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           DRAFT NOV. 2011
Draft November 2011
The political context of the Danish EU

  • The new Multi-Annual Financial Framework
    (MFF): Aim is to match the content and
    resources of the new MFF with agreed
    priorities of the EU.
  • EU 2020 and Innovation Union:
    implementation to enhance competitiveness
    and smart growth
  • The European Growth Policy
  • The ERA framework
  Draft November 2011
       Main legislative issues

• Horizon 2020 (Framework programme, Specific Programmes,
  Rules for Participation)
• EIT (Regulation and Strategic Innovation Agenda - SIA)
• EURATOM (Framework Programme, Specific Programmes,
  Rules for Participation)
• GMES (Commission Communication)
• The Biobased Economy (Commission Communication)

Draft November 2011
    Council meetings

       Informal Council
       meeting in Copenhagen
       2 February 2012

       Formal Council
       meeting I in Brussels
       20-21 February 2012

       Formal Council
       meeting II in Brussels
       30-31 May 2012
Draft November 2011
Research & Innovation
  Ministerial conference on Horizon 2020      Conference on Excellence
  1 February 2012 in Copenhagen               19-20 April 2012 in Aarhus
  • Discussion on the Commission’s proposal   • Discussions on excellence
    for Horizon 2020                            - what, why and how
  • Input to the informal Council meeting     • Input to the negotiations
                                                on Horizon 2020
  Research Infrastructure conference
  21-23 March 2012 in Copenhagen
  • Biannual ICRI conference back-to-         Conference on Science in Dialogue
    back with ESFRI meeting                   23-25 April 2012 in Odense
                                              • How can the dialogue between
  Informal seminar with EP, CION                R&I and society be enhanced and
  on Horizon 2020                               lead to more sustainable and
  End March 2012 in Brussels                    social responsible R&I agendas
  • Informal policy discussion on             • Input to the negotiations on
  central topics in Horizon 2020                Horizon 2020
Draft November 2011
Other research &
innovation conferences

                       Associated conferences
            Copenhagen Research Forum     EU/India/SFIC
            16 January 2012               31 May - 1 June 2012

            Biobased economy conference   EIT conference
            26 March 2012                 June 2012

            Future Internet Assembly      Industrial Technologies
            10-11 May 2012                19-21 June 2012

 Draft November 2011

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