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January 28, 2012

Dear Science Olympiad Coach,

       Wright State University is proud to sponsor a 2013 Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament
in preparation for the National Science Olympiad Tournament in 2013. The tournament will be on
Saturday, January 12, 2013, at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

        The Tournament is open to all Division B and Division C teams. We will limit the tournament
to 60 teams per division with no more than 2 teams per school per division.

        We plan to run all the events and hope to have at least 2 trial events per division. The
invitational tournament will be run the same way as other invitationals, each registered team that
participates must run one (1) event. Please rank your choices of events you would like to run from 1st
to 6th. You will be asked to bring everything that you need to run that event (including writing the
test, any equipment necessary, timing devices, etc.) and your test along with the answer key on a flash
drive or CD to be turned in at registration. Every team will receive a packet with their students’ tests at
the end of the day. The blank tests and answer keys will either be posted on the website or distributed
on a CD or flash drive to each team.

        We are planning to give medals to the top 3 places and ribbons to 4th – 8th places. Trophies will
be awarded to the top 8 schools in each division. To offset the cost of the awards the registration fee
will be $75.00 per team.

       Registration will be handled through Wright State University. Please fill out the registration
form and mail it back as soon as possible with payment or a purchase order made out to Wright State
University. Registration deadline is December 15, 2012 or when we reach maximum capacity of 60
teams per division.

        We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 Wright State University Science Olympiad
Invitational Tournament.

                                        Tournament Directors:

                      CeAnn Chalker                                  Theresa Mileo
                                    Wright State University
                      Phone: 937-436-0578               
                                                                    Phone: 937-775-2013
                           WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY
                                 January 12, 2013
                                Registration Form
                                                                       ______ 1 Team ______2 Teams

School/Team Name_________________________________________________________________________

Division (circle one)        B      C                                   Ohio School? _______

School/Team Name (2nd team)________________________________________________________________

Coach/Contact Person______________________________________________________________________

Contact Address___________________________________________________________________________

Contact City, State, Zip Code________________________________________________________________

Contact Phone (wk)_____________________(home)____________________(cell)_____________________


        Please note your preference (1st thru 6th) for events that your team will be responsible to
run. We are asking each team registered to run 1 event (including creating the tests, bringing
copies, providing equipment necessary and timing devices). If you register two teams, we will
ask you to run two events. The first registrations received will be given their higher preferenced
choices, so get your form to us as soon as possible.
                                          Event Choices

1st Choice ___________________________               4th Choice___________________________

2nd Choice___________________________                5th Choice___________________________

3rd Choice___________________________                 6th Choice___________________________

Mail or Fax Registration Form to:                    For More Information Contact:
Lee Ann Bradfield                                    CeAnn Chalker
Wright State University                    
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway                           (937) 436-0578
186 Student Union                                          -or-
Dayton, OH 45435-0001                                Theresa Mileo
Fax (937) 775-5527                                   (937) 775-2013
Check or purchase order for $75 per team
made out to:
Wright State University

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