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                                 New Help for the Passive Aggressive Relationship!

       Source: Creative Conflict Resolutions, Inc.
       Dated: Oct 02, 2012

       Creative Conflict Resolutions is helping hundreds of women overcome the difficulties of dealing with
       passive aggressive behavior in their marriages. This common behavior leaves them facing lonely and
       frustrating situations with their husbands.

       The outstanding new book “Recovering from Passive Aggression,” is aimed at solving the difficulties
       women face a passive aggressive marriage. A woman in a relationship with a passive aggressive man has to
       ride an emotional roller coaster as she is always stuck hoping for more responsiveness from her man to
       show sure signals that he really loves her. Creative Conflict Resolution’s goal is to help these women break
       this continuous cycle of negative dynamics, and also in the process repair their self-esteem.

        Many women in passive aggressive relationships are asking how to set up reasonable limits so they can
       trust their husband’s behavior and have a more satisfactory married life. “Recovering from Passive
       Aggression” explains how to defend your personal identity from the passive aggressive husband. With this
       book, women learn how to handle his resistance to intimacy or companionship and thus limit the damage
       passive aggressive husbands can cause.

        Reclaim your love life before it is too late to heal your marriage. Stop feeling trapped by useless
       confrontations. Make a change today with “Recovering from Passive Aggression,” available today at http://

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