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									  Under the Radar!
Prescription and Over-the-counter
        Medication Abuse
            Kevin O’Brien, PISW
           JoAnn Sartorius, LISW
Youth Presenters From Santa Fe and Capital High School

      Nico Cruz                 Morgan Preston
      Carleen Daum              Ashley Ramirez
    What Class of Medications Are
          Teens Abusing?
 CNS Depressants – Slow brain function
 Over The Counter Cough Medications

 Opioids – usually prescribed to treat pain

 Stimulants – Increase brain function

 The Scope of this Epidemic
Americans, consisting of only 4% of the world’s
  population consume:
 80% of the global supply of opioids

 99% of the global supply of hydrocodone,

 2/3 of the world’s illegal drugs.
                          Prescription Drug Abuse
       Abuse of prescription medication remains less common then marijuana but
        more prevalent than other drugs with the exception of inhalants.

       Unlike alcohol, cigarettes, and other illegal drug use, teens’ abuse of
        prescription medication has not significantly decreased in the last few years.

       In 2008 study, 4.7 million adolescents admitted to using a prescription drug in
        a non-medical manner at some point in their lives.

       About 4 out of 10 teens think that prescription drugs are safer than illegal

       6 out of 10 teens feel that prescription medications are easier to get then
        illegal drugs.
Partnership for a drug Free America, Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, 2009
                                        Did You Know?

     2.1 million American children have intentionally abused cough syrup.
     1 in 3 teens report having a close friend who abuses prescription pain
      relievers to get high.
     1 in 4 teens report having a close friend who abuses cough medicines to get
     Emergency room visits due to abuse of prescription drugs outnumber the
      visits due to marijuana and heroin combined.
 Drug    Statistics Commonly   Signs of      Misc.
 Class               Abused      Use

Q $100   Q $100    Q $100      Q $100      Q $100

Q $200   Q $200    Q $200      Q $200      Q $200

Q $300   Q $300    Q $300      Q $300      Q $300

Q $400   Q $400    Q $400      Q $400      Q $400

Q $500   Q $500    Q $500      Q $500      Q $500

                                          Final Jeopardy

   How Opioids Affect The brain
   Commonly Abused
   The High
   Signs Of Use
   Adverse Effects Of Opioid Abuse
   Street Names
      CNS Depressants, Benzodiazepines

   What Are CNS Depressants
   Commonly abused
   The High
   Adverse Effects Of CNS Depressant Abuse
   Street Names

   What Are Stimulants?
   Commonly Abused
   The High
   Adverse Effects Associated With Stimulant
   Street Names
        Dextromethorphan (DXM)

   What is DXM?
   The High
   Adverse Effects Associated With DXM Abuse
   Street Names
                                   Pharm Parties
 Pharming   or Skittling: Consuming a
  mixture of prescription substances
 Trail mix: Combination of various
  drugs taken at one time
 Pharm Parties: Parties where
  adolescents consume a mixture of
  different medications
    Identifying Adolescents Abusing
       Prescription Medications
   Personality
   Physical appearance
   Social Activity
   School performance
    Why do teens Abuse Prescription
        and OTC medications?
   Teens feel they are safer than “street drugs”
   To get high
   Self medication
   Accessibility
   Lack of education concerning the dangers of
    these medications
   Enhance educational performance
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