (Resident)
    BL reported about the changes due to be made to the No11 bus service because of cuts.
     The service will run every two hours instead of hourly and will only go as far as Bulphan,
     with no service at all on Saturdays. This service is also our only link to Basildon Hospital.
     BL said a better service should be expected from the No 11 and 269 services and wanted
     to make the Councillors aware of this.

   Cllr Charlie Curtis (Thurrock Council)
    Cllr CC said that a zebra crossing planning application had been submitted from Buckles
      Lane across South Road to Foxglove shops, but this is proving very hard to achieve
      because of various issues.
    The paths and play area in Dilkes Park are going to be mended.

   Cheryl Williams (Tenants Participation/Sheltered Housing Team)
    A 60s evening held at the Civic Hall was a success.
    Nothing further to report.

   Cllr Wendy Curtis (Thurrock Council/Neighbourhood Watch)
    On 15th November a Let’s Talk evening event was held at All Saints church where the
      Leader of the Council, Cllr John Kent, and local councillors took questions from members
      of the public.
    Repairs to the pathways in Verbena Close and Foxglove Road have been delayed
      because of the snow.
    Cllr WC was pleased to announce that there will be NO cuts to Belhus Library. MP asked
      about the mobile library and WC said this service was going to increase.
    The Primary Care Trust will be disbanded in 2012 and responsibilities will fall on doctors,
      etc. Cllr WC will keep everyone informed of changes.
    There was a lot of attendance at the Memorial in the Village for the Remembrance
      Sunday Service.
    Cllr WC has visited lots of Christmas Bazaars and Fetes locally.
    Neighbourhood Watch is launching for Orchard Road next Tuesday.
    The NAPs held before this meeting reported that burglaries in the area was the priority.
      Everyone should be vigilant about opportunist thieves. AB said that the police couldn’t be
      guaranteed to stay in Ockendon over the Christmas period because they may be
      transferred to Lakeside.

                            South Ockendon Community Forum
                         General Forum Meeting – 6th December 2010
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Cllr Charlie Curtis (Thurrock Council)
 Cllr CC has spoken to Dr Leighton and expressed concerns about people not being able
   to get to the surgery in Aveley. Dr Leighton said that people could visit the Bluebell
   Centre in Ockendon as this is part of Aveley Medical Centre. MP said that when she tried
   to do this, the Bluebell Surgery wanted her to fill in lots of forms again. Cllr CC will have a
   word about this.

Maggie Pollock (Thurrock Play Network)
 The AGM was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.
 Unfortunately TPN is struggling with limited funds.
 Funding for the Play Rangers comes to an end in the Spring. During the winter months
  the Play Rangers run a club at The Forum on Wednesday afternoons/evenings, which is
  very successful.
 TPN is looking to downsizing staff and offices, but increasing business on the Pyramid
  Resource Centre website.

Rev Brian Duckworth (St Nicholas/All Saints Churches)
 Both churches will be performing a pantomime (one like you have never seen before!) on
  Saturday 18th December, 5.00pm, All Saints Church - ‘Forty Winks and the Big Bad Wolf’.
  £3 adult/£2 child - tickets available from Rev BD (01708 853246) or Linda Buckingham
  (01708 856452).
 Christmas Services for both churches are listed in ‘Reflect’ and will be advertised along
  with all the churches in Ockendon and Aveley in the Thurrock Gazette.

Rev Brian Duckworth (The Ockendon School)
 Due to the snow the school was closed for three days from Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd
 A staff training day and a students’ ‘Insight Day’ planned for 6th and 10th December have
  been rescheduled for the New Year - this enables the school to cover the teaching and
  learning lost by the closure thus avoiding any loss to the students’ education.
 The school will convert to academy status on 1st January 2011. The conversion was
  approved by the Secretary of State in recognition of the upward trend in the school’s
  GCSE results this year - the best ever achieved by the school. The school name will
  change to The Ockendon Academy. There will be no change to the current admission
  policy or to the school uniform.

Arthur Barley (Belhus Park Scout Group)
 The Cub and Beaver sections have been busy making decorations to sell at the
   Christmas Bazaar.
 The Bazaar was fairly well attended, although the heating broke down.
 The Scout section went to Basildon Bowl along with 126 Scouts from other Thurrock
   scout groups.
 All meetings were cancelled last week, due to the snow.

Maggie Pollock reported: Surestart - Where Kids Come First
 Surestart had a successful AGM with a new committee of parents and advisors.
 A Headmistress from Laindon School came to visit Surestart for a transition visit and said
  that Surestart was one of the best pre-schools she had seen.
 The amalgamation of all age groups within the same building is working really well.
 The manager of Surestart begins maternity leave in March and we are recruiting for a
  new playworker.

                         South Ockendon Community Forum
                      General Forum Meeting – 6th December 2010
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9. Any Other Business
    Rev BD raised the subject of helping others, especially the old and vulnerable during the
     severe weather and suggested that if there wasn’t help currently, then something needed
     to be started. MP mentioned about a Council Government meeting where it was
     discussed about working with the community with regards to gritting etc. She is waiting
     for feedback. Cllr CC said he would chase this up. GP suggested advertising on The
     Forum window for people who need help. It was suggested that The Forum include a
     thank you to everyone who helped each other during the bad weather, then build up to
     introducing a scheme.
    MP mentioned the SOCF Street Dancerz Showcase event held at the Brandon Groves
     Community Hall attracted an audience of 300+ and was a great night of entertainment.

10. Date of Next Meeting(s)

   Monday 10th January 2011 at 1.30pm.

   The Neighbourhood Action Panel will precede the General Forum meetings, starting at 1.00pm.

   The meeting closed at 3.00pm

   The following updates were provided after the meeting (only updates reported during
   the meeting will be included in the main body of the minutes).

   There were no further updates.

                           South Ockendon Community Forum
                        General Forum Meeting – 6th December 2010
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