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Regional Co-ordinator L’Arche UK - Job Description
Job Title: Regional Co-ordinator
Report to: National Co-ordinator
Accountable to: National Co-ordinator and National Board
Term: 6 years

Main Purpose of the role:

      To carry the authority of L’Arche International and L’Arche UK within the Region.
      To ensure and support the Identity and Mission of L’Arche as it is lived in the
       Communities and Regionally.
      To ensure that the three key elements of L’Arche – the service provision,
       community and spiritual dimensions – are integrated and held in balance.
      To work in close partnership with the Local Committee Chairs.
      To be a full member of the UK National Co-ordinating Team.
      To embody the principles of servant leadership, partnership, subsidiarity,
       accountability, participation and inculturation as outlined in the Constitution of the
       International Federation of L’Arche.


    Ensure the Communities live out faithfully and creatively the Identity, Mission and
     Charter of L’Arche.
    Ensure the high quality of support and care provided to people with learning
     disabilities in accordance with the prevailing national care standards.
    Supervise the Community Leaders, in partnership with the governance function of
     the Local Committee.
    Know and understand the finances of the communities; contribute to the evaluation
     of budgets and actual to ensure resources are deployed to meet mission priorities;
     encourage the necessary fundraising plans at regional and local levels.
    Collaborate closely with Local Committee Chairs and encourage the close
     partnership between Community Leaders and Local Committees.
    Ensure joint meetings between the Regional Coordinator, Community Leader and
     Local Committee Chair to review partnership twice annually.
    Lead the annual appraisal for the Community Leaders along with the Local
     Committee Chair.
    Lead the discernment processes for Community Leaders and Local Committee
    Ensure an annual review of the Local Committee strength and governance
    Provide direction to Local Committees on issues related to the mission of L’Arche.
    Give support and formation to Local Committee members.
    Ensure the training and support of Community Leaders.
      Visit each Community at least annually.
      Carry out audit functions and report to the National Co-ordinator and Local and
       National Committees.
      Accompany Communities and their members in times of crisis and transition.
      Give support to long-term members, in particular with regard to their vocational
       discernment and encourage clarity about membership.
      Support the Communities to assume the rights and responsibilities of membership
       of the Federation of L’Arche.
      Encourage the development of appropriate relations with local and national
       government authorities, religious authorities and professional organisations.
      Promote the role and place of all community members in community life and wider
      Ensure the reception and implementation of policy and directives from the
       Federation and National.
      Accompany and guide new projects and Communities in the process of membership
       of the Federation.

    Co-ordinate the implementation of the Regional Mission drawn up in consultation
       with all the Communities of the Region.
    Co-ordinate and lead Regional Councils and Assemblies.
    Foster and co-ordinate Regional life through gatherings, retreats and formation.
    Encourage solidarity and sharing between communities in the Region, the Country
       and the Federation.
    Collaborate with national officers in ensuring the implementation of Federation and
       National policies and procedures.
    Represent the Region within the National structure.
    Accompany and guide new seed groups and projects within the Region.

    Encourage unity within the UK; collaborate with, and be accountable to, the
      National Co-ordinator of l’Arche UK.
    Take the lead for one of the UK Mission priorities as agreed with the National Co-
    Participate in National Councils and Assemblies.
    Attend National Board when requested by National Co-ordinator and National Chair.
    Foster solidarity with other Regions and Countries
    Ensure the co-ordination of Country or International events taking place within the
    Accompany, if need be, a Community from another Region/Country

To undertake any other appropriate task as from time to time agree.

                                                          Approved by National Board 29th Oct 2011


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