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									               Heysham Primary Care Centre

 We will be moving from our Heysham Health Centre (HHC)
 site in to the NEW PRIMARY CARE CENTRE opposite very
           soon and plan to be open for business on
               Monday 8th October 2012.

 Strawberry Gardens Medical Practice is also moving in and
  the two Practices will each be based in a separate wing in
                          the building.

  The new Primary Care Centre is situated across from the
current Heysham Health Centre on Middleton way & will have
             a large car park with 90 + spaces.

     Our Wing has 12 clinician rooms including two large
  treatment rooms where we will be able to offer treatment
room services such as wound care, dressings, stitch removal
   & ear checks. There will also be an automated check in
 system which will enable patients to ‘arrive themselves’ for
 appointments as well as an Electronic Patient Call system to
    let you know when your Nurse/Doctor is ready for you.

   The Practice’s in-house physio triage service which is
currently based at HHC due to the building works planned at
Morecambe Health Centre will also move to the new Primary
 Care Centre & will hold sessions on a Tuesday afternoon, a
       Wednesday morning & a Thursday afternoon.

  Service Changes due to Building Works at Morecambe
 Health Centre – STARTING MONDAY 10th September
                  2012 for 8 weeks.
Please be aware that whilst the building works are in
progress the car park at Morecambe Health Centre is
going to be very busy and we would advise you to be
         very careful when visiting the site.
We apologise for any inconvenience whilst the works
are in progress. These works are to provide facilities
for the New Same Day Service which we believe will
        be open as from Monday 5th November.

We at Coastal Medical Group are happy to be able to
support Coastal Health Care Ltd with the introduction
 of what will be an innovative and exciting additional
         service for patients in Morecambe.

Due to the building works to be carried out at Morecambe
Health Centre, the following regular services have moved

           In-house Physiotherapy Triage Services

Our in-house physiotherapy triage clinics has moved from
West End Site to Heysham Health Centre Site and sessions
are held on a Monday morning, Wednesday morning &
Thursday afternoon. This is a service which your GP would
refer you to if they felt it necessary.

     Treatment Room Services (dressings/ear care etc)

All our treatment room services have moved moved out of
Morecambe Health Centre and down to our treatment room
in the West End Site for a short period of time while building
work is taking place. Once the building work is complete, it
would be our aim to have treatment room services based
across all 3 sites.

                      Other information
Although you may find some of your regular practice
nurses/health visitors etc are using a different room on a
temporary basis, the only major site changes are those
detailed above.

We hope to keep disruption to a minimum and apologise in advance for
                     any inconvenience caused.
Many thanks for your patience

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