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                               News Release
   Teen Athlete Cardiac Screening evaluates heart health risks
  Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel in partnership with The David Heller
   Foundation, with generous support from adidas and Health Net of Oregon present
    Teen Athlete Cardiac Screening Saturday, October 20, 2012, for teen athletes
[Portland, Ore.] — Even teens who seem healthy and have passed a physical may have
heart problems that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest.
Teen athletes and their parents will learn about heart health and find out whether they
may be at risk of an undiagnosed heart condition at Randall Children’s Hospital at
Legacy Emanuel’s sixth annual Teen Athlete Cardiac Screening on Saturday, October
20, 2012, at the adidas Village from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Preregistration is required at
The Teen Athlete Cardiac Screening will serve 500 students from throughout the
Portland metropolitan area ages 13-19 and only costs families $10 per student.
The Teen Athlete Cardiac Screening provides heart health and risk assessment that
helps identify whether a teen may be at risk from an undiagnosed heart condition known
as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) the leading cause of sudden cardiac death
among young competitive athletes and the second most prevalent form of heart
muscle disease. Once diagnosed, this life threatening heart condition can be treated to
minimize its risk.

Cardiac health exams will be performed by a team of physicians, nurses and
technicians. The exams include height, weight, body mass index (BMI) and blood
pressure measurements; an electrocardiogram (ECG); and a detailed health history; and
cardiac exam. Students will receive their assessment results at the screening.

Recommendations will be made from a primary care physician or pediatric cardiologist to
those needing further evaluation.
The screening does not take the place of the medical examination required for all
student athletes participating in a school sport. The value of the cardiac screening
provided by Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel is nearly $300 per

The David Heller Foundation founded the Teen Athlete Cardiac Screening event in
2006, with the help of Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel. The mission of
The David Heller Foundation is to help young athletes and their families avoid the silent
disease that took the life of David Heller in 2005 at age 17. David died in his sleep from
sudden cardiac arrest due to undiagnosed HCM.

For media: Dr. James Kyser, cardiologist; Bev Heller, executive director of The
David Heller Foundation; and                             are available for
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