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                                                                  Puget Sound Regional Council
                                                                         Friday, June 12

                                                    REC / Training and Workforce Development
                                                                                                  What health industry
                                                                                                  sector do you
  #   Name                    Organization           Email Address                   Phone Number represent?                Comments:
                              Governor's Policy
  1   Alejano, Chris          Office (GOV)         360-902-0490 N/A
                                                                                                  Electronic Medical
  2   Allison, David          Peer Consulting, LLC    206-605-0591 record implementation
                              Inland Northwest
  3   Barnes, Teri            Blood Center                   509-232-4495

                                                                                                  Health Care Information
  4   Blake, Paul             INHS                          509-251-4643 Technology
  5   Boyum, Paula            Bellevue College      425-564-2265 Education
  6   Bunt, Kathryn           Qualis Health       206 364-9700 Quality (QIO)

                              Eastern Washington                                                  EWU's nascent HIT
  7   Cooney, Vance           University               509-358-2278 program                   Workforce.

                              Kforce Projfessional
  8   Dahlke, Christa         Staffing                   425-803-7133
                              ment Security                                                       Workforce                 WAS NOT ABLE TO
  9   Davis, Heather          Department                  509-532-3134 Development.              ATTEND.

                                                patricia.dombrowski@bellevuecolleg              Education & Workforce       Attended both Seattle and
 10 Dombrowski, Patricia      Bellevue College                              425-564-3164 Development                 Spokane Meetings.
                              Spokane Community                                                 Workforce
 11 Doyle, Christy            College              509-533-8123 Development.
 12 Ericksen, Dwayne          Consumer                 425-614-4545 Consumer
                                                                                   206-364-9700 Quality Improvement
 13 Evans, Peggy              Qualis Health            x 2069       Organization
 14 Fritz, Tom                INHS                        509-232-8101

                              Eastern Washington
 15 Galm, Ruth                University                      509-359-7971 None
                              Rockwood Clinic,                                                    Ambulatory, multi-
 16 Heider, Susan             P.S.               509-232-1470 specialty clinic.
                                                                                                  Consumer and
                                                                                                  Providers-Physician,      Attended both Seattle and
 17 Hernandez, Jesus          Community Choice        509-782-5030 Hospitals                 Spokane Meetings.
                              Area Health
                              Education Center of
                              Eastern WA, WSU
                              Extension at
 18 Houghten, Myah            Spokane                      509-358-7606
                                                                                                  Consulting: Program
                                                                                                  Management and
 19 Huchital, Jordana         Interactive Outcomes   206-354-0718 Training
                                                                                                  Quality Improvement
 20 Hummel, Jeff MD           Qualis Health          206-719-9628 Organization
 21 Johnson, Cathy            Swedish             206.215.2734 hospital
                                                                                                  Community Health          Attended both Seattle and
 22 La Croix, Roy             PTSO of Washington                 206-613-8876 Centers / Safety Net      Spokane Meetings.
 23 Larson, Tara              Microsoft                425-705-5200
                              University of                                                       Health Workforce          Attended both Seattle and
 24 Masuda, David             Washington            206-601-5862 Education                 Spokane Meetings.

                              Spokane Area                                                        Health workforce
                              Workforce                                                           training and
 25 Mattke, Mark              Development Council             509-625-6210 development principal.
                                                                                                  Health Informatics and
                                                                                                  Health Information
 26 Murphy, Gretchen          UW                  206-543-8810 Education
                              Madigan Army
 27 Murphy, Ryan              Medical Center       253-227-4475 Informatics

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                                                                  Puget Sound Regional Council
                                                                         Friday, June 12

                                                                                                  What health industry
                                                                                                  sector do you
  #   Name                    Organization          Email Address                    Phone Number represent?                 Comments:

                                                                                                                             Regional coalition of
                                                                                                                             employers, health plans,
                                                                                                                             providers,and patients to
                              Puget Sound Health    konstad@pugetsoundhealthalliance.                                        promote health by improving
 28 Onstad, Karen             Alliance              org                               206-448-2570                           quality and affordability.

                              Western Washington
                              Area Health
 29 Palmer, Jodi              Education Center                     206-441-7137 Rural health, higher ed.
                              ment Security                                                       Workforce
 30 Patshkowski, Mollie       Department             509-532-3130 Development.

                              Washington State                                                    Physician Professional
 31 Perna, Bob                Medical Association                     206-441-9762 Association
                              Community Home                                                      Home health and
 32 Rinard, Julie             Health & Hospice                 360-414-5406 hospice.

                                                                                                                             We work with the industry
                                                                                                                             (primarily hospitals, and to
    Ruvkun, Seanna            WDC of Seattle-King                                    206-448-0474                            some extent long-term care)
 33 Melchior                  County                 x 3009                                  on workforce development.
                              Allied Health Center
                              of Excellence /                                                                                Healthcare
 34 Smith, Bonnie             SBCTC                        509-574-6863 Healthcare                 Education/Workforce
                              Cathy McMorris
 35 Stalp, Shelia             Rodgers           509-684-3481
                                                                                     360-753-5653                            Lead of staff to State Health
                                                                                     /360-507-3169                           Care Personnel Shortage
 36 Thompson, Madeline        Workforce Board                 cell                                    Task Force
                              ment Security
 37 Vav Rosky, John           Department                 509-532-3175
                                                                                                                             I represent education, but
                                                                                                                             am responsible for health
                              State Board for                                                                                care initiatives affecting the
                              Community &                                                                                    community and technical
 38 Ward, Pat                 Technical Colleges                    360-704-4342                            college system.
                              Shoreline Community
 39 Wilde, Donna              College                  206-546-4757

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